Which Country Makes The Best Jewelry?(Jewelry Manufacturer’s Answer)

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In the search for the best jewelry varieties on the market, the battle of the finest is often one that involves pitting countries against each other. And with every country that is known for jewelry making looking for ways of being at the top of the list, there is a lot to be taken into account when it comes to determining what country makes the best variety of jewelry on the market today.

For instance, you’d have to make your categorization based on the type of jewelry under consideration – for example, fashion jewelry and fine jewelry are groups of jewelry that are made in different parts of the world, but some of these world nations do a better job at making one kind of jewelry than the others.

So, to answer your question above, we’ll look at the countries that top the list of the ‘best jewelry’ by looking at the two main types of jewelry and the best country to source the jewelry from.


Which country makes the best fashion jewelry?

If you are looking for the best deals on fashion jewelry but aren’t sure about the best countries to source this variety of jewelry from, we’ve narrowed down your choices to two countries – China and Thailand.



Why China?

Which Country Makes The Best Jewelry
Experienced jewelry makers in China

China takes the top spot as the country that is the best fashion jewelry manufacturer. The primary reason for this is that China boasts a jewelry industry whose manufacturing chain is complete which is as a result of thet many years and resources put into the development of the industry.

This success has also been made possible by the country’s access to cheap labor, the most advanced transportation facilities, as well as the high and very fierce price of war across China. There are multiple companies and factories that specialize in the manufacture of top-quality fashion jewelry in wholesale, and all these fashion jewelry pieces are sold at fair and highly reasonable prices.

The experience of the manufacturing companies also plays a role in this because it means that these manufacturers understand what materials to use and processes to employ to ensure the development of the best fashion jewelry.

There has been an increase in the degree of specialization across the industry too. Essentially, jewelry manufacturers across China are specializing in gold-filled, gold-plated, or sterling silver jewelry, a strategy that ensures the production of high-quality bracelets, necklaces, rings, brooches, earrings, and other types of fashion jewelry.

The Chinese companies are also now dedicated to the production of tasty and superior quality jewelry pieces made through the most advanced manufacturing processes from advanced jewelry manufacturing facilities. For gold-plated jewelry, for example, a number of these Chinese companies boast specific plating factories.

They also feature partnerships with the best suppliers of artificial or lab-created diamonds. Thanks to these partnerships, there has been an increase in highly desirable versions of romantic jewelry that’s quite desirable to most women/ ladies in the 16-35 age gap.

Which Country Makes The Best Jewelry
Experienced jewelry makers in China

Couple these innovations and partnerships with the highly skilled labor force and the R&D teams employed, the fashion jewelry businesses in China are the reason why this country is regarded as the best country that makes the best of fashion jewelry. Experience in this line of business is just the cherry on top of that one thing that enhances the success of China in the production of fashion jewelry.

The other notable thing to keep in mind is the fact that China boasts large production systems and factors for the best of sterling silver jewelry set in CZ.

So, with factories in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and most other cities across China, it makes sense that China is the top-recommended country when it comes to the manufacture of the most coveted fashion jewelry around the world. This is also the reason why China is the leading supplier of fashion jewelry for people in business throughout the globe.

If you are not sure about where to buy the best fashion jewelry from, you will be happy to know that the country offers the widest array of large wholesale jewelry markets, with the endless options of fashion jewelry, at affordable prices.  

Which Country Makes The Best Jewelry
Jewelry making Machines in China


The other top reasons why China is the leading manufacturer of fashion jewelry include:

  • The big market for the stylish options found in the fashion jewelry world
  • A big number of manufacturing plants allow customers from around the world to enjoy the best deals on prices
  • The shipping fees are quite affordable, and there is also the fact that you can always find more reliable suppliers with great ease
  • Also, you can find factories and companies that will customize your jewelry designs according to your specifications
  • Finally, the jewelry companies in China offer reasonable minimum quantity requirements numbers.



Why Thailand?

Which Country Makes The Best Jewelry

Thailand doesn’t come close to China in terms of the volumes and the variety of fashion jewelry that is produced from its coffers and the jewelry factories, but Thailand is the other country that prides itself on the production of a good variety of fashion jewelry.

Over the years, most companies dealing in the best of fine jewelry have shifted focus and production efforts to Thailand, which is why the malls and the factories in most parts of Thailand are associated with the production of the best of fine and fashion jewelry.

Notably, Thailand is one of the few popular countries that doesn’t charge VAT for the production of jewelry within their bounds, which accounts for the big number of international companies moving their jewelry production to Thailand.

Also, most of the high-end jewelry made in Thailand has been shown to match up to the high standards of European jewelry, meaning that you can easily shop for fine and fashion jewelry from Thailand.


Which country makes the best fine jewelry?

  1. Italy

At the top of our list is this European country which is known for the best of gold as well as sterling silver jewelry. Italy makes and exports the best of fine jewelry. Italian fine jewelry is a depiction of the most superior jewelry designs, and the best part is that the Italian jewelers make use of top quality materials.

Though there are several family-run jewelry establishments throughout Italy, this country is still home to the best fine jewelry brands in the world, which is why it might be the best place for you to go shopping if you need the best of fine jewelry.

Which Country Makes The Best Jewelry

  1. UK

There are endless fine jewelry establishments throughout England and Britain’s leading cities, and you won’t go wrong with the quality of the jewelry products offered by this rich country.


  1. France

With brands like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chanel, Bulgari, etc., all based in France, there is no doubt that France is the best country to get some of your finer jewelry pieces from.


  1. Germany

If you adore some Wempe, Bucherer, or Wellendorff, you are buying the best of what Germany has to offer. Germany might be well-known for its wide range of machinery, but it’s also great at gold-working, which is why Germany is also home to the finest quality jewelry and accessories, not just cars and other mind-blowingly powerful machinery, equipment, or tech.



China is the leading manufacturer of fashion jewelry, followed by Thailand, while France, Italy, the UK, and Germany are the leading manufacturers of fine jewelry. Thailand is also on the list of the countries that make the best of fine jewelry, not just fashion jewelry.

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