Which Cartier Love Ring Is Most Popular?-Detailed Answer

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Cartier boasts an incredible collection of rings that will have you dreaming about wearing pretty much any kind of ring by the brand. But even with the many ring designs and styles by Cartier, there is always a ring style or collection that is more popular than the others.

So, which of Cartier’s rings or ring collections is the most popular one, and by virtue of the ring-type being popular, is that ring style the best style for you?

Well, keep reading to learn more about the most popular Cartier rings.


Cartier rings collections and types 

which cartier love ring is most popular

Cartier is regarded as one of the most notable jewelry brands with the widest array of elegant types of rings for just about everyone.

From the rings with more of the classic lines to the rings boasting some of the boldest design and style elements and everything else in between, Cartier remains a top jewelry brand and choice for not just jewelry lovers but also collectors all over the world.

The wide variety of Cartier rings is also quite popular because they are very valuable, making them great investment options for you.

Their large variety ensures that there is something for everyone. These ring collections and types are as follows:


1. Cartier Trinity Ring

which cartier love ring is most popular

The trinity ring by Cartier is undoubtedly one of the oldest ring collections by the brand. It dates back to 1924, and the longevity of the collection remains the most impressive thing about the brand.

Having been around for about 100 years now, and the ring designs standing out as a great option to date, the ring is quite unique.

Note that the trinity ring collection by Cartier features 3 interlocking bands of yellow, rose gold, and white gold that each carry a specific meaning – fidelity, love, and friendship. The interlocking design of the ring also represents enduring love.

In recent days, the trinity love ring with the three gold metals also features encrusted diamonds, which enhance the luxurious feel of the ring. The other impressive thing about the brand is the fact that the rings match any other Cartier pieces.


2. Panthere De Cartier Ring

which cartier love ring is most popular

One notable thing about Cartier’s jewelry designs is that many of the designs are inspired by animals, especially with animals being a rather massive part of the jewelry designs by Cartier. But out of all the animals, the panther is Cartier’s most symbolic animal, which is what inspired this ring collection.

The collection came to life back in 1914 when Louis- François Cartier commissioned the unique art piece by the brand. The art piece featured the figure of a beautiful woman as well as a panther, and he used these two pieces as the inspiration behind the creation of Cartier’s most elegant wristwatch. This wristwatch featured matching beautiful spots to match the pelt of the panther.

Interestingly, Cartier’s obsession with the panther didn’t end with this watch type, and in 1918, after the designer Jeanne Toussaint joined Cartier, the collection’s pieces were nicknamed La Panthère.

Afterward, she was appointed the creative director, and in this position, she helped create more bold and elegant pieces of jewelry, giving birth to the Panthère De Collection and the launch of the first ring in this collection in 1935.

This ring is identifiable by the distinctive bright gold set against the dark enamel, hence the highest contrast-finish on the ring and the best looking ring. The collection remains a popular design by Cartier to date, and you may like it if you are searching for a unique ring design.


3. Cartier Love Ring

which cartier love ring is most popular

Cartier’s love ring is perhaps the most popular ring collection by Cartier, and if you are new to Cartier, the love ring could be the very first jewelry design you come across or are introduced to.

The love ring came into the limelight after the love bracelet, and the ring is regarded as the love bracelet’s small cousin. It boasts a rather iconic design, and it’s made of gold, in different designs and styles to match your style. You could also wear the love ring as a wedding ring.

The love ring was designed in the 1970s, after the love bracelet, which was created in 1969. It also features delicately stylized screw embellishments that look like the screws, but the ring doesn’t have to be screwed or unscrewed for you to wear or take it off.

The design differences of the ring and the bracelet notwithstanding, the ring, just like the bracelet, is a symbol of enduring love, commitment, and faithfulness. The ring is also designed in the same chastity-style design.


4.Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring

Also known as the Cartier Screw Ring, the ring’s design was created in the 1970s, but it was released in the 2010s. The design is inspired by Aldo Cipullo’s nail bracelets, and there also are cufflinks, necklaces, and earrings in the same style. Some of the rings are plain, and others are gemstone-studded.

which cartier love ring is most popular

5. Clash De Cartier Ring

This is a luxuriously designed, punk-style inspired ring that made its debut in the jewelry world in 2019. The design of the ring has a vintage feel, and though it was recently introduced in the market, the main features of the ring, like the beads and the studs, date back to the 1930s.


Which Cartier love ring is most popular? Why?

Cartier’s love ring is one of the most popular jewelry styles. It is considered Cartier’s most iconic piece, and it is masterfully designed. But what makes it that special and popular is the fact that the love ring is a symbol of enduring love.

It is considered a modern love cuff, but the uniqueness and effort put into the design of the ring have made it a great piece of jewelry worth investing in.

which cartier love ring is most popular

Which Cartier ring should you choose?

While Cartier’s love ring is the most popular ring option and therefore the top-recommended ring by the brand, you get to choose any other ring by Cartier, as long as the ring matches your style and overall personality preferences.



The Cartier love ring is the most popular ring by Cartier, and if you are looking for a worthy jewelry investment, the love ring would be the ideal option for you.

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