Where to Buy Saline Solution for Piercings(10 Items)

Where to Buy Saline Solution for Piercings? Aftercare is an integral part of the healing process when you get a new piercing. It makes the difference between a piercing that you’ll love or a nightmare.

You, therefore, want to ensure that you do everything you can to keep the piercing from getting infected. One of those ways is through using a saline solution to keep the area sterile. If you don’t know where to get them, we’re here to help you.

In this article, we are going to look at ten different saline solutions on Amazon that you can consider purchasing.


Where can I buy sea salt solution for piercings (10 Items you can try)

  1. Urban ReLeaf piercing solution

Here we have a medicated sea salt soak that works best for new piercing or those that appear to be acting up.

As per the company, they state that this brand is trusted and also recommended by piercers.

The reason for that is the solution has vitamins and minerals, along with tea tree oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Together, they work fast to heal the piercing. The natural blend of non-iodized sea salts and essential oils make a perfect balance.


  1. H2Ocean Piercing aftercare spray

H2Ocean products have 60 trace minerals and elements derived from rich coral reefs.

They also contain natural antibacterial enzymes known for killing bacteria but also protect healthy cells.

This aftercare spray is able to remove dried discharged and even lymph secretion, and you’re meant to use the product after every two to three hours.

Also, the solution helps to simulate circulation that increases the healing speed and also reduces scars and lumps.


  1. Urban ReLeaf piercing care with sea salts and botanicals
Available on Amazon—Click the Picture or the link to Check the Price

Where we have another product from Urban ReLeaf with a different formula. How you use it is also different; you’re meant to mix ¼ teaspoon of the solution with one cup of warm water.

That way, you get to make medicated sea salt solution for your new and healing piercing. In total, you can make 45 cups of the solution for your soaking, and you’re to use it twice daily.

Otherwise, it also contains the non-iodized sea salt and essential oils as their other product.


  1. Steri-Wash Aftercare piercing spray
Available on Amazon—Click the Picture or the link to Check the Price

Here we have a piercing aftercare piercing spray made from a sodium chloride solution. With it, you’re able to clean debris that comes about as a result of the healing process.

Even as you do that, you’re assured that it won’t affect the healthy tissue around the piercing.

The actuator removes fine mist that is gentle and just what you need when cleaning an angry or red piercing on whatever part of the body.


  1. Essential Values piercing aftercare spray
Available on Amazon—Click the Picture or the link to Check the Price

With this bottle spray, you get more than 100 sprays. This Essential Values product is free from alcohol and drugs as it is natural and does not contain hypoallergenic ingredients.

The spray fights off bacteria, so your piercing heals free from infection and also reduces irritation.

The other good thing about this product is that it does not sting even as it is removing dirt and debris from the piercing. That’s because the spray brings about a cooling sensation.


  1. Gauge Gear piercing aftercare spray
Available on Amazon—Click the Picture or the link to Check the Price

Gauge Gear offers 100 percent natural solution that cleans the piercing and also reduces swelling and the healing time.

It kills off harmful bacteria and promoting the health of the good ones. The product is also sting-free because the solution’s pH balance is the same as that of your skin.

Also, the spray pressure is soft, so it doesn’t irritate the piercing. You can still spray when the bottle is upside down making it easy to care for hard to reach places.


  1. Inverness after piercing solution
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Here we have a soothing tropical antiseptic that is essential for healing ear piercings. It kills germs and thus helps to fight infection.

The BZK (Benzalkonium Chloride) solution is gentle on the skin, and it doesn’t dry out or cause irritation on the piercing the way alcohol or hydrogen peroxide tends to do.

You can use this Inverness product two to three times a day during the healing period or for cleaning once the piercing gets healed.


  1. Urban ReLeaf piercing care

If you have a couple of piercings, then you’ll need a more substantial amount of piercing aftercare products with you.

That’s why Urban ReLeaf offers you the same product but in bulk. Just as the other one, you mix ¼ teaspoon of the formula with one cup of water.

Given it’s in bulk, you can get 90 applications for it. For about $5 more of the original one, you can get this bulk product and save money.


  1. BRIOTECH topical skin spray

This piercing aftercare solution is made from an all-natural pure HOCl Hypochlorous solution that products a soothing saline mist.

It is electrically-charge and thus able to protect your skin against irritations, inflammation, and other sensitivities that come about after a procedure.

The product is all-natural and also potent and is meant to mimic how the human body heals. That said, it is free from alcohol, fragrance, oil, sulfates, and other preservatives.


  1. Alteya Organics piercing aftercare
Available on Amazon—Click the Picture or the link to Check the Price

 With this last product, you get a unique blend of natural botanicals that have been in use for thousands of years for their antibacterial and healing properties.

When you get this aftercare piercing solution, you’re assured that everything is 100 percent natural and organic too.

It doesn’t have any synthetic preservatives, chemicals, or artificial colors. You are to apply a few drops on the piercing and the skin around it.



How you care for your piercing when it’s healing makes all the difference in the outcome. You also want a quality product to help you through the healing journey.

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