Where to Buy Mood Rings Online In The USA?

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Mood rings have been around for about half a century and never seem to grow out of fashion.

These rings are said to be able to accurately tell a person’s mood by changing the color.

But science has proven that it only detects slight changes in a person’s body temperature and relays that as a change in color.

These temperature changes might be related to moods but not all the time.

In the earlier days when mood rings were invented, they were available in shops all around the country.

With the rise of technology, everything these days is online, and you can get almost anything from a website.

Here is a list of some websites where you can buy a mood ring.


9 Online Stores Where You Can Get Mood Rings In The USA

1. Amazon

Where to Buy Mood Rings Online In The USA

For most Americans, Amazon is their go-to website for household needs. It was started by Jeff Bezos, who is now among the wealthiest men in the world. It first started by selling books online but later branched into other products.

Amazon has free shipping for most of its products within the United States. The website also gives some of its shoppers coupons, which act as a discount that can be applied to various products.

It also offers tracking to see how far you are from getting your product. With many vendors all around the world and numerous warehouses around the country allows, Amazon to serve a broader customer base with ease.

The prices of products on amazon vary greatly depending on the quality and the individual vendor. Since Amazon is a website where vendors display their goods for people to buy, the prices are not always the same even if the products are similar since individual vendors have individual goals.

The quality of the rings will also greatly influence their cost, as gold-plated rings will not retail at the same price as silver-plated ones.


  • Comes with free shipping.
  • Coupons are available.
  • There is a variety of sizes.
  • it has a refund policy.


  • Some of the products might be defective.
  • Some of the products are expensive.

2. Walmart 

Where to Buy Mood Rings Online In The USA

Walmart is known for having the lowest prices for all its products compared to its competitors. It was founded by Walton Sam in July of 1962 in Arkansas. It has since grown to have numerous stores all around the country.

The mood rings available at Walmart come in various different sizes and shapes. They also have mood rings that can be worn by men, unlike most other stores that sell feminine rings only.

The rings come in various exciting shapes and designs, some even in the form of butterflies. The finishes of the rings vary, but most are silver-plated.

The color of the rings varies greatly, and the changes are different on various rings for Walmart. The rings also come with charts that show you what the different colors mean.

Walmart Is well-known for its crazy cheap prices, and this reflects in the mood rings that they sell. The lower end of the rings starts from a few dollars, and the higher end rings begin at a few tens of dollars.

However, this does not mean that the rings are of poor quality; their quality is standard, as is the case with all other mood rings.


  • The rings are relatively cheap.
  • They come in various shapes are sizes.
  • They incorporate unisex rings as well.


  • The quality of some of the products might be questionable.

3. Best mood rings

Where to Buy Mood Rings Online In The USA

This is a website that specializes in selling mood rings. They are located in England and ship all around the world. This website is a business website that sells mood jewelry at a range of prices.

They make not only mood rings but also bracelets and necklaces as well. They also offer free shipping for orders exceeding a certain amount to the United States of America, Canada as well as Australia. They also have sales in order to boost sales of certain products that they make. 

The mood ring they make vary in complexity of design as well as the quality of materials that are used in making the rings. They make rings that cater to people with a small budget as well as those who are willing to pay top dollar for their rings.

Their ring design varies greatly, catering to the needs of the wider market it operates in. They also have unisex mood rings that can be worn by both men and women.

The prices of the rings are dependent on the complexity of the ring as well as the materials used in its construction. They have very affordable rings that can range from a few euros to expensive pieces that go into hundreds of euros.


  • They offer a wide array of designs.
  • Their prices are very flexible.
  • They offer shipping all around the world.
  • They have sales for specific products.


  • They are not well known in some areas of the world.

4. eBay 

Where to Buy Mood Rings Online In The USA

eBay has been around for a very long time. For most Americans, if they cannot find what they are looking for on amazon, the next stop usually is eBay.

The products on eBay are primarily preowned and are sold off by owners who want to make some money from their possessions.

On eBay, you get a chance to bid on whichever product you want, so you have control over the price to a certain degree. However, some vendors have fixed prices. eBay offers shipping all around the world, although shipping rates apply.

The rings on eBay may vary greatly since every vendor has something different to offer. They may be old vintage pieces that someone wants to sell or the more modern mood rings that have been created recently.

The price of the mood rings on eBay may be fixed, or you may bid on the product to get the best price. The cost of each mood ring may also vary depending on its quality and age; older mood rings tend to fetch higher prices.


  • You can bid on the products.
  • The site offers shipping around the world.
  • There are a variety of mood rings to buy from.


  • They do not offer refunds for damaged goods.

5. Ingenio virtual 

Where to Buy Mood Rings Online In The USA

This is an online shop that sells a wide variety of products. They offer tracking for the orders that you place with them. They offer worldwide shipping that comes at a fee depending on where in the world you are placing the order from.

The mood rings on this website come in various shapes and sizes, from the traditional stone design to a modern strip that serves as a unisex design. The ring’s design also incorporates other shapes mimicking different things like dolphins.

The prices of the rings are high compared to other websites that are available within the United States. The price of most of the rings is tens of dollars.


  • They have a wide variety of rings.
  • The rings come in different sizes.


  • They are expensive.

6. Joom

Where to Buy Mood Rings Online In The USA

This is another online store that ships to the United States. They deal in a variety of household goods, from shoes to kitchen appliances. They have a 10% discount on the first order that you place with them. They offer shipping which comes at a price depending on your location.

The mood rings on this website come in various shapes and sizes. They incorporate both the traditional stone design and more modern contemporary designs.

They also have designs that can be worn by people of all genders. The rings also come with color charts that help the buyer knows what the different colors mean.

The price of most of the rings is very low. However, you cannot only buy a single ring as they often come in a set. Most of the rings are just a few dollars.


  • The rings are cheap.
  • The rings come in sets with different designs in each.
  • They have a 10% discount on your first order.


  • You cannot buy a single ring as they mostly come in sets.

7. Hippie shop 

Where to Buy Mood Rings Online In The USA

The hippie shop is a gift shop that sells products for both men and women. They offer free shipping for all products purchased above $75. They also have discounts on most of their products, including mood rings.

The mood rings that they sell is the traditional mood ring straight out of the 70s. It is basically a silver ring with a “stone” to sense mood changes.

They do not have a variety of rings, as the only one I found was the oval ring which is mostly meant for women. The “stone” is oval and is normally black when not worn and changes to a dark blue when worn.

The hippie shop boasts among the most affordable prices of all the websites discussed. They offer single high-quality rings at a fraction of what the other retailers sell. The ring retails at a few dollars, and with the discount that the website has, it goes even lower.


  • The ring is cheap.
  • They offer discounts.


  • They only have one traditional style mood ring.

8. Horse feather gifts 

Where to Buy Mood Rings Online In The USA

This is an online store that deals in selling gifts and jewelry. They offer free shipping for all orders above $100.

They ship all through the year, although delays might be experienced during the holiday season. The shipping fees are highly dependent on your location. They sell different varieties of jewelry, not just mood rings.

Their mood rings come in different shapes and sizes, but most have a similar design to the traditional ones that were first introduced in the 70s. The mood rings are mostly made to be feminine. They also sell “stone” replacements for when the mood ring stops working.

The mood rings are somewhat affordable. Their prices are in the range of a few tens of dollars. The differences in price are mainly due to the difference in the quality of the rings; some are made of better quality than others hence the difference.


  • They sell “stone” replacements.
  • They are affordable.
  • They ship all year long.


  • They only have mood rings in the traditional design.

9. Claire’s

Where to Buy Mood Rings Online In The USA

Claire’s is a shop that is based in the United Kingdom. It mainly sells various household goods, and jewelry is among them. They have sales from time to time to boost sales.

They have a feature that allows you to shop online and come pick up your order physically. This is great for people with busy schedules who do not have the time to go look around the shop.

The mood rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional designs to more modern ones. Apart from having mood rings, they also have mood necklaces as well. They also have mood rings that are gender neutral, meaning that they can be worn by anyone.

The price range of the rings varies greatly depending on the design and quality. However, it should be noted that all the rings are of good quality. But most of the rings are a few euros each.


  • They are affordable.
  • They have a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • They have discounts.


  • They don’t have shipping to some regions of the world.


Mood rings have been around for several years now and don’t seem to be going anywhere.

If the trend has caught up with you and you want to buy yourself a mood ring, it is best if you look out for the best quality rings as they have been known to last a long time.

The list of websites in this article is to give you an insight into the different options that are available.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!