Where Is Pandora Jewelry Made?(Detailed Answer)

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Elegant charms, stylish and profoundly meaningful bracelets, and the best of customizable engagement rings and jewelry sets.

These are just some of the things that Pandora is known for, well, that and the fact that their jewelry is high-end quality. But do you know where Pandora jewelry is made?


Where was Pandora jewelry made at first?

Pandora is a high-end jewelry brand that was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. It started as just another family-run Danish jewelry company, and they run things from Copenhagen for the longest time, and before the expansion and the popularity of the company.  

Where Is Pandora Jewelry Made

Where is Pandora jewelry made right now?

Today, Pandora jewelry is made in Thailand.

Operations moved to Thailand in 1989 after Per Enevoldsen, the founder of Pandora, who is also a goldsmith by trade, set up the foundation for the company’s jewelry crafting equipment and facilities in Bangkok.


Pandora history in Thailand

Though founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1982, this Danish company is today a global jewelry company that is known for its high-quality, hand-finished, and the best of contemporary jewelry, all made of high-quality materials that ensure the best quality and also affordable jewelry. With expanding market and the need to reach and meet the needs of the global market, Pandora’s expansion move led them to Thailand, which is where they base all their operations to date.

This move to Thailand was made in 1989 when the company’s founder, Per Enevoldsen, also a goldsmith, set up the company’s first operational facilities in Bangkok.

Then in 2003, Pandora made a move to relocate their crafting facilities to the outskirts of Bangkok in the Gemopolis Industrial Estate, where they opened their first, large-scale, fully-owned jewelry crafting facility in a 4-story space that was fully operational by 2005. Then in 2008, they set up their second manufacturing plant also in the same area. Over the years, there have been a number of other facilities that have been developed, which includes their Innovation Centre that was launched in 2013. The Innovation Centre is key to Pandora’s designs and their scientific research, as well as the technical developments. All these come together in this state-of-the-art facility based in Bangkok.

Where Is Pandora Jewelry Made

To enhance their operations, Pandora set up a new crafting facility in Lamphun, which is a beautiful province that’s found in Northern Thailand, in 2016. This facility boasts some of the best technological advancements, and it meets the highest production demands with regard to sustainability and CSR. This facility has been credited the GOLD certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Thanks to these developments and the ongoing innovations, the total revenue generated by Pandora in 2017 was a whopping DKK 22.8 Billion. This was from the 117 million pieces of Pandora jewelry crafted in 2017 in Thailand for sale in at least 100 countries across 6 continents, and thanks to the impressive 7,800 points of sale. As a result, the Pandora PRODUCTION THAILAND (PPT) for jewelry crafting in Thailand has been recognized as the world’s leading and largest jewelry manufacturer in the world, going by their production volumes at the time.

Wondering ‘why Thailand?’

Well, Thailand is known as the world’s leading (largest) jewelry exporting country. There is also the fact that Thailand boasts a long tradition around the production of high-quality jewelry.

On top of that, there is the fact that Pandora benefits from the country’s strong infrastructure, the easy access to the best quality raw materials (and suppliers), and there is also the matter of the high-quality level of craftsmanship offered by the passionate and highly skilled workforce.

Where Is Pandora Jewelry Made

About the Pandora Team in Thailand

Besides the infrastructure that supports business growth, it goes without saying that the success and growth of Pandora jewelry in Thailand have to do with the team behind the brand. If you are in business, you understand that your team is everything to the success of your brand, and Pandora has capitalized on this key aspect of business.

Pandora’s Production Thailand setup employs at least 13,200 employees, both in Lamphun and Bangkok, and a good majority of these employees are dedicated to jewelry’s crafting. Jewelry crafting teams bring together Pandora’s highest-quality, genuine, and modern jewelry products to life at the most cost-effective price. The crafted pieces are also easy to market. What this means is that the teams employed by Pandora are highly professional.

Pandora teams feature also diversified appropriately, with the company boasting the most diverse skillset plus expertise spanning the finance, managerial, engineering, human resources, safety, planning, design, materials management, general administration, quality, and communications departments, among other key support functions. Though many, these teams and departments work in tandem to ensure the delivery of the best quality jewelry and to meet world-class standards.

PPT employees also work in dynamic, multi-national environments where all their new ideas are not only listened to but also celebrated. Their challenges are also overcome easily in team setups, and thanks to the teams’ ‘can-do attitude, the constantly challenged norms, and the need to reach new heights through the provision of the best quality jewelry, you get to enjoy the most diverse range of high-quality and the most beautiful jewelry designs.

And to ensure that the performance of the teams is the best and that all employees are safe, the jewelry crafting facilities are covered by the Group-Wide certification given by the Responsible Jewelry Council. At the same time, Pandora’s core management systems are audited regularly by independent bodies. The facilities are also validated as compliant with the latest and the highest quality standards ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 for meeting Health and Safety Standards, and the environmental standards – ISO 14001.

Where Is Pandora Jewelry Made

Benefits of making Pandora jewelry in Thailand

Some of the top benefits that Pandora Jewelry enjoys from running its operations and facilities in Thailand are as follows:

  • The company gets to enjoy the most conducive work environments that encourage the success of the brand,
  • Employees get to enjoy some of the best and the most competitive compensation packages, including access to health insurance and provident funds, among other core benefits. The employees also access a safe work environment that encourages their growth professionally and personally.
  • The employees are encouraged to grow through the Edutainment Center that has an Internet room as well as a library that provides a comfortable and inspiring space for employees/ colleagues to learn, interact, and improve their skills; or just relax during breaks and even after (and before) work.


Related Question:

Is Pandora made in China?

No. Pandora jewelry is made from Thailand, exclusively.

Where Is Pandora Jewelry Made

Is Pandora made in Thailand authentic?

100%, Yes.

While Pandora is one of the brands that has had its fair share of fakes sold off as authentic jewelry pieces, the company also makes it easy for you to detect fakes. For example, the first thing to look at is the spelling – PANDORA must be spelled correctly, and this stamp must be deep and very clear.

Also, there must be 2 dots on each side of the PANDORA stamp; the inner core must be threaded and not too shiny; if it has a 925 & ALE stamp, the stamp must be deep and very clear for both.

Check for consistency of the fonts used, and if it has Swarovski crystals, it’s not Pandora.



So, there you have it – everything you need to know about Pandora, how and where they run things from. Next time you have an argument or are shopping for Pandora jewelry and you are told it’s made from another country other than Thailand; you’ll know that it’s not the authentic Pandora piece.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!