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One of the artisanal jewelry brands popular today is Jeulia, but what do we really know about this jewelry brand?

And what is the meaning of the word artisanal in the jewelry world?

Artisanal jewelry is slowly becoming popular, and it is the type of jewelry that is characterized by niche jewelry options to match trends.

But what do you need to know about Jeulia jewelry? Well, this article shares insights into everything you need to know about Jeulia jewelry.


About Jeulia jewelry

Where Is Jeulia Jewelry Located

Jeulia jewelry is a high-quality brand that deals in non-traditional jewelry options based on trends. The company is marketed as an ethical brand mindful of the smaller community and the environment.

The high-quality jewelry pieces are made of ethically-sourced materials. The jewelry is often personalized, and Jeulia also stands out because the brand specializes in small-scale jewelry production.

Jeulia jewelry is owned and run by a limited company called Jeulia Limited. Their philosophy is that the jewelry brand is an in-house brand that boasts state-of-the-art jewelry designs with custom options and exceptional craftsmanship.

Where Is Jeulia Jewelry Located

All of these are made possible by the fact that the company boasts a team of jewelry designers and stylists using ethically sourced materials.

Jeulia jewelry believes that jewelry is much more than a simple accessory in that it represents something more profound that gives the wearer the ability to look their best, even as the jewelry evokes deep emotions and ensures the best memories are created.

Their jewelry is created through a 15-step process of handcrafting, creating state-of-the-art jewelry pieces. The custom pieces are not created as an assembly line, but the brand creates specific and unique jewelry pieces in smaller batches.

They have a bespoke approach, with each jewelry design piece tailor-made to evoke emotion while ensuring the perfect representation of the wearer in their best light.

Where Is Jeulia Jewelry Located

Their jewelry also embodies Jeulia’s passion and love and represents the brand’s gift to jewelry lovers from all over the world.

One notable thing about Jeulia jewelry is that they use sustainable and ethically-sourced gemstones. On top of that, Jeulia’s gemstones meet the highest quality standards, with most stones rated 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

The company also claims that the gemstones used are quite durable and hold up well over time, but the catch is that they don’t go into the specifics of the features of the stones and how they react to and in different environmental conditions.

Where Is Jeulia Jewelry Located

That said, and with little mention of the properties of the stones used to make the jewelry, we are convinced that Jeulia’s jewelry is largely made in the lab, and the stones used are simulants rather than authentic or mined gemstones.

And for quality control, the stones are supposedly tested and certified by the SGS protocol, whose testing labs are based in Switzerland.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Jeulia jewelry offers the finest range of jewelry options, and there is always something for everyone.


Where is Jeulia jewelry made?

Jeulia Jewelry, run by Jeulia Limited, which owns and controls the jewelry brand, makes its jewelry in Hong Kong, where the brand is headquartered.

Where Is Jeulia Jewelry Located

Where does Jeulia’s jewelry ship from?

Jeulia’s jewelry is shipped from Hong Kong, China.


Jeulia shipping reviews- How long does jeulia take to ship?

Where Is Jeulia Jewelry Located

Since Jeulia’s jewelry options are all customized and made-to=order, they don’t offer standard delivery, and the delivery time is largely based on your order.

Generally, the delivery time for Jeulia’s jewelry will be calculated based on the design of the jewelry and the processing time needed, plus the shipping, and from these calculations, you will receive an estimate of how long your order will take.

In most cases, however, shipping for most orders takes between 4 hours to 10 days. Most of the orders are usually processed and shipped in 3-10days.

That said, you should also note that the shipping costs vary. But if you are in the US and you place an order worth $99 or more, Jeulia’s policy will allow you to enjoy free shipping.

Where Is Jeulia Jewelry Located

But only if you are fine with the standard shipping. In case of expedited or express shipping often takes 3 days, you will pay an additional shipping charge of between $10 and $20. You could also opt for the international shipping option.

Regardless of the shipping option you settle for, Jeulia will send you an email for tracking the order, giving you the very much-needed peace of mind. They also offer flexible payment options that are reasonable, and all the payment methods are secure.

Where Is Jeulia Jewelry Located

They also have a 30-day return policy for their orders, as long as the goods are in the original condition they were sent out. But the policy doesn’t apply to resizing. Jeulia issues refunds within 5 days of receiving the returns and charges a 35% restocking fee.



Jeulia Jewelry is based in Hong Kong, but they deliver all their very best customized jewelry options to customers worldwide.

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