Where Does Kay Jewelers Get Their Diamonds?

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Kay Jewelers is one of the leading jewelry companies in the world, and they offer some of the best diamond and fine jewelry options on the market today. But where exactly do Kay Jewelers get their diamonds from? And are the diamonds conflict-free?


Are Kay Jewelers rings made in China?

Where Does Kay Jewelers Get Their Diamonds

Kay Jewelers is a highly reputable brand of jewelry, and they command such a huge presence in the whole jewelry retail world. Kay Jewelry is owned by a company known as Signet Jewelers Limited (a conglomerate that owns several other diamond jewelry brands), which is the second-largest jewelry store chain that is mall-based, making it only second to Zales. Their move online has also played a big role in the success of the brand, and the best part is that this brand offers some of the best low-cost pieces of diamond jewelry, including a large variety of rings.

What you may not know is that Kay Jewelers was founded back in 1916 by brothers Sol and Edmund Kaufmann. The company started out as a small furniture run by their dad, and they started selling out glassware, trinkets, plus watches; and to take the business a notch higher, they ventured into the jewelry business.

Today, Kay sports some of the best options of pre-set engagement rings, and you will also get to enjoy the best options of the build-your-own option. Kay uses the I1 clarity grade diamonds for the pre-set engagement rings. This quality is not the highest, though.

Where Does Kay Jewelers Get Their Diamonds

So, where are the diamond rings by Kay Jewelers made? And are they made in China?

Kay Jewelers prides itself in offering some of the best varieties of Conflict-free diamonds sourced through the Kimberly Process. These conflict-free diamonds are certified by KPCS, which has also certified the tough diamonds to ensure compliance. Kay Jewelers’ like the rest of the companies under the Signet brand, have all their diamonds sourced from the ethical members of the Responsible Jewellery Council or RJC.  


Where do Kay Jewelers get their diamonds?

Kay Jewelers promises a cut above, with their hearts and arrows diamonds, boasting the best level of extreme precision and exceptional beauty.

Their diamonds are sourced from different suppliers that belong to the RJC group. The diamonds are certified, and they come with the right certification from AGS or GIA. What this means is that the diamonds are real and certified. They boast an excellent cut, and you will be happy to know that the diamond’s grades feature the highest clarity grade in 7 whopping grades.

Where Does Kay Jewelers Get Their Diamonds

What kind of diamonds does Kay use?

Kay uses conflict-free diamonds, specifically the I1 clarity diamonds. These diamonds are commonly used in pre-set engagement rings. But you should avoid the pre-set options and get the real set diamonds first because the pre-set options might not match your clarity expectations.

The diamonds boast the best qualities in terms of cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamonds. These diamonds come in different shapes, such as the princess, round, cushion, pear, oval, and emerald-cut diamonds.

Where Does Kay Jewelers Get Their Diamonds

Does Kay Jewelers sell Fake Diamonds?

While not all the diamond rings sold by Kay Jewelers’ are certified by a certification body like the GIA, the diamonds are not fakes. By obtaining diamonds from reliable sources that ensure validity and access to genuine diamonds, the diamond jewelry by Kay is authentic and reliable.

So, if you are not sure about the authenticity of the diamonds, Kay Jewelers sell diamond jewelry made of real diamonds. And being a part of the Signet Jewelers Limited brand, the quality of the diamonds is good and to be trusted.


Should you buy Kay Jewelers?

Where Does Kay Jewelers Get Their Diamonds

Yes, you can and should buy Kay’s jewelry if you have been considering the brand. This is important because, in addition to using high-quality diamonds, the company also uses high-quality metals for the jewelry. Also, the jewelry is durable and affordable.



Kay Jewelers boasts a wide variety of jewelry options, and they now boast an expanding presence thanks to their high-quality jewelry options and the fact that they use conflict-free diamonds.

The company boasts a long history of reputable products, and thanks to the use of certified diamonds from reliable brands which are conflict-free, then you may find the perfect set of jewelry for you from Kay Jewelers.

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