Where Can I Get My Stainless Steel Ring Resized?(4 Places)

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Where Can I Get My Stainless Steel Ring Resized? How much does it cost to resize a stainless steel ring? You may ask these question when your finger get bigger. You do not want to get a new one because the stainless steel ring means a lot to you. So, you want to get it resized. Before telling you where can you get your stainless steel ring resized or repaired,  you need to know more about the resizing process, How long will resize take? You will find the answer in this post.

Stainless steel jewelry has everything you’d like in the best of His and Hers rings: it’s durable, strong, and its natural luster stands out for decades. On top of these qualities, stainless steel’s cool gray color means that it will look great with a diamond stone, and it compliments all your outfits. Stainless steel offers the best of both worlds with its cool and feminine luster and the modern and masculine gray feel.

But what happens when the ring you ordered doesn’t fit as well as you’d hoped or if you drop a few stones and now nothing fits anymore?  What happens when that family heirloom is smaller/ narrower for your fingers? Can you resize your stainless steel ring?


Resizing Stainless Steel Rings

Even though stainless steel offers everything you’d want in a ring, resizing it might not be the easiest thing to do. Stainless steel, just like titanium, is a hard metal and resizing it without breaking difficult, but not impossible.

Experts can resize your stainless steel ring, but only if they have the right and specific tools for resizing the stainless steel ring. Remember that resizing is even more difficult if the piece in question has a metal (diamond) set. Therefore, you should only engage professional jewelers to resize your ring.

Before we share our recommendations for where you could get your stainless steel ring resized, we’ll share some basics on how rings are resized.


Resizing Process

Resizing happens in two ways; your ring could be downsized or upsized.

If you want your ring downsized, the jeweler will cut the ring, remove some portions of the metal and then solder the piece together.

For upsizing, your jeweler cuts the ring careful and then spreads the metal before filling in the gap using additional stainless steel materials. After the extra materials are added, the ring will be soldered together to give you the larger ring size, as desired.


Caveats to resizing rings

If you are thinking of resizing a ring, it’s important to ensure that your ring is about or within the small window of 1 or 2 sizes since rings can only be resized too much. In other words, what this means is that there exists a limit to how much a ring can be upsized or downsized. Some of the specialized equipment only resize rings to one-quarter to one-half of its initial size – especially if the safest upsizing/ downsizing approaches involves stretching or compression of the ring.

So, if your ring requires upsizing or downsizing by more than two sizes, resizing might not be the best option for you since resizing a ring whose size is too far from the desired size might damage that ring. In such cases, especially for new rings, you are better off asking for a replacement of the ring rather than a resizing.


How long will resizing take?

If you insist on resizing the ring, don’t rush the jeweler. In most cases, the ring will have to be sent to the manufacturer for resizing since, as we mentioned above, stainless steel rings are difficult to resize. Also, there’s the need for specialized machinery for resizing the ring. Resizing generally takes a few weeks.


Resizing Your Ring

Before you have the ring resized, you need to get the ring finger size to make sure that the resized ring will be the right size for you.

So, measure the exact size of your finger to determine your actual size. To avoid errors or wrong measurements, go to a professional jeweler and ask for their expert help on sizing and choosing the right ring size. Since the professionals have many options, they will have you try the different ring sizes to tell the size that best suits you. And if you don’t know your size, they will tell you.

How much does it cost to resize a stainless steel ring?

Ring resizing up starts from $35 + plus shipping and can go up depending on the type of metal and/or the number of sizes. This is for stainless steel. The different company charges different price.

1 size up:$55

2 size up:$75

3 size up:$95

4 size up:  $115


Where Can I Get My Stainless Steel Ring Resized? (3 companies)

This is an online jewelry repair company that offers the best repair services. One of their specialties is ring resizing and repair where they offer resizing of engagement rings, signet rings, wedding bands/ rings, class rings, men’s rings, and Claddagh rings, among others.

The company has certified ring resizing specialists who will evaluate your piece then advice on the best course of action.

Their ring sizing services include upsizing services, downsizing, ring guards, half/full shank, arthritic shank, as well as the sizing of the spring shank. These services are made possible by their use of state-of-art technology, cutting-edge tools, refined processes, the right equipment, and skilled master jewelers.

Easy Jewelry Repair is the other company you could consider for resizing of your stainless steel ring. Their process involves three simple steps – Selecting their services, sending the ring, and delivery of the ring back to you. Note that this company doesn’t seem to specialize in resizing of stainless steel jewelry, and they could be outsourcing the service.

Brilliant Jewelry (under Quick Jewelry Repairs), like My Jewelry Repair, also offers specialty ring resizing services for stainless steel rings, among other kinds of jewelry. Theirs is a comprehensive process that involves ring resizing by experts.

For rings that require upsizing, you should expect some noticeable changes after the resizing and rings with inlays cannot be resized since the changes will cause permanent changes that alter the structural integrity of the design of the ring.

And for downsizing, the company will downsize the rings with inlays, varied textures, or colored finishes using alternate methods like silver lining or the use of sizing beads.

  • Rings That Need to be Sent back to the retailer or the manufacturer

If your ring needs more work and must be sent to the manufacturer or retailer for resizing. Your best choice is to send back to the retailer or manufacturer. My suggestion: Do not resize on your own at home.


What happens when your stainless steel ring cannot be resized?

If the size is off or if the risk of damage is too high, you might want to buy a new ring. Making a new purchase could actually save you more money at the end of the day since stainless steel jewelry is generally cheaper than the gold, platinum, or titanium jewelry.



There are experts out there who will help you resize your stainless steel ring professionally, but you need to make sure that you find the right company for the job.

But you should also know when you are stacking your cards too high. Stainless steel rings with complex designs, inlays, eternity bands with stones set around them, and patterned stainless steel rings cannot be resized.

The rings that can be resized are the ones with simple finishes or enameling.

Alternatives to resizing include the use of sizing beads/ sizing balls and resizing using sizing lining.

And as mentioned above, the resizing process will take longer than a few days. In addition to the shipping time and the resizing process, the rings also have to be finished well, and as per your requirements or previous design status. So, after resizing, the ring will need polishing, cleaning, plating, and enameling. These take time.

Keep all these in mind before you send that ring for resizing.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!