Where are Triton Rings Made?(Screen Shot Proof)

Where are Triton rings made? Where are Triton tungsten carbide rings made? What kind of technology they apply to their rings?

You guys ask these questions because you find the Triton rings are very expensive, such as these ones. Very expensive. All Triton rings are expensive

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You might have spent some time doing some search on Google, you will find no answer. Nobody tells you where are Triton rings made?

If you go to their official website: tritonjewelry.com, you will also not find the answer you want.

But, how can you get the answer to what you want?

First, Let me tell you the answer directly.

A lot of rings are made in the USA and China.

My experience tells me that most of Triton rings are made in China, some of them are made in the USA.

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As a tungsten ring manufacturer, I can tell by its appearance. My first impression is that the Triton rings are made in China. The appearance of Some tungsten rings or titanium rings made in China can be well made if the retailer loves to pay extra money.

To confirm the fact, I contact Triton jewelry on Facebook directly.

Here is the conversation.

Me: “Is anyone available to Chat?”

Triton Jewelry: “Thanks for reaching out to us.”

Me: “I have a question. Can you help?”

Triton jewelry: “What can we help you with?”

Triton rings Available on Amazon-Please Click Picture to Check the Price

Me:“ Can you tell me where are your rings made? I checked your website, but I did not find an answer. Can you tell me all your Triton rings made or manufactured? In the USA or somewhere else?”

Triton Jewelry: A lot of rings are made here in the USA and China.

If you do not believe it, please see the screenshot below.

Where are triton Ring made


So, you may ask: what’s the difference between rings made in the USA and rings made In China?

Should I buy rings or tungsten rings manufactured in China? Honestly, there is no big difference. The only difference is cost. Rings or tungsten ring made in the USA have to pay more tax. The quality is no different.

Yes, you can buy tungsten rings made in China. You got no problem with it. Why? Triton jewelry has a very strong Quality control team. And Triton jewelry always loves to pay more for the best quality.

Tell you the truth, 90% of the tungsten rings are made in China. But, No problem.

Triton rings Available on Amazon-Please Click Picture to Check the Price

What kind of technology they apply with their rings?

This is what you will find on their website.

“Using an exclusive unique methodology applied to the surface of the metal, our White Tungsten shines with a beautiful luster, reminiscent of platinum. Our proprietary rose and yellow gold color finishes use a proprietary metal blend that includes real yellow and rose gold particles to enhance color. We developed a clear coating for our yellow and rose gold color finishes made of rare earth materials used in performance cars, electronics, aeronautics, and optics.

And most recently, our patent-pending multi-piece construction used for Triton Custom allows us to deliver a wide range of mixed material bands that are durable, scratch-resistant, and engineered just for you.”-Triton Jewelry


Wrap up:

Should I buy Triton rings?

Triton rings are expensive, but they provide a lifetime warranty. If you buy a ring for an important day or beloved one, I suggest you pay more for a perfect service.

If you just want to buy a ring for a daily outfit, go buy some ring on amazon and Walmart.

Thanks for reading my post. As you know, English is not my first language, hope you guys understand this post.

If you want to read more about tungsten rings, read here or visit our home page for more insider information.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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