Where Are Kate Spade Bags Made?-Quick Answer

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If you fancy a Kate Spade bag, the first thing you need to know about the bags from this popular designer brand is that all the Kate Spade bags that were made after 1996 must come with the Country of Origin tag. And there is only a specific number and list of countries that the Kate Spade bags are made in.

In other words, if you have been searching for the perfect Kate Spade bag and you finally found it, but you just need that one confirmation that the bag is a genuine Kate Spade bag, this article is for you.

Keep reading to learn more about the country of manufacture for these bags.


Do Kate Spade bags say Made in China?

Yes, China is one of the countries that Kate Spade manufactures their bags from. In fact, China is one of the countries in which most of the Kate Spade bags are made. Since it’s a requirement for Kate Spade bags made after 1996 to have the country of manufacture specified on them, some of the Kate Spade bags may have the Made in China tag on them. The tag will be on the interior of the bag’s logo.

Where Are Kate Spade Bags Made

While most of the nylon bags made between 1996 and 2002 were mostly made in the USA, and the ones from 1997 – 1999 made in Taiwan, most of the Kate Spade bags on the market today are actually made in China and in Indonesia.

The bags from 2000 made in New York will also be tagged, but not with a Made in New York label – instead, you will see the Kate Spade New York – the brand name will be in lower case while New York is all in upper case.


Where Are Kate Spade Handbags Made?

Kate Spade bags are made in the following countries – the USA, China, Italy, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Dominican Republic, and the Philippines. Note, however, that the Kate Spade handbags made before 1996 often lack the country of origin logo or label, but as long as the bag is made after 1996, it will have the label with the country of origin incorporated.

Where Are Kate Spade Bags Made

Where Are Kate Spade Leather Bags Made?

All the Kate Spade bags made of leather, calf hair, and suede are made in Italy. But a few of these bags are from the Dominican Republic.

Note that the wicker and the straw bags are manufactured in Taiwan and the Philippines.


Where are Kate Spade leather handbags made?

Essentially, the original Kate Spade leather handbags that were manufactured after 2002 are made in Italy. This is primarily the case because of the fact that the handbags are made of the finest quality leather, and Italian leather is considered the very best kind of leather for making handbags, bags, and other leather accessories.

The leather used for these Kate Spade is called Saffiano leather which is stiff and extra distinctive, with an elegant crosshatch texture and beautifully finished edges that are not only clean but also precise.

Where Are Kate Spade Bags Made

Are Kate Spade bags made in the USA?

Yes, some of the Kate Spade bags are made in the USA, specifically in New York. The bags made in New York will have a label on the interior, where the inner pocket is.

Also, it’s important to note that the logo design will be different in that the brand name (Kate Spade) is in lower caps, while New York is printed in uppercase under the name Kate Spade.

If made out of the US, the name of the country will be incorporated too. Most of the bags made in the USA are nylon bags that were made between 1996 and 2002.


Are Kate Spade Bags Made In Cambodia?

Cambodia is one of the nations that handbags are made from. The other country is Vietnam, and the reason for this is because of a rise in tariffs on handbags, among other products.

Where Are Kate Spade Bags Made

How will you know if a Kate Spade bag is original?

If you have a Kate Spade bag and you’re wondering if the piece is genuine or not, here are some of the important things you need to know about the differences between genuine and fake Kate Spade bags.

  • Label

If you doubt the authenticity of the bag, first look up the label. The first and the easiest thing you need to look out for in the bag is the label on the interior of the bag. With the counterfeit bags, you can pull off at the sides of the fabric where the label is, but this won’t be the case with genuine bags. Authentic Kate Spade bags feature the stamped/embossed label, and there also is a fabric label. The stamped or embossed labels are common with the leather handbags, on the bag’s front side, right under the bag’s handle, or on the bag’s top-center section. The fabric labels, on the other hand, are stitched on the handbag directly.

Note that the leather bags never have fabric labels, and they will only have the embossed or the leather label in gold-tone letters. The nylon bags, on the other hand, have the logos embossed on the rectangular-shaped patch at the bag’s front.

Lettering and font on the label

This is the other thing you should look at when determining the Kate Spade authentic bags. The authentic bags have the brand name in lowercase letters, evenly spaced. And all the bags have similar font styles. And as mentioned above, New York is in uppercase. The lettering is also important here, as is the spacing. The T in Kate Spade is always in alignment with N and K in New York. And with the limited or special collection bags, the name of the collection will be right below Kate Spade.

Where Are Kate Spade Bags Made

  • Bag’s hardware

Essentially, the shape of the bag’s feet is not cone-shaped or triangular, while the rest of the hardware for the bags is in gold or silver tones, and they will never rust or tarnish.

  • Stitching and Materials

The stitching for the bags is exceptional. These bags are made of nylon, leather, suede, or canvas: all the materials used and the quality of stitching point to the brand’s exceptional quality.

  • Tags for Kate Spade Bags

The authentic Kate Spade bags feature green retail tags with the name Kate Spade New York printed on them.


Do Genuine Kate Spade bags have serial numbers?

Yes, the authentic Kate Spade bags feature serial numbers on the interior linings of the bags. The bag’s unique serial number – a 4 -5 digit number, is found specifically on the square leather patch sewn into the bag’s lining, and it’s unique to different bag styles.



If you are planning to get a Kate Spade bag, you should go through all the information above to ensure that the bag is authentic. Read more fashion brands here or here!

Hey! I finally find the Answer!