When You Should Or Should Not Wear Body Chain?

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Some people consider body chains to be controversial, and though they are becoming a mainstream thing in today’s fashion scene, you may want to take time to research more about the body chains and when they might be a great option in some cases but not in others.

In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about body chains, when to wear them, and when to keep the body chains off. So, let’s get right into it!


On what occasions are body chains appropriate?

When you should or should not wear body chain

With a wide array of elegantly designed body chains, among other kinds of body jewelry, and as more and more people embrace the body chains, it’s important to keep in mind that there are times when the body chains are more appropriate.

Of course, some types of body chains can be worn at all times, but with the body chains being reminiscent of the idea of bondage, most people will see this when they see you wearing some versions of the body chains.

So, if you plan on wearing the body chain over clothing, you will only be able to do that safely or rather, without any judgment, if going out to the club or for any other festivals and parties such as Burning Man.

Keep in mind that despite the wide acceptance of alt fashion, the body chains are mostly thought of as sexually provocative. So, as long as you have on a high-quality piece of body chain, then you could wear it over clothing without worrying about looking tacky.

When you should or should not wear body chain

What this means, however, is that you must choose the right kind of outfit to wear the body chains with. To pull off this look easily, consider starting off this accessorizing option by wearing the chain under your clothing first so that only small parts of the chain are seen.

Think of wearing the body chain under a low-cut shirt, crop-top, or maybe a backless playsuit. This way, you get to pull off the body chain look with great ease, and also, the body chain will always look and feel appropriate on you.

Generally, the body chains are more of an acceptable choice of accessory in the kink world, and you could wear it to a kink convention if you choose to. You could accessorize it over your sundress even, and the best part is that it will not draw in any strange looks.

The body chain is essentially easy to pull off during casual events rather than formal events like a black-tie wedding, although you could wear body chains with detailing at the back along with your backless gown.

When you should or should not wear body chain

You could also wear it during cultural events like the traditional Indian weddings, among other events where accessorizing is something everyone goes all out on.

You could also wear the body chain comfortably on the beach with a bikini or anywhere else you need to accessorize delicately. Remember that the body chain is one edgy accessory, and you must wear it with a high dose of confidence. Other outfits that look great with body chains include simpler mini-skirts.

At the end of the day, wearing the body chain is ideally a matter of personal taste, and the body chain you choose will depend on the area of your body that you wish to draw attention to – the back, cleavage, or belly areas are the most common areas that the body chains allow you to show off with ease. Just make sure you choose the body chain that adorns your body beautifully.

You also need to keep in mind that the body chains are essentially designed to be worn under clothing, and you need to treat it as an extension of your favorite necklace.

So, if you are wearing a swooping or a v-neck dress, for example, the body chain under the dress would give off a sexy look with ease.


When should you not wear body chains?

When you should or should not wear body chain

You shouldn’t wear body chains in or to formal events, like work or a business meeting. It may be nothing more than a normal accessory to you, but this might not be what everyone else sees. So, we recommend wearing the body chains to casual events and places.


Tips for wearing the body chains

When you should or should not wear body chain

  1. Throw your body chain under the crop top for that fun, unexpected touch
  2. Don’t get the chain tangled up or get knotted up because detangling the chain will be one thing you don’t want to deal with,
  3. Always match the body chain with the rest of the accessories. This is essential because the body chain is designed to complement your overall look rather than steal from it.
  4. You could also allow the body chain to slowly peek from under your simple jacket or top to give off that subtle look or some edge if that is what you are going for.
  5. Always wear your body chain in a more casual way. Ideas for this include wearing the body chain with your skirtini, a high-waist pair of shorts, a short A-Line dress, or even a short skirt.
  6. Avoid mixing and matching your accessories too much, and always keep the body chain within the same metal tone as the rest of the jewelry and accessories you are wearing to ensure a well-put-together look.
  7. Lastly, you want to avoid going overboard with your jewelry. Keep in mind that the idea behind your body chain is to have a subtle glistening accessory rather than a breastplate.

When you should or should not wear body chain


Body chains are versatile, elegant, and beautifully designed accessories that come in various shapes and sizes.

Most of the body chains on the market today are suitable for casual wear, and you can wear them to any informal event or setting, including the beach and parties, as long as you feel comfortable wearing the accessory.

You should avoid wearing body chains informal settings or offices, though, because the meaning behind the body chain may be misconstrued.

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