When Not To Wear a Necklace? (With Alternatives)

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When not to wear a necklace? A good necklace is the one accessory capable of transforming your looks in an instant.

If the top you are wearing is a little lower than you’d like for the office setup, adding, a nice simple plain necklace will make up for the exposed skin effortlessly.

Unfortunately, there are times when wearing a necklace isn’t the best thing to do. We’ll go into all those details in this article.


When not to wear a necklace?

1. When you are wearing a high neckline

If you are wearing a top or a dress with a high neckline, it would be a smart idea to leave the necklace out of the equation.

With high necklines, you need to focus on other accessories like earrings and bracelets/ watch, if that’s your thing.

Let that high neckline piece speak for itself, and only accessorize with a good pair of elegant statement earrings, and a nice, simple watch or a bracelet.

You don’t want to overwhelm your already complete neckline with jewelry. A draped collar, for example, already offers an elegant statement as it is.

When Not To Wear a Necklace

2. When the neckline already has embellishments

If the top you are wearing has embellishments on the neckline, you shouldn’t wear a necklace.

That neckline is already complete as is, and adding a necklace wouldn’t make any fashion sense at all.

Other things that would make your neckline bust include decorations and trims. This also applies to layered tops.


3. Neck type

If you have a short or a wide neck, adding a necklace isn’t always flattering, and it’s a good idea to leave it out entirely.

When Not To Wear a Necklace

4. Preference

Some of us are bad with jewelry, and no matter how hard we try, we just seem to never get used to necklaces.

So, if you find necklaces annoying or irritating, then it wouldn’t be a good idea to wear a necklace.

On the same lines, you should wear a necklace if you have sensitive skin, and you suspect that the necklace has nickel. Also, if you don’t like accessorizing, then you don’t have to wear that necklace.

When Not To Wear a Necklace

5. When wearing turtlenecks

There is a high risk of you looking like a matron if you wear a necklace with a turtleneck.

With this in mind, you shouldn’t wear a necklace with your turtlenecks.

But if you have to accessorize, then we recommend earing statement or supersized earrings that will draw attention to your face.

When Not To Wear a Necklace

6. When wearing a fluffy, super-sized sweater

You already have a lot going on with the super-sized sweater, and you really shouldn’t wear a necklace.

This also applies to oversized bow blouses.


7 Tips on wearing other jewelry if not to wear a necklace

1. Always pay attention to your neckline and the top’s neckline.

If you are not wearing a necklace, you need to be extra careful about the neckline of the top you are wearing. The biggest mistake you could make is to pair your jewelry with a neckline that makes everything clash.


2. Bold prints

You don’t always have to wear a necklace if the dress or top you are wearing features, bold prints, and patterns.

If you must wear jewelry, we recommend wearing simple stud earrings, preferably plain ones.

But if you have to match the prints on the dress with the earrings, then you should consider looking for earrings with the same kind of print as the dress.

But avoid big earrings. A necklace with an angled striped dress that a little ruffled at the neckline will make you look like you are trying too much, and you will look cheap, unfortunately.


3. Make the earrings your focal point

Since you aren’t wearing a necklace, you need to create a focal point by investing in another type of jewelry, for example, a nice pair of earrings.

Make sure that the earrings are bold, and they stand out. Just be careful to pair two bold pieces at the same time.

And with no necklace, you can go all out on a nice pair of chunky earrings. A rule of thumb when it comes to jewelry is to skip all other jewelry if you choose to wear your long or chunky earrings.

When Not To Wear a Necklace

4. High necklines

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t wear a necklace when the dress, top, or sweater you have on is a high neckline piece.

Instead, you need to opt for a nice statement pair of earrings. The earrings don’t have to be big; actually, the smaller the earrings, the better.

You could add a bracelet or a watch, but these are optional. Your look is most likely complete with just the high neckline and the pair of earrings.


5. Mix bracelets with your watch

For the longest time, we were made to believe that you couldn’t wear a bracelet or bracelet with a watch, but this is a rule that you can break.

If you are not wearing a necklace but you are into watches and bracelets, you can complement your outfit and draw attention to your arms by wearing bracelets with your watch.

It helps if you keep the metals in the same family, although it’s okay to mix metals too.


6. Make statement earrings your everyday jewelry

Unless you cannot do your job with big statement earrings, you need to know that it’s quite alright to break the fashion rules and wear the big statement earrings with everyday outfits.

Just make sure you pair the earrings with your outfit.

The advantage of bold earrings is that they can be worn with pretty much all necklines. You can throw in some hoops too.


7. Wear pearls

If you are afraid that not wearing a simple necklace will make you look a little too plain, you can maintain that classy look by trying out pearls.

And no, you aren’t too young for pearls – no one is.



Necklaces are beautiful, but there are times when wearing a necklace is counter-intuitive fashion-wise.

In such cases, you need to opt for safer and more elegant alternatives, hence the statement earrings, hoops, watches, bracelets, and pearls. Also, keep in mind that you don’t always have to wear earrings and necklaces.

For more tips, please visit this page for more.


Hey! I finally find the Answer!