When Can I Wear Hoop Earrings After Piercing?(Expert Tips in 2024)

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If you just had a new ear piercing, it’s highly likely that you cannot wait to wear the new hoop earrings you just purchased off the top-selling and top-rated brand on Amazon.

The catch, however, is that regardless how cute they look and how those hoop earrings will look good with that dress, you cannot start wearing hoop earrings too soon after you have pierced your ears.


Why Wear Studs Instead of Hoops?

When Can I Wear Hoop Earrings After Piercing

New piercings will take anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 weeks for the earlobe and the cartilage to heal. ( read this post: how long should I change my earrings after piercing?, You will learn a lot about the healing time of your ear piercing.)

Before healing takes place, you have to wear short earrings because these allow the ear to heal. For these reasons, studs are preferable to hoop earrings during the healing process/time.

Stud earrings feature narrow and sharp tips which not only pierce your ear lobe gently, but also stay in place for long, and with ease as your piercing heals.

When Can I Wear Hoop Earrings After Piercing

There’s also the fact that you are required to wear your piercing earrings 24/7, throughout the healing period. And you only get to change from the piercing earrings at six weeks for earlobe piercings and 12 weeks for a cartilage piercing. If you don’t do this, it’s highly likely for that tiny pierced hole to close off if you remove the initial piercing earrings too soon.

Naturally, you cannot wear hoops every day and night as your piercing heals. And with the risk of something pulling at the hoop earrings, we don’t think that this is a risk you would be willing to take. Therefore, it’s safer and wiser to wear stud earrings until your new piercings heal.

When Can I Wear Hoop Earrings After Piercing

Note that even after the piercing heals, you should consider wearing light-styled earrings for up to 6 months for earlobe earrings and 12 months for cartilage piercings.

Generally, it’s safe to switch to the other earring styles like hoops after about 6 months for earlobes, although you can make the switch earlier if you are wearing small and super lightweight hoops.


Jewelry to wear for an initial piercing

Before piercing, keep in mind that the earrings you choose will be on your ears for 6 weeks or even more. During this time, the earrings need to sit clean and pretty to promote the healing of the piercing wound.

When Can I Wear Hoop Earrings After Piercing

So, the selected earring should not just look cute, but it should also be unreactive and safe on your ear. We recommend the use of piercing earrings made of surgical stainless steel. Surgical stainless steel has a very low nickel content, and it unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Besides the material, you should also be careful about the size of the jewelry; the earrings should be small and comfortable enough for you to sleep in or move with around freely.

The size should also allow ease of cleaning. Regarding the size of the earrings you should wear immediately after a piercing, we recommend 18 or 20-gauge stud earrings.


The Transition to Hoops and Dangling Earrings

After your piercing heals, probably after 6 months, you can wear the dangling and hoop earrings.

When Can I Wear Hoop Earrings After Piercing

Waiting this long is important because even if you heal fast, heavy dangling earrings often put pressure on the earlobe and they will strengthen the piercing. If it’s too heavy, it could rip right through your earlobe, and no one wants this. Therefore, it’s important to take some cautionary measures as you transition from studs to hoops.

Quality over design: For starters, kick things off with high-quality earrings materials for the hoops. Platinum, surgical stainless steel, and titanium are great when starting. Caution around the material for the jewelry is critical because you ear piercings might look healed, but they might not be totally healed. These recommended materials are safe just in case of unhealed piercings since they are unreactive and you won’t have to worry about new wounds or infections. And whether you are aware of having nickel allergies or not, avoid all earrings with nickel. Nickel allergies on unhealed piercings are a pain to deal with.

Check the weight: Avoid heavy hoops that will pull down and stretch the piercing or open up an unhealed wound. Remember that your piercing might take longer than expected to heal.

When Can I Wear Hoop Earrings After Piercing

Go for simple designs: If you are choosing a hoop as you first earrings as you transition from the piercing studs, avoid the hoops with intricate designs. Hair getting caught in an earring’s intricate pattern is unheard of and extremely painful.

Find Silicone piercing protectors: even if you are certain that the piercing is well-healed, you should not take a big risk when it comes to protecting the piercing hole from stretching and ripping. Silicone piercing protectors are little handy tools that will give your ears strength and protection around the holes while preventing stretching or tearing. The silicone protectors also prevent against potential metal allergies, especially if your hoops are the inexpensive costume earrings.

When Can I Wear Hoop Earrings After Piercing

If you have to wear hoops immediately after the 6-week healing period, you must wear the lightest, high-quality hoops. Avoid large hoops.

If your upcoming event calls for the large statement earrings, consider the thin filigree or plastic earrings.


Choosing the right type of hoop earrings to wear after piercing

When Can I Wear Hoop Earrings After Piercing

After the piercing heals, that’s 6 weeks after the piercing is done using sterilized stud earrings; you may want to wear hoops finally. At this time, you should be careful about the type of hoop earrings you wear. Generally, there are two types of hoop earrings for you to try: Ball closure and Spring Closure.

The ball closure earrings are the ones that are squeezed together right around the ball for them to stay in place. These earrings have a tiny indent on both ends, and the pressure you place on the ring keeps the ball in place.

The spring closure earrings, on the other hand, are the hoop earrings that will open and close like a spring snaps in and out of place. So, you open the spring to wear the earrings and then close the spring to keep the earrings in place.

The good thing about hoop earrings is that they are quite easy to clean. Also, you need to make sure that your hoops stay in place; otherwise, the friction of moving too much could open new wounds in your piercing hole.

When Can I Wear Hoop Earrings After Piercing

Things to be aware of

  • Earrings with nickel or other allergens
  • Heavy hoops that can stretch and rip the ear lobe
  • Healing time, don’t rush your ears
  • Keep your hands clean
  • Wear small and lightweight hoops if you must
  • Clean your ears, always
  • Don’t remove the piercing earrings for at least 6 weeks



You can wear your hoops after your piercings heal. Often, this healing time is 6 weeks earlobe piercings and 12 weeks for cartilage piercings.

But even with these timelines, you might want to stretch that time to 6 months for the earlobes, especially if you want to wear heavy hoops and statement pieces.

Generally, the cartilage piercings take up to 12 months to heal fully. Finally, avoid nickel and low-quality earrings.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!