What Type of Necklace to Wear With Different Necklines?

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Fashion is fluid, and you get to wear anything you want, as long as you feel comfortable. Unfortunately, there are times when you may be comfortable in the wrong fashion piece, and there also are cases where you feel comfortable wearing a piece, yet it doesn’t bring your look together as well as you’d hoped. So, where and how do you strike a balance? How do you find the piece of jewelry that really works for you?

For starters, when it comes to selecting the best necklaces, you need to keep your neckline in mind. There are different necklaces for different necklines, and today, we look at the necklaces fit for specific necklines.

From where we are sitting, we know that you’ve run many searches on Pinterest for the best necklaces you could wear for your neckline, but you are still baffled. And we get you. There is too much information shared, and in other cases, the advice offered may not provide quite the quintessential style tips you’re searching for.

Most importantly, the look pulled by your celebrity crush may not work for you, even if you invested in the same pieces as theirs. So, with our understanding of your pains and the need to nurture a look that represents your style, let’s jump right into the details.


Reasons Why You Must Never Overlook Your Neckline When Looking for The Best Necklace

Are you going for the crew neck, turtleneck, or sweetheart neckline, and which necklace will best bring out and accentuate your features with these necklines?


The Neckline

In your search for the best necklace to wear before you rush out to work or a casual evening or weekend, you need to consider your neckline first because some necklaces will look better with your office shirt, others great with that black turtleneck top, and some necklaces may break the look of your strapless top or dress. Therefore, to ensure that your neckline goes well with that necklace, you need to think about important elements, including your shirt’s design and color, the necklace’s color, the makeup of the day, the length of the necklace, and even your hairstyle.

At the same time, you need to remember that the neckline-necklace talks shouldn’t force you to compromise on or sacrifice your individuality. In your search for the necklaces that will work with your neckline perfectly, you need to look at the best fit for boat neckline to tool elegant, a tasteful but flirty piece for your halter neckline, or the necklace that will match your strapless couture to draw all the necessary attention to your body.


Types of Necklaces

  • Choker– this necklace fits very close to your neck, and it’s the shortest length necklace of between 14-16inches. This necklace fits high on your neck.
  • Princess Necklace– a princess necklace is between 18 and 20 inches long, and it falls below the neck, resting on the collarbone nicely. It works well with diamonds and pendants.
  • Matinee– a matinee necklace rests at your bustline, and it’s 22-23 inches long. It’s quite versatile.
  • Opera necklace– with a length of between 26-36inches, the opera necklace rest around our breastbone perfectly, and you could wear it as a double or a single strand. You could also knot it up for a vintage look. This necklace must be worn over your clothing, not under.
  • Rope Necklace– this is any necklace that’s longer than the opera necklace. It often rests on the belly buttons, and it could be made of chains or beads. It has a clasp and also shorter than the lariat, which could be crossed, knotted, doubled-over, or even looped.
  • Bib necklaces– this necklace comes with multiple beaded layers. In place of the beads, you may also find precious stones, metals, or bobbles. This necklace sits higher, above the princess necklace. It is trendy, ultra-feminine, and eye-catching with a grandeur appearance.


Types of Necklines

  • Crewnecks

A crew neck creates a rather rounded and close-fitting neckline. As one of the most common necklines, you can pull off the perfect look wearing just about any type/ design of the necklace. For example, a crew neck would pair well with your collar necklace, a thick choker, or a long necklace. You could also choose a statement necklace that falls just over the top of your crew neck.

  • Scoop Neckline

As the name suggests, the scoop neckline is created from a rather deeply curved but also widened neckline. As a result of its form and simplicity, choosing a necklace for this neckline is quite easy. Essentially, the scoop neckline gives you a significant amount of neckline space for you to work with, and you can find a huge variety of necklaces to fill that space. So, in your search for the best necklace for this neckline, you may want to find necklaces/ pieces that come with multiple strands, layers, and volume.

Note, however, that you need to avoid the necklaces that fall below the neckline’s scoop. So, opt for the space-filling and shorter necklaces/ pendants or charms.

With a scoop neckline, you want to avoid all choker necklaces, unless you are layering pieces, because you don’t want to leave out a large amount of space on your neckline, untouched.

  • Boat Neck

A boat neck refers to the wide neckline running horizontally across your collarbone. This neckline is typically quite elegant, meaning that it needs to be matched with more of the elegant fashion necklaces. But you need to avoid the flashy pieces or statement necklaces since these would steal the show. Instead, opt for the simple but elegant pieces of jewelry which will not cause any distractions.

Some of the best necklaces for your boat neckline include the 18-inch long pearls or princess necklaces since these long pieces help you maintain that classic but elegant boat neck look.

  • Strapless / Off-shoulder Neckline

If you are into strapless dresses and tops, you most certainly like to show off your beautiful skin and the high collar bone, or even your long, beautiful neck. With this in mind, you need to look for the necklaces that will not cause any distraction from the skin. What this means is that if you are wearing a strapless dress, you should pair it with a short necklace that will leave just enough space between your neckline and the necklace and not detract attention from the exposed skin.

So, opt for the thin chokers, thin collars, and any other design of short necklaces. Remember that the short length is important because it not only accentuates your neckline, it also brings everything together without taking away any attention from your dress and body. You could opt for the grunge-style velvet chokers or the chokers made of edgy and highly polished metal pieces. Layering of your collar necklaces is an option too.

That said, avoid the long and thick necklaces when dressing a strapless neckline.

  • V-Neck

The V-neck is rather self-explanatory, but it’s also quite versatile because the V-neck might be slight, narrow, wide, or deep. However, the size of the V-shape, notwithstanding, the focal point remains to be your chest. In your search for the right necklace, you need to look for the piece that would complement the V-shape effortlessly. With this in mind, you must avoid the statement necklace pieces or the chokers since these tend to shorten the neckline.

For that V-neck, you will never go wrong with a Lariat necklace because the design of this necklace copies/ follows the shape of the v-neckline. Regarding the length, you could opt for the long or short necklaces, depending on the V-shape. At the end of the day, your goal is to find the piece of jewelry that clears the V and also flows with your draping seamlessly.

  • Turtlenecks

A turtleneck will easily fold around your neckline, therefore, giving you a lot of room for the best of fashion necklaces you may have in your jewelry box. You can wear the turtleneck with a long necklace easily, and anything between 20inches and 30 inches will work perfectly with your turtleneck. You could also choose the multi-strand, opera, or the Matinee necklaces to pair with your turtleneck. The beauty of the longer necklace chains comes from the fact that they have an elongating effect on your torso, and they also attract/ pull the eyes to the upper body.

On the avoid-list for turtlenecks, avoid the short necklaces, including collars and chokers.

  • Asymmetrical Neckline

Whether you are wearing a toga or going for the accidental slip-off-the-shoulder look, you need to dress this neckline with delicate jewelry pieces, including pendant necklaces to create a balance in the asymmetry. The pendant necklaces not only add a great sparkle, but it will also draw attention to your beautiful, sensuous collarbone.

  • Deep Plunge

If you are a little daredevil who doesn’t mind showing off more than a little skin, then the plunging neckline might be the next daring fashion move you make. The deep plunging neckline will elongate your torso, but it may feel and look a little bare. To counter that, you may want to throw in a long-ling necklace with little sparkline for that charming, but elegant look.

  • Sweetheart Neckline

The sweetheart neckline is a curved, heart-shaped neckline that embodies a sweet and feminine neckline. For the best looks with this neckline, you need to avoid the temptation to over-accessorize. Stick to the collar necklaces that come with elegant and beautiful centerpieces means to complement that curve of your sweetheart neckline. You may want to complete this look with a pair of ear studs that match the style of the necklace.

  • Collared/ Button-down shirt

This neckline is quite flexible, and it goes well with bib necklaces or chokers. If you intend to leave the buttons undone, you will have a V-neck, and you can dress it as above.

  • Square neckline

For a square neckline, choose the pendant necklace with rigid angles to create a cool, harmonized look. Any length will be fine, as long as the necklace isn’t past the neckline.



There goes your cheat sheet. For the perfect look every time, don’t forget to tap into your creativity and always be yourself. Don’t be afraid to try different styles or material combinations. Layer your pieces, go for the simpler styles, and consider your whole outfit, beyond the neckline. Finally, find adjustable necklaces.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!