What Type Of Chain Is Best For Pendants?(9 Types with Pictures)

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If you love pendant necklaces and you’re making some necklaces to gift your loved ones, or maybe you’re starting a jewelry business that deals in some of the most exquisite pendant necklaces, you know that the choice of chain is what makes or breaks your pieces. It can be confusing to choose the right kind of chains for your pendants, though, which is why we’re here.

We’ll share with you some of the best options of chains that would create the best pendant necklaces.

With a great variety of chains on the market today and the fact that most of the dealers of fine jewelry are now selling pendants and the chains separately, you may need a guiding hand for you to make the best selection of pendant chains. The good news is that there is a great variety of chains for you to choose from.

Below, we are sharing some of the best options of chains that work best for pendants of different kinds.

What Type Of Chain Is Best For Pendants

But first, what are the important considerations to keep in mind when looking for the ideal chains for your pendants?

  • The size of the pendant bail– the loop at the top of the pendant is what determines the size of the chain you’ll use, and it will restrict the width of the chain. Before you settle on a chain, make sure to confirm how wide the pendant bail is in millimeters. Note that to use the pendant with wider chains, you may have to modify the pendant and incorporate a larger bail. If you are not sure about the sizing options, go to the jeweler for sizing guidance.
  • The pendant weight –Since some of the chains on the market are fragile and dainty pieces that don’t take on much weight, you may have to find different, more sturdy chains if you have a pendant that is rather weighty. Generally, opt for a chain style that can support the weight of the pendant. Also, note that some types of chains like ball chains, rope chains, or even snake chains could easily stretch out or even snap, which means that they are not the best when it comes to heavier pendants.


What type of chain is best for pendants?

1. Cable chain

What Type Of Chain Is Best For Pendants

This is the most popular chain type used in necklaces, especially pendant necklaces. The cable chain features uniformly shaped links that are linked together intricately and sturdily.

It’s considered as strong as the anchor chains used for boats, and you may like it because of its simple but timeless design that means you can use this cable chain with pretty much any pendant style.

Most of the time, jewelers will use a thin wire to create this chain, which is why the chain lies pretty and smoothly over your skin.


2. Curb Chain

What Type Of Chain Is Best For Pendants

This is chain features links that lie completely flat when they are placed on the surface.

The curb chains make some of the very thick necklaces, and they also work for pendants, although most people would prefer to wear the really thick curb chains without any pendants incorporated.

Note that the curb chain design is a lot like that of the Cuban chain, given the very tight overlapping between the links.

The Cuban chains are, however, inflexible and thicker than the curb chains, hence the use of the curb chains in pendant necklaces.


3. Snake Chain

What Type Of Chain Is Best For Pendants

The snake is a thin and the smoothest chain that sports a rather seamless design.

It’s an excellent option for most people looking for pendant necklaces, but the only catch would be the fact that the chain and the pendant bail have to be soldered on the chain.

And if you are looking for a pendant necklace that offers an interchangeable pendant solution, this would not be the very best option for you.

Note that you can easily identify the snake chain by its appearance – at first glance, this chain looks like a solid metallic piece.

Essentially, the snake chain is designed using many tiny overlapping links designed to fit together perfectly and in an uninterrupted form, hence that nice, flawless finish.


4. Ball Chain

What Type Of Chain Is Best For Pendants

The ball chain is, as the name suggests, a chain that is made of a number of small balls that are linked together.

It is a simple, elegant, and stylish option, especially for the dog tag pendant styles, and you may also like it because the chain never gets tangled.

But on the flip side, this chain is not the strongest, and you shouldn’t use it with heavy pendants.


5. Box Chain

What Type Of Chain Is Best For Pendants

Many pendant necklaces are made of box chains, especially because of their sturdiness and industrial look, which means that if you are looking for a chain style that will support heavier or bigger pendants, the box chain would be a good option for you.

Note that the links for this chain are primarily square-shaped, and they look great with or without pendants.

This chain type is also the preferred option for the long pendant chains.

Thanks to the tight weaving of the box chains, this necklace has a rather thick appearance, and in most cases, it is heavier than it looks.


6. Rope Chain

What Type Of Chain Is Best For Pendants

The rope chain is a type of chain that can be used with pendants as well. It features a rather complex design, and the chain has an overall braid effect.

Though strong, damage to just one part of the chain will affect the entire piece and not that one affected location.

Rope chains can have either a spiral design or the knotted construction that is often seen with the byzantine chains.


7. Herringbone Chain

What Type Of Chain Is Best For Pendants

The herringbone chain is the other chain that is best for pendants, and it makes the best pendant chains.

Just like the snake chain, the herringbone chain is quite solid, and it lies flat on your neck, with broad, alternating patterns in a V-shape link.

Therefore, it looks like a herringbone fabric.


8. Wheat Chain

What Type Of Chain Is Best For Pendants

This chain features oval or circular-shaped links.

This wheat chain makes use of the unique teardrop shape, and the links are woven into V-shapes resembling the wheat kernels along the entire length of the chain/ necklace.


9. Figaro Chain

What Type Of Chain Is Best For Pendants

This chain looks like the curb chain but with interlocking links that are oval. It’s elegant and the most common option in Italian jewelry.



And there you have it – the best options of chains that work perfectly for pendants.

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