What to Look for When You Buying a Tennis Bracelet?

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Are you looking for a nice piece of jewelry that you can wear for your graduation or wedding anniversary?

If yes, you should consider a tennis bracelet. Though this is a popular bracelet that many people invest in, some customers find buying one quite challenging.

We created this post to inform you of everything you should know regarding how to purchase a tennis bracelet.

You will also learn all the essential features of a tennis bracelet by the end of this post. Enjoy!


What to look for when buying a tennis bracelet

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is not only common among celebrities since many other people invest in it. It is a flexible type of bracelet containing multiple diamonds connected by a metal chain.

The name of this bracelet originated from a player called Chris Evert, who lost a bracelet during the US Open in 1987.

The match had to be postponed to search for the bracelet. Since this incident was televised globally, the bracelet was called the tennis bracelet. Before this incident, it was called a line diamond bracelet.

Today, many wearers accessorize their clothes with this bracelet. It is a versatile piece since you can put it on with formal or casual wear. If you are looking for this piece of jewelry, you should pay attention to the following.


1. Color

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

During your search for a tennis bracelet, you will come across models of different colors.

Take your time to pick the color grade of your diamond before investing in a tennis bracelet.

The color of the tennis bracelet metal plays a significant role in the color of its diamond.

The color grade includes the following.

  • D-This refers to the highest grade tennis bracelets. Such bracelets are perfectly colorless and are rare to find.
  • E-F– Tennis bracelets under this category are colorless. Only an expert can notice the minute color traces in such pieces.
  • G-H– Those that fall under this color grade are near colorless. One can distinguish the color of such a tennis bracelet by placing it next to one that features colorless diamonds.
  • K-Z– The market also offers tennis bracelets under this color grade. Such contain noticeable color. Most tennis bracelets under this color grade have yellow diamonds. Experts reveal that this is not the best color grade for a tennis bracelet.

As you focus on the color grade, you should note that those that feature diamonds higher up the scale are better.

If you need a more elegant tennis bracelet, you should consider one that features near-colorless or colorless stones, such as the classic tennis bracelet. Note that those with nearly colorless diamonds are more expensive than those with visible color.


2. Type of settings and styles

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

Apart from the color, you should also understand the types of settings that tennis bracelets use before purchasing one. The settings of such bracelets vary.

While some of the designs have a single loop of diamonds, you may also come across tennis bracelets with three rows of diamond stones.

Jewelers classify tennis bracelets in settings like bezel, channel, and prong. You can pick the type of settings based on your preference. Here is how they differ.


1. Bezel

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets that use this type of setting have metal surrounding each stone.

They have a similar appearance to a watch head. You may also come across the tennis bracelets that use the half bezel.

In this case, the metal is connected to two sides of the stone.

Bezel settings are not very popular since this is a more traditional setting.

The problem with this setting in a tennis bracelet is that it hinders a lot of light from reaching the diamond.


2. Channel

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

While some tennis bracelets use the bezel setting, others use the channel setting.

In such bracelets, the stone is at the center, while two rows of metal are designed to hold the stone on each side.

The diamonds in such a tennis bracelet fit tightly together.

This setting allows enough light to reflect on the diamonds giving them a bigger appearance.

It makes such a tennis bracelet look like a continuous loop of precious stones.


3. Prong

Most tennis bracelets use this setting since it is quite secure. Such bracelets have a couple of prongs per diamond that hold the stone securely.

Most feature 3-4 prongs that allow light to pass through the stone’s pavilion.

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

Besides settings, tennis bracelets also come in different styles. During your search, you may come across tennis bracelets that feature different shapes of the diamond.

While some come with round cut diamonds, others feature emerald or princess cut diamonds.

Some jewelers also sell tennis bracelets with unique diamond shapes like marquise and pear. Pear is among the best cuts for high sparkle, while marquise gives the illusion of a larger diamond size.

Choose the diamond shape that you prefer the most. You should also focus on the types of links that the tennis bracelet features. The bracelet links should be not only secure but also strong.

You can test the bracelet by closing and opening it to test the clasp. A good tennis bracelet should have a solid clasp that does not open too easily.


3. Type of metal

You should also avoid buying a tennis bracelet without thoroughly assessing the type of metal used to make it.

Tennis bracelets come in different types of metal, such as gold, silver, and platinum.

The type of metal utilized to create the tennis bracelet determines its quality.

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

Though there is no best metal for this bracelet, each material offers its own feel and look. Let us look at each material in detail.


1. Platinum

As you choose the type of metal you want for a tennis bracelet, you should also consider your budget. If you don’t mind paying more to get a quality tennis bracelet, you can go for one made from platinum.

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

Though this metal is expensive, it is quite durable. You can therefore wear the tennis bracelet for a long time. This is a high-quality material since it does not rust or develop scratches easily. This type of metal is also rare compared to other types.


2. Gold

You may also come across gold-made ones during your search for an ideal tennis bracelet. The most common gold tennis bracelets are white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

  • Yellow gold– Such tennis bracelets are made from a combination of copper or zinc and pure gold. This is a traditional color and makes a tennis bracelet look elegant. If you have a warm skin tone, you should consider getting a yellow gold tennis bracelet since it can match your skin color well.

If, for instance, you want a yellow gold tennis bracelet, you can choose either an 18 Kor 14K. Such figures indicate the amount of pure gold used in their making. This is often measured in karats.

If you choose a tennis bracelet with 18-carat gold, it means that the metal has around 75% gold. One that is made of 14-carat gold means that the metal has 59.5% gold.

  • Rose gold- These tennis bracelets are made by mixing yellow gold and copper. The type of metal is not as limiting as yellow gold since it can easily blend with people of different skin tones. Rose gold is now a staple in the jewelry business.
  • White gold– You can also choose a tennis bracelet that is made from white gold metal. This is made by mixing nickel or silver and gold. Such a bracelet is ideal for customers with cooler skin tones.

It blends well with colorless diamonds. The combination of metal enhances the durability of a white gold tennis bracelet.

Such a tennis bracelet is more long-lasting than a yellow gold one and less expensive than a platinum tennis bracelet.


3. Sterling silver

The market also offers sterling silver tennis bracelets that can withstand daily wear. This is a softer material compared to the rest.

If you don’t intend on wearing the tennis bracelet every day and are looking for a more affordable piece, you can choose one that comes in this type of metal.

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

As you assess the durability of tennis bracelets, you should stay away from low-quality ones since they can get torn apart or tangle easily.

Replacing such a tennis bracelet may end up costing you more in the long run.


4. Quality of diamonds

Apart from focusing on the type of metal that a tennis bracelet comes with, you should also assess the quality of diamonds it features. You can achieve this by looking at them closely with the naked eye or using high-resolution imagery.

Since certifying diamonds in a tennis bracelet is an expensive affair, you should buy this piece of jewelry from a reputable vendor. Doing this can help you find one that features high-quality diamonds. As you focus on the diamonds, you should ensure that the tennis bracelet you want to pay for offers brilliance.

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

Confirm that they create sparkle and do not contain any blemishes. The diamond stones should also have a white appearance. Bigger diamonds tend to refract more light.

If you are working with a relatively low budget but still want a good tennis bracelet, you can choose one that uses simulated diamonds.

This is a clear stone that looks just like diamonds but differs in terms of chemical makeup.

If you are buying a tennis bracelet for the first time, you may need assistance evaluating the quality of diamonds they come with.

Work with a jeweler who has some experience to get the best tennis bracelet. Avoid buying a tennis bracelet with low-quality diamonds since it will not look as impressive as you expect.


5. Uniformity of the bracelet’s diamonds

Do not focus solely on the quality of the diamond and forget to look at the uniformity. This can make a difference in the appearance of the piece of jewelry. Pay close attention to the diamonds to assess whether each one looks similar and uniform. A good tennis bracelet should not have some diamonds that stand out from the rest.

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

6. Flexibility

We mentioned that durability is key when buying a tennis bracelet. Flexibility is also one of the crucial factors that you should not overlook before purchasing. To find out whether a tennis bracelet is flexible, you should hold it upside down when it is open.

A flexible one should remain standing rather than collapsing when you hold it upside down. Avoid choosing one that is too rigid since such is prone to breaking when you twist your wrist.



Focus on getting a comfortable tennis bracelet that you can wear without feeling the need to remove it. You can achieve this by getting one that fits properly.

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

The right-sized tennis bracelet moves freely on your wrist without causing any discomfort. Ensure that you don’t choose one that is too loose since such can easily slide off the wrist without you noticing.

Feel free to measure your wrist before choosing a tennis bracelet to find the perfect fit. You can either utilize a tape measure or a ribbon and ruler. The standard length of such bracelets is 18 cm. If you have a narrow wrist, you can choose a tennis bracelet that measures 17 centimeters.

If you, however, have a wider wrist, go for one that measures between 19 and 21 cm. If you can fit at least a finger between your wrist and the tennis bracelet, then you have found the right size for the bracelet.

Ensure that you also pick a diamond size that complements your wrist size. If you buy the wrong size of a tennis bracelet, you can ask a jeweler to adjust it. Removing the link can shorten the chain of the bracelet.



A tennis bracelet is an elegant piece of jewelry that you can add to your collection. This piece is flashy and can complement different outfits.

Buying a tennis bracelet can be a painless process with a proper guide.

Ensure you consider the crucial factors discussed during purchase, such as the type of metal, settings and style, quality of diamonds, size, color, flexibility, and uniformity. All the best!

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