What to Do with Unwanted Tiffany Jewelry?(4 Solutions)

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Tiffany jewelry is one of the most sought-after jewelry brands in the world. Their love and romantic intricate creations have many females swayed.

However, the initial allure of the jewelry will fade over time. So, what do you do with unwanted Tiffany jewelry after it has served it has gotten damaged or is no longer trendy.

We tend to hold on to jewelry for more than just its monetary value. The significance and meaning behind it or associated with the person who gifted it to you hold more water.

That’s why we struggle so much with what to do with old and unused jewelry.


What to Do with Unwanted Tiffany Jewelry?

Tiffany jewelry is especially expensive and this doubles the value of the piece to you.

Having been a long time with no use for it though makes you feel worse and you need to find a permanent solution to it.

While Tiffany does provide 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will not buy back from you your old jewelry.

There are a few options that are trusted and reliable.


1.Maintenance and repair

Take your old Tiffany jewelry to an expert who can help you fix any broken bits and pieces that have caused you not to wear your jewelry.

Having a new coat of protection applied on the piece or a shiny one to restore the original shine and gloss is also possible.


2.Redesign it

You may have a piece of jewelry that is too precious and sentimental to you that you cannot bear the thought of altering it in any way.

The best option for you would be to turn it over to the experts who can add a new aspect to it, maybe a chain or shack that will allow you to wear the item like a necklace or a ring.

With this solution, you get the same piece worn in a new way and with a new shine to it.

This retains the beauty of the jewelry and the memory of its original design and symbolism.


3. Sell it

Maybe your lovely tiffany jewelry is beyond repair or redesigning, your option is to sell it to a jeweler who will measure the amount of gold, silver, valuable gem in your piece and will give you a quote.

Based on the economy and the value of the precious metals at the time, you may get some funds from your jewelry. However, this option is riddled with loopholes and swindlers especially online.

You have a better chance of a higher payout from individual buyers but you may have issues with transparency and accountability. The jewelers, on the other hand, will only offer you a quote of the valuable material in your item and this could be half of the total item.

Adding expenses of valuation and expert consultation and workmanship, you will not be happy with the final amount of payout for your highly valued jewelry.


4.Hand it Down 

Some jewelry pieces have been within our family line for generations. Carelessly disposing of these pieces is not possible or desirable.

If you have no use for such sentimental and meaningful jewelry, the best way to rid yourself off of it is to gift it to someone else in your family who will treasure it and hopefully hand it over to another person someday.

Not only does it take the worry off your hands but it also continues the generational tradition of handing down heirlooms.

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Factors to Consider Before You Can Sell Your Jewelry

Most probably, you just want to rid your wardrobe of this unused yet expensive Tiffany jewelry. Before you head over to your local jeweler or to the online store on eBay to put it up for sale, you need to have an approximate understanding of how much value it actually has.

Being a tiffany piece, it has two valuable aspects to it; the gold, silver, platinum metal, and the diamond crystals.


How to tell if Your Gold is Real?

Hold your gold piece to a steady flame, if it is real, it turns a hot white color that then turns dark. If it is fake, it will get dark or change color. If it is only plated, the coating melts to reveal the metals inside.

Gold is not attracted to magnets at all so if your piece gets drawn, you know it’s not real.

Gold does not float or rust, so if it sinks in a glass of water, you know its fake.


How to Tell if your Diamond is Real

By fogging your diamond crystal with your warm breath, just as you would do a mirror, observe if the fog. Real diamonds will quickly disperse it immediately.

Also, diamonds sink in water so carry out the floating test and if your gem floats, it is fake.


Is it better to sell my Tiffany Jewelry Online or Locally?

While selling to a reputable local jeweler is the safest bet, it should not be your only option as there may be more lucrative alternatives online.

Selling online will get you a fair price compared to the local jeweler. So, even after gathering as many quotes from the local pawn shops, get online, and cast your net wider.

Other than getting more valuable quotes online, the ease of the process of selling or trading in old Tiffany jewelry has been greatly simplified.

With established and reputable online jewelers who have a great customer care, follow-up, and delivery processes, you are assured of a transparent transaction with financial security.



Settling on the best solution for your unwanted Tiffany jewelry rests solely on you and the condition of the jewelry pieces in question.

Some can be altered, redesigned, repaired, and handed down. Others have to be sold for their parts because they are beyond repair.

Yet there are those that are in good condition but maybe have lost their allure and you would want to get something in return for their worth. Online jewelry stores are plenty and they have great services. Check them out!

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!