What to Do with Old Gold Wedding Bands? (6 Options&Tips)

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What do you do with your wedding band when your marriage comes to an end after you upgrade the wedding band?

Don’t you think that there are better uses you could put the ring to – if the ring is now sitting in some jewelry box and the memories around it aren’t that bitter-sweet anymore, or if you just need to purge some of the old jewelry because of a recent upgrade and are.

What to Do with Old Gold Wedding Bands

As a result, looking for the best strategies around your wedding band, then this article is exactly what you need.

Generally, there is so much you could do with the old gold wedding band, but these are some of the best options.


Sell It

If you are pragmatic and wouldn’t give up everything about an old wedding band that no longer serves you, you could sell it.

There is nothing wrong with cashing in on your wedding band – the best part is that you could use the cash to treat yourself to a divorce vacation or celebration.

The good news is that there are many placed you could sell and cash your old gold wedding band, and in most cases, you will get good money from it.

Look for pawn shops or local jewelers who will value the gold accurately, and only take the deal if it feels right.


Donate the ring

Not the ring itself, but the money you get from selling your old gold ring. The truth is that if you have an old 14K or 18K genuine gold ring gathering dust in some old jewelry, you are most likely sitting on some good cash.

Understandably, you might be interested in selling it but really wouldn’t want anything to do with it.

In such a case, you’ll be better off selling that ring then giving the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

Note that this would also be a good option for you if you feel that you are hung onto that wedding band for too long or if you feel that you just can’t let it go.

Having an option that would benefit someone else is, in such cases, an excellent approach.

And once you do it, you will feel the weight of hanging on to that ring lift off. You could donate it at a charity auction as well.


Repurpose the Ring

The thing about wedding bands is that when the time is up or when you need to find a better use of the wedding band, probably because you lost the man of your life, you can easily repurpose it into some other form of jewelry.

For example, you could repurpose that wedding band that once represented a great love and commitment into a necklace for you or even your daughter.

If that ring represents the best part of your life and a love that means the world to you, repurposing it is often the best thing.

And gifting it to your child is an even greater gift coming from an item that once represented love to you.

This transferability is powerful, and if you or your child understand what the ring meant and what the necklace now means, they will never remove it.

And if the ring was embellished with gemstones, you could also gift the gems to someone you love, for example, your child, allowing them to find love, and if they can reset it, then your gift becomes an even better gift and an excellent representation of love.


Return the Ring

If your ex-husband gave you your wedding band and it was a family heirloom, it would be a good idea to return the ring to your ex-husband’s family.

Note that this would also be a good option for you if the ring your husband gave you was set with gemstones or a diamond from his family.

While this might be a difficult decision to make, especially if you and your ex or his family are not in the best of terms, keeping it won’t feel right, and you just have to suck it up and return it.

Remember that there is a powerful force that comes with letting go of the past.

And don’t worry about what your friends might think about this move – in most cases, the family will appreciate your decision because you will be returning the ring to where it belongs – at the end of the day, that ring belongs to the family.


Throw It

If you really feel that you cannot handle the weight of the ring and anything that comes off it, if you don’t want to repurpose it, or even donate its proceeds, sometimes the only way for you to get closure will involve the bold step of throwing the ring.

Understandably, this would be a painful thing to do, but if it gives you closure, you could flush it down the toilet or throw it down a river or lake.


Transform it

If the ring is of great sentimental value to you, you could repurpose it, giving it a new lease of life. For example, you could transform your simple, classic 18K gold ring into a more fashionable item of jewelry for yourself or even turning it into a family heirloom.

If that ring is that important to you, take it to the jewelers and get it redesigned and recreated into a new ring.

For instance, you could add some diamonds, rubies, or any other gemstones that would boost the face value of the ring and turn it into the ultimate family heirloom.

The good thing about transforming jewelry is that now there are numerous transformation techniques, and with the use of CAD or CAM programs, jewelers make masterpieces out of simple, ordinary jewelry.

But, be ready to spend some money on the transformation, especially if it means that much to you.



Old is gold (no pun intended), and you need to make sure that you make the best out of your old gold wedding band.

At the end of the day, however, what you do with the ring is a deeply personal decision, often driven by how you feel.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!