What To Do With A Promise Ring When You Break Up?

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What To Do With A Promise Ring When You Break Up? A promise ring is meant to symbolize a commitment to love, care, be faithful, and loyal to the other person.

But if you have been given a promise ring in the past or if you are the one that gave the promise ring (exchanged meaning you also have one) only for things to fail after weeks or months, you know all too well how much that hurts.

This person might have meant the world to you, and the breakup hit you badly, and though there isn’t much that you can do to patch things up, you now know that you need to work on mending your shattered heart.

What To Do With A Promise Ring When You Break Up

You are aware that the healing journey will be long and extremely tough, you will fall too many times, but you also know that the first step you need to take is to find a way around the promise ring.

Although it wasn’t a promise of forever, a promise ring means something, which is why you need to figure out how what to do with it – the sooner, the better.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the things you could with the promise ring after a breakup. If you ready to deal with the pain around the ring and the end of the relationship, keep reading. But also– no pressure!


What to do with a promise ring when you break up

1.Give it back

What To Do With A Promise Ring When You Break Up

This might sound a little aggressive, and it is totally dependent on how you ended things, but it is also the right (legal) thing to do.

State laws differ, but depending on where you live, the state laws might call for you giving back the ring because it is regarded as a gift.

If your state recognizes the ring as a conditional gift or if the condition for giving the ring wasn’t met, for example, if there is no marriage, then the ring’s ownership would revert to the party that purchased the promise ring.

This is the law in many states, including Tennessee, Kansas, New York, Iowa, and Wisconsin, among others.

But even without legal considerations/ implications, it is generally good etiquette to return the ring after the promise is broken.

If the promise is broken, the best thing for you to do would be to return that promise ring, the same way you would an engagement ring in the event of a broken engagement.


2.Sell it

What To Do With A Promise Ring When You Break Up

If there aren’t state laws that require you to return the ring, you could sell it, especially when shit hits the fan.

While you may be tempted to throw it away, you should take the promise ring off after the breakup and tuck it away safely as you think things over and find yourself.

Once things cool down, you could take out the ring, and if you are very sure, you can sell it. If you are like some lucky few people, you may find that the promise ring that used to mean something magnanimous to you is actually very valuable. So, why not make some good money out of it?

Unfortunately, many promise rings are cheap and not valuable, meaning you won’t get much from it.

If you chose to sell it, take it to a jeweler for cleaning and appraisal, sell it off at the pawnshop, or auction it online.


3.Gift it to someone who loves it

What To Do With A Promise Ring When You Break Up

This could be harder for you to do than you imagined, and the ring may require a lot of deep cleansing with crystals and sage, but if you don’t want to throw it out and have someone who will love it, you could gift it to them.

Perhaps choose to gift it to someone who you won’t see every day because if they fall in love with it, you may not want to see it around too soon after the breakup.  

On the other hand, seeing them happy with the ring on my lift some of the bitterness and hurt that was almost scarring your beautiful soul.


4.Turn it into something new and beautiful

If you decide to keep the ring because you feel torn about the lovely diamonds in the promise ring, but you also don’t want a constant reminder of the lost love, you may want to repurpose it.

Make something new out of the old, those beautiful gemstones deserve somewhere beautiful to live, and they don’t have to be on that ring. Look for inspiration on Pinterest.

You could turn it into a fancy pair of earrings or a necklace. Just make sure you take it to a reputable dealer who will melt then repurpose it.


5.Keep it

What To Do With A Promise Ring When You Break Up

Everyone tells you to get rid of the promise ring, and there are many ways of getting rid of that promise ring if you decide and are sure that it is what you want to do.

However, you also have the option of keeping it, and though you will want to crawl into a hole and disappear from the face of the earth after the breakup, not wanting to see anything that reminds you of what was, keeping the ring might not be the worst thing you do.

It will take a bit of time to come to terms with what happened and to heal, but sometimes, you have to be honest with yourself, be vulnerable, and allow yourself to accept defeat/ loss. After all, you win some; you lose some.

Although it hurts badly at the moment, it will be okay. You will be okay. The relationship might have failed, and your person may not be in your life anymore, but you could choose to keep the ring to remind yourself of all the wonderful times you had, the love you shared, and just how beautiful love is.

Things don’t always work out, but it is okay. You learned a lot from the relationship and the person you were with, and you will be okay.

What To Do With A Promise Ring When You Break Up


Breakups are hard, and they represent that bit of life that no one wants to live in. But breakups are inevitable, and you have to learn to live through the pain.

A promise ring might mean that things hurt more deeply, but you will be okay eventually. If you are not sure about what to do with the promise ring, we hope that the tips above are helpful.

Remember, you will be okay and happy; give it time and do what you need to do to be okay. It will be fine. For more rings articles, please visit here or here.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!