What to Do When You Lose An Earring?( Tips to Avoid Happening Again)

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What to Do When You Lose An Earring? Losing an earring might not seem like a big deal to everyone, but for some of us, losing that single pair of earrings is a painful thing that we have to grieve for some time, especially if you bought the ring expensively or if it has some sentimental attachment to it.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what it means to lose an earring and what you should do after the unfortunate event. So, keep reading!

What to Do When You Lose An Earring?

What does it mean when you lose an earring?

Losing an earring or anything of value to you is often an unpleasant experience, and as mentioned above, the pain stabs more if the earring was an expensive piece of jewelry or if it’s a family heirloom.

But beyond the moral and material side to the story, there is an esoteric meaning to the loss of an earring.

Legend (read the old-timers) and superstitions shared by grandparents to their children and grandchildren believe that losing an earring could be an omen, and something more often comes from it.

Essentially, you get to choose whether to believe in such superstitions or not, but whichever line of the belief system you choose to sit at, what are these believes around the loss of an earring?


So, what does it mean when you lose an earring?

If you don’t believe in superstitions, the loss of an earring will be nothing more than an accident. But if you are superstitious, the narrative changes completely, and you may lose your mind over the loss of a simple earring. Why?

Well, superstitious people believe that the meaning and the omens that follow the loss of an earring depends on whether you lose the right or the left ear, and if you do lose both earrings, then it means double the omens.

What to Do When You Lose An Earring?

It is said that losing an earring from the right ear is a reflection of the blow of negative energy, which is believed to happen because the right side of your face takes the evil blows from the outside. So, losing your jewelry on the right side means that the jewelry owner is now lucky, and their life will now be filled with more positive changes plus happy events in their lives. If you are a married woman, you will enjoy harmonious family life.

On the other hand, the loss of your earrings from the left side, especially if the earring was made of platinum or gold, then it means that the girl’s marriage is in imminent danger.

What then does it mean when it’s the man that loss the earring? Well, a man losing their left earring (most men will have their earrings on the left ear) isn’t a very good sign, and it is believed to bring with it financial trouble, including loss of a lot of money.

What to Do When You Lose An Earring?

The reason for this and perhaps the origins of the superstitious belief is that the sailors wore earrings, and if a sailor lost their left earring, it meant that they were headed for a shipwreck or worse, death.

This belief aside, other beliefs note that the loss of an earring from your left ear would lead to difficulties in love and obstacles to your marriage if you aren’t married.

What to Do When You Lose An Earring?

Precious Metals. But that is not all; it is also believed that the misfortune that befalls one after the loss of an earring will depend on the earrings’ value.

Take the loss of gold, for example. It is believed that the loss of a gold earring means that you’ve finally gotten rid of any accumulated negative energies in your life.

The reason for this is that gold accumulates negative energy from the outside that would have otherwise affected the wearer, which means that the loss of the earring equals an unburdening from all the accumulated negative energies, including ill energy. So, this loss might not be the worst thing to happen to you after all.

What to Do When You Lose An Earring?

In case the lost earring is made of silver, and it was worn by an unmarried girl, the jewelry loss shouldn’t be frowned upon as it could symbolize something good like the girl getting into a serious relationship that could end in a happy marriage, hence a silver, happy marriage.

On the flip side, the loss of an earring made of inexpensive metal, or materials like clay, wood, or plastic, isn’t an entirely bad thing, and the loss promises the woman a positive, early acquaintance to a pleasant man.

However, you don’t want to lose an earring in a dream because it is regarded as a harbinger or the start of a bad event. This is because it is believed that all the positive values of situations that appear in dreams become the opposite, and they mean negative energy/ or separation.

Effects of earrings loss on marriage

If you are an unmarried girl, the loss of your earrings would be a sign of early marriage. The earrings loss is also a good thing for married women, and it would mean quick, positive changes in your life and in relation to your husband.

Losing Earrings – Stages You Might Experience

The loss of an earring isn’t a big deal to some people, but for others, it is a really big deal, a matter of life and death, which is why such people go through the mourning/ grieving process. Here are the stages you may go through.

What to Do When You Lose An Earring?

1. Realization

This is the moment you realized you’d lost your earring (again). Often, most of us notice the loss a little too late or moments too late, and the value of the earring notwithstanding, the loss hurts.


2. Mourning

This is when you feel bad and sad about the loss. It’s often worsened by the fact that the other earring is right there, and there isn’t much you can do to get it back.

While most people across America will spend an average of 2.5 days annually looking for any misplaced items and a whopping $2.7billion (annually) to replace, these individuals go through the mourning stage.

During the mourning process, one thinks of the connection they had and the meaning the earrings had in their loves – often, the loss is tied around stories of love, growing up, and loss.


3. Denial

In denial, you will go through every space, no, rummage through every space, nook, and cranny, and dumpster dive, all because you cannot believe the loss.

You will rip your house apart and go through the painful process alone, but it will not reappear, unfortunately.

What to Do When You Lose An Earring?

4. Reaching Out

In an attempt to come to terms with the loss, you may reach out to family or even online forums and groups to either give it out, sell the remaining piece, or just be in a space with other mourning souls.


5. Acceptance

This is the final grieving stage, and at this stage, you are certain that you are never getting the lost earring again, and you simply let that loss go.

But rather than let the singlet earring to sit in the drawers, you could opt to craft the piece into something better; for example, you could craft it into a charm necklace.

10 Tips On How To Avoid Losing Them Again

  • Attach your old pair of tights to your vacuum cleaner using the hose attachment. The tights’ material will create a (safety) net to retrieve the earring, keeping it from going into the vacuum. This strategy works when you lose your earrings at home.
  • Don’t take the earrings off in the bathroom. You should also avoid putting them over the sink because it’s very easy to fumble with your earrings in the bathroom, and it could inevitably end up in the plug hole. If you find yourself in the habit of removing the earrings in the bathroom, place the plug first.
  • If going on holiday, always take your jewelry box with you to avoid forgetting the earrings at the bedside, losing them in the process. Also, pack one pair of earrings that you can wear during the day and at night.
  • Don’t wear your earrings to the beach or the swimming pool.

What to Do When You Lose An Earring?

  • Avoid wearing earrings to bed.
  • If you have pets, keep your jewelry away from the reach of the pets.
  • Avoid letting your earrings loose in the handbag or wrapping them in tissue; you will lose them. Instead, use small fabric pouches to keep your earrings safe in the handbag.
  • Fit the earring backs tightly and tighten the back over time because the two curls that make up the backs come loose.
  • To keep the earrings on in winter when you have scarves and coats on, check the earrings regularly to make sure that the earring is still on.
  • Always purchase high-quality jewelry, and opt for stores that sell single pieces for when you lose one.



So, there you have it. Losing earrings can be a painful experience because of financial loss or because you believe in omens. But whatever your reason, make sure to follow the tips above, and remember that it is okay to grieve. For more tips, please visit here or here. See you guys in the next post!

Hey! I finally find the Answer!