What To Do If Your Cartier Love Ring Too Big Or Small?

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There are many things that are often beyond our control, and no matter what we do, we really cannot do much to change them. One such thing is the size of your ring finger.

While we often get the initial ring sizing right, things often don’t go our way, and the ring may stop fitting after some months, years, and in other cases, weeks.

But what happens when it’s a Cartier love ring, an intricately designed masterpiece that you may never want to mess with?

What To Do If Your Cartier Love Ring Too Big Or Small

What then? Can you even resize the ring if it runs too small or too big? Can you and should you take it to any jewelry professional for resizing, or would you have to take it back to a Cartier store for the ring to be resized?

Well, this article shares some insights on all you need to know about the Cartier love ring and all you need to know about its sizing.


Are Cartier love rings true to size?

Yes, Cartier love rings are true to size, but the difference between Cartier’s love rings and rings by other brands is that their sizing system is not the same as the one that is used by American brands.

Cartier makes use of the France ring sizing system, specifically, the one used by the maison’s country home, and also other countries like Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, and Belgium.

What to do if your cartier love ring too big or small

Though different, this ring sizing system is one of the simplest ones, and it is based on the finger’s circumference in millimeters.

And interestingly, this ring sizing approach follows the sizing recommendations by the International Standardization Organization.

In other words, Cartier’s ring sizing is not only true to size but also simple and very easy to use.

So, if you are planning to buy a love ring by Cartier and you would like to use the ring size for the other rings you own, you can definitely do that with ease. The only catch is that you may have to convert the US ring size in to the matching Cartier ring size.

What To Do If Your Cartier Love Ring Too Big Or Small

To do this, you’ll have to make use of the ring’s sizing, which will allow you to convert the US ring size to the corresponding Cartier size. The sizing chart runs from US ring size 3 to US ring size 13 and ¼

To determine the ring size in US sizing using Cartier’s system, you need to do this –

(2.55 x US Ring size)+ 36.5. If your answer has a decimal, you have to round it off to the nearest whole number.


Cartier love rings small vs. regular.

What to do if your cartier love ring too big or small

For Cartier’s Trinity collection, for example, the company recommends selecting the ring size that is a size smaller than they have indicated in their sizing chart.

This is an important recommendation because of the fact that the rings have an interlinked design that allows for the ring to roll, meaning that if you get a ring that is a size bigger, it will slip off your fingers with any sudden movements that you make.

So, if your other Cartier ring is a size 50, the ring from the Trinity collection would be a size 49. For the Cartier love ring, however, you want to make sure that you select and go a ring size up, unlike the Trinity ring.

What To Do If Your Cartier Love Ring Too Big Or Small

Can Cartier’s love ring be resized?

Although it is best to find the ring that gives you the perfect fit, you may find yourself in an unfortunate scenario where you have to get your ring resized.

If the ring must be resized, we recommend getting the ring back to Cartier for resizing. Don’t take it any random jeweler because the ring could be ruined easily.

What to do if your cartier love ring too big or small

The Cartier Love ring boasts a unique design that can be ruined easily if the size and fit are incorrect, so seek advice from the ring creator before any work is done on the ring.

The other thing you need to know is that if your ring fits too snug and is just too small for you, resizing it upwards is not advised, and you may have to buy a new ring or hope it fits again later.

Cartier generally advises against the resizing of the ring because doing this would drastically affect the design of the ring, and unless the resizing can be done very carefully, it might not be the ideal thing to do.

What To Do If Your Cartier Love Ring Too Big Or Small

If your Cartier love ring runs a little too big and you need it to give you a better fit, you may want to use the sizing beads instead of getting any major work done on it and possibly damaging the ring.

Cartier’s rings can be easily readjusted, even as the exceptional quality of the rings is maintained, but even with this possibility, the resizing options often differ depending on the ring style and the collection.

Some ring collections by Cartier are just too complex with minimal resizing options; this is often the case with the rings whose designs are more complex, as well as the rings with gemstones set on them. Cartier recommends that the ring is only adjusted a maximum of two times throughout the ring’s lifetime.


Cartier ring resize cost

What to do if your cartier love ring too big or small

Cartier won’t charge you for your ring’s first resizing and will also offer clasp replacement as an initial complimentary service. However, they charge $190 for any other service offered after the first time the ring is resized.

To ensure that the work is done properly, Cartier’s specialists will first run diagnostics on the ring to determine where they have to work on.

Then depending on the ring’s design, they will determine and suggest the most appropriate way of adjusting the ring size.

Once the work is complete, the ring is polished; again, this is done by Cartier’s exquisite craftsmen. The ring is then cleaned, rhodium finished where necessary, and aesthetic and technical inspection before the ring is sent back to you.


What to do if your Cartier love ring is too big?

What to do if your cartier love ring too big or small

1. Resizing by Cartier

If your Cartier love ring is too big, you might want to take it back to Cartier, where the professionals will size it down the right way, and the best part is that you wouldn’t have to pay for the initial resizing.

The experts will adjust the ring depending on how much it needs to be resized, and a small part of the ring will be taken out, making the ring smaller.

What To Do If Your Cartier Love Ring Too Big Or Small

2. Sizing beads

If you want to make the ring smaller but without any technical or mechanical work done on it, we recommend using sizing beads. These go on the interior of the band and will give you a more snug fit without damaging the ring or causing any structural change on it.


Other things to try include:

  1. Using a spring insert, which is affordable but a little more complex to work around than the sizing beads
  2. Sizing bar– the bar is a good option if you don’t like feeling like the ring is consistently squeezing your finger to get past the knuckle. It is a comfortable option and features a U-shaped bar that is soldered across the bottom of the ring, with a hinge and latches on the side to open and close the ring for a snug fit. Before this is done, ask the jewelry to give you a ring with a sizing bar incorporated to see if you like its fit.

What To Do If Your Cartier Love Ring Too Big Or Small

What to do if your Cartier love ring is too small?

  • If the ring is too small and you have tried everything, including reducing sodium in your food, you may want to take it to Cartier for a professional recommendation. After assessing it, they will advise you on how they will resize the ring, and once it’s done, the changes will be imperceptible.
  • The good news is that if the ring is still new and not damaged or scratched, you can exchange it.


If your Cartier love ring is too small or too big, the recommendations above may help you out.

But consider talking to Cartier first and before any major work goes on the ring.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!