What String Is Best For Friendship Bracelets?(Detailed Answer)

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If you are getting into the world of jewelry making and you wish to start with making friendship bracelets because you find them quite fascinating or just appreciate the meaning of these bracelets, this article is for you.

Here, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about making friendship bracelets, specifically, the right kind of strings to use for the bracelets.


What string is best for friendship bracelets?

1.Embroidery floss

This is the most common and also the most popular choice of embroidery string used to make friendship bracelets. The embroidery floss is available in different types, meaning that there are numerous options that you could choose from. The main types of embroidery floss include:

DMC Embroidery

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 This is the other type of high-quality embroidery floss used to make friendship bracelets, among other types of crafts. This embroidery floss is made of skeins that are made of 100% cotton, with each skein being 8.7 yards. Each of the skeins features 6 strands of embroidery floss.

This floss could also be a great option for use in cross stitches, gallery crewels, needlepoint, and embroidery, among other kinds of needlework projects.


  • The quality of the embroidery floss is guaranteed always
  • The DMC embroidery floss is available in great colors, and it comes in a great color and design variety
  • Thread is easy to use and works for friendship bracelets, among other forms of needlework
  • A great mix of colors
  • The thread is very smooth, and it doesn’t have that satin feel that looks off when you tie knots.
  • Great value for money
  • Quite versatile for different kinds of crafts, especially when you’re going for the best quality craft items.


  • Some colors listed on the package are missing
  • Expensive compared to other forms of embroidery floss


Mira Handicrafts

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This is the most common type of embroidery floss for friendship bracelets. It is a premium-quality embroidery thread that is made of 100% cotton fibers, which makes it the best option for crafts, specifically friendship bracelets. It’s a great option for fine needlepoint projects, and it’s the great go-to floss for pretty much all kinds of beautiful creations.

The set features 105 Skeins in each pack, and you will also get one free set of the embroidery needles. In addition to being the best premium-quality rainbow embroidery floss, it also features cross-stitch threads. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Mira Handicrafts embroidery floss are as follows:


  • This embroidery floss is very durable
  • It’s a great fiber choice for beginners, experts, and even children
  • It comes in a great variety of colors
  • The embroidery floss will not be ripped apart when it’s knotted
  • Full-length skeins include and a free set of embroidery needles


  • Some people frown upon the quality of the thread, especially experts
  • The colors are a little muted


Le Paon

This is the other high-quality embroidery floss that is made of 100% cotton. It is suitable for pretty much all types of embroidery projects and comes in rainbow colors with its high-quality 50 Skeins in every pack. They are ideal for cross stitches for thread friendship bracelet floss. Each floss measures 8.75 yards long, and you may like how it feels thanks to the high-quality mercerized cotton used to make this embroidery floss.

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  • The Le Pain embroidery floss is colorful and comes in great colors and beauty.
  • It is ideal for use in all kinds of crafts.
  • Each of the pieces of embroidery floss is made of 6 strands of floss
  • Excellent embroidery floss for making friendship bracelets
  • High-quality embroidery floss


  • The colors of the floss are as pictures


2.Craft Threads

While embroidery floss boasts great quality features and is ideal for use in making high-quality friendship bracelets, among other kinds of crafts, it is a little expensive for most people, and this is where the craft threads come in. The craft thread is made of smooth, 6-stranded thread. It is also made of cotton but doesn’t feel the same as the embroidery floss or the high-end premium-quality pieces. This is because the craft thread is mostly made of lower-quality material, hence the inexpensiveness.

Most of the craft embroidery thread is available in multiple packs, and others come in complete kits. These kits come with everything you need, from the needs and embroidery hoops to the wide range of colored embroidery floss, among others. These kits are also ideal for beginners, children, and hobbyists who need to start crafts and make friendship bracelets. It’s also a great option because you get to buy everything you need at once.

DMC Prism Tie-dye

A prism is a great option for low-end craft thread sold by DMC. However, unlike the craft thread options on the market, the quality of this thread is quite great. It is also a great option for younger crafts clients.


36 Skeins available

Good quality craft thread

Works great for beginners

The craft thread features six strands


The quality could be better

Not ideal for use by experts

Other types of string used to make friendship bracelets include:


3.Rayon Thread

This thread is made from a blend of synthetic and natural materials, and it’s often referred to as viscose rayon. This fabric is made of fabric regenerated from cellulose. Its processing from wood pulp mixed with chemicals creates the cellulose that is used to create the fiber for the friendship bracelets. Not that the use of the chemicals for the processing of the pulp means that Rayon thread is not considered natural thread.

The resultant thread is dyed, and it comes in different colors. Unfortunately, the chemical treatment of the thread leaves you with not the safest natural thread.



This is ideal for making the bigger bracelets, as well as the full-sized bags. The yarn is made of different materials like cashmere, silk, or wool and even plant fibers like cotton, hemp, or bamboo.


5.Pearle Cotton Thread

 This is like yarn, but the balls of the thread deliver more in terms of volume and dimension for your embroidery projects. It is also the most beautiful type of thread, and it makes the best kinds of friendship bracelets. Unfortunately, it is expensive.



If you are looking for the right kind of thread to make friendship bracelets, the options above are some of the best ones for you.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!