What Size Jump Ring For Lobster Clasp?-Quick Answer

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If you make jewelry just for fun or for sale, you know that the lobster clasp is one of the best jewelry clasps that is not only affordable but also sturdy and reliable.

But it’s not enough to know what the best options or kinds of lobster clasps for your jewelry are; you also need to find the best jump rings to make sure that the necklaces or bracelets have the right fit and for the pendants to fit correctly, for the more stunning appearance.


What is a jump ring?

A jump ring is an excellent accessory that allows for the easy attachment of the clasps on your necklace or bracelet. The jump rings are also a great option for use with pendants, and all you need to do is to get a jump ring in the right size.

What Size Jump Ring For Lobster Clasp

Most of the time, the jump rings are rounded, and they may have an open-end or soldered to the rest of the jewelry.

So, if you make jewelry and are looking for the perfect accessory to allow you to easily connect one or more components together, for example, earrings, clasps, or pendants that work well with your jewelry pieces, then you must find the right jump rings, in the right size.

Before we look at the sizing options for the best jump rings for the lobster clasp, let’s look at the main types of jump rings – the open and closed jump rings. The open jump ring refers to the small metal look featuring a narrow cut that serves as the opening, allowing you to pry open the jump ring using a pair of pliers and for the attachment of different components. It could be soldered too. On the other hand, you have the closed jump ring that is also the small metal loop that has no opening and can be soldered on the jewelry directly or even threaded into the piece of jewelry.


What size jump ring do I need?

What Size Jump Ring For Lobster Clasp

The idea jump ring is an 18-gauge, 6mm jump ring that works great for clasps, bracelets, and necklaces. For the lightweight earrings, however, you have the 20-gauge jump ring that is between 3.5 and 4mm.


How do I choose the right jump ring?

As mentioned above, there are two main types of jump rings, the open and the closed jump rings, which have little openings and no openings, respectively.  

Now, even though the design of the jump ring plays an important role in the use and the design of your jewelry and for use with the lobster clasp, there are a few more factors that you need to bear in mind when selecting the jump ring ideal for the lobster clasp.

What Size Jump Ring For Lobster Clasp

Here are the other considerations you need to bear in mind when choosing a jump ring.

  • Get the size right

The size of the jump ring is based on two elements – the diameter and the gauge of the jump ring. The diameter is all about how small or large the ring is when the diameter is measured across. The gauge, on the other hand, refers to the thickness of the wire that makes up the jump ring.

In general, the bigger the size of the jump ring, the higher the diameter; the thickness of the wire used for the jump ring also determines the size, and it correlates to the overall size of the jump ring. The recommended size of the jump ring for the lobster clasp, for example, is 4.5mm with 18-gauge thickness.

Although the 18-gauge wire looks small at this size, it is considerably strong. Now for the jump ring needed for necklace clasps on necklaces or bracelets, we’d recommend getting a 6mm jump ring at 18 gauge. This is also the right jump ring size for the lobster clasp. But if you need a jump ring for the lightweight earrings, you’d be fine with the 20-gauge, 3.5-4mm wire.

What Size Jump Ring For Lobster Clasp

  • Jump Ring’s Shape

The other thing that you should take note of when looking for a jump ring for the lobster clasp is the shape of the jump ring.

The most common options of jump rings are the oval and round jump rings. The oval jump rings are suitable for use with chain or cord-chain links that cannot slip through the opening of the jump rings.

The cord will not be in contact with the ring’s gap; hence the preference of the oval jump rings to the rounded ones.


  • Quality of the jump ring

There are different types and qualities of jump rings, and the most common one is the chain mail with metal rings that are linked together.

What Size Jump Ring For Lobster Clasp

What size jump ring for lobster clasp?

The best jump ring for the lobster clasp is the 18G jump ring with a diameter of 6mm. Generally, the heavier and/or larger the size of the project, the higher or bigger its diameter, which also means that the metal should be thick.


What size jump ring to attach charms?

For earrings and charms, the ideal jump ring’s size ranges from 3.5-4mm in diameter, made of a 20G wire.



The ideal size for the jump ring ideal for use with lobster clasp is an 18G jump ring with a 6mm diameter. Read more guides here or here!

Hey! I finally find the Answer!