What Size Chain Should A Man Wear?(Detailed Size Table in 2024)

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What Size Chain Should A Man Wear? When it comes to jewelry worn by men, one wrong move (say in the color or size) will destroy one’s entire look, and there is nothing worse than wearing high-quality jewelry, only to look cheap because the length is wrong.

So, if you are unsure about the right chain length for men, this article is for you. 

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What size chain should a man wear?

What Size Chain Should A Man Wear

Before you place an order for a chain necklace, you must take into account the size of the wearer’s neck.

For men, their neck size is the same as the size of their shirt’s collar.

But you shouldn’t just assume that the size of a man’s chain is exactly the same as the collar size.

There are other important considerations, and you also need to keep in mind that there are circumstances where men would wear a longer chain.

Below, we break down these details for you.

What Size Chain Should A Man Wear


Choosing the right fit for him

Often, and as mentioned above, the right fit for men’s chains is 20 inches, which is pretty much the length at the collarbone.

But the length of the chain would differ is the necklace chain features a cross, medallion, or a dog tag, in which case it would be a great idea to opt for longer necklaces.

You need to keep in mind, however, that the longest chain length for men shouldn’t exceed 30 inches.


Standard Necklace Sizes for Men

What Size Chain Should A Man Wear

While necklaces fall in the hard-to-wear category of jewelry for men, knowing the right length and width for your necklaces is a great idea.

It’s also important to keep in mind that your body size and height place an important role in the determination of the right length of necklace for you.

Here are some of the important considerations for you to keep in mind.


  • Chain’s Width

You need to make sure that the width of the selected necklace makes you look good.

If you are a slim guy, you need to choose slimmer chains between 2 and 4mm in width.

These would fit you well. But if you are bigger and have a larger/ thinner neck, then you’d want to opt for more proportional and wider chains.

The market offers a wide range of chains with width varying from 1mm to 8mm, but the 2mm to 6mm range is quite common because the 2mm chain is pretty much the same size as a headphone wire for your phone, while a 6mm chain is the same thickness as a pencil.


  • The chain’s Length

Next, you must take into consideration the length of the chain.

Generally, the length of the chain necklace will have an overall effect on your style, especially when it comes to the shirts you wear.

For example, buying a long necklace that hangs above your shirt or underneath it would create different looks.

Depending on your desired look, there are different chain lengths for men, from 16 inches to 30 inches.


16-18” chains – these are the shortest chain necklaces, and they create a choker-like effect. At this length, the necklace falls right around your neck’s base, and the necklace might have right under Adam’s apple. At this length, this chain necklace would be a great option for anyone who wants their entire necklace chain seen. Unfortunately, this length is very uncomfortable for adult men, and they find it extremely tight.

20-inch chains –if your neck is 17 inches, a 19” or 20” chain would be a good length. A 20” chain falls between your shirt’s first and second button or the collarbone. At this length, you can wear the chain necklace inside or outside your shirt. This length is quite common among men.

22-inch Chains – the 22” chain is the other common chain length for men. At this length, this necklace can be worn with a cross pendant, a dog tag, or any other preferred pendant added. This chain necklace falls a few inches below the collarbone, and it’s often a good option for men looking for necklaces that can be worn outside the shirt.

24-inch Chains – the length of this chain falls in the middle of your sternum or a few inches above your sternum, depending on your height, and it’s ideally worn outside your shirt. This chain length is ideal for pendants, including dog tags and crosses, among others.

30-inch Chains – Last, you have the 30-inch chains. This chain is the longest standard chain length for men’s necklaces. It is worn outside the shirt, but you shouldn’t wear a pendant with a 30-inch chain.



Tips  on how to choose a perfect necklace for men

Choose the right length – 18” chains are preferable for smaller necks, and then reach the base of the neck; 20” chains reach the collarbone, 22” chains will hang a few inches below your collarbone, the 24” chains hang some inches above your sternum, while the 30” chains rest on your sternum.

Stick to your style – there are numerous styles of men’s necklaces, which means that the necklace you choose must express your style. Some of these include the military-style dog tags set on ball chains and with text on them – often the wearer’s name and their medical information, rank, or religious preferences. But if you want the decorative dog tag necklace, it is a black, ovoid shape, and the chain might look fancier, and the tags may have an image or some raised design.

Then you have plain chains without any ornaments. The chain-link style often varies, as well as the fastening method and the metal used.

Other styles include religious emblems with crosses, scapulars, or Stars of David, etc. You also have chokers and pendants.

Chain materials – some chains are made of precious metals, others have steel ball chains, leather thongs, rope and hemp cords, and ribbons/ colored cords.

Chain length – you can choose the short, mid-length, or long chains depending on the look you are going for.



A good chain necklace is a nice accent piece for any well-dressed man, the same way a ring, good set of cufflinks, or a necktie is.

While it’s not something to be worn daily or with all outfits unless you have the necklace for religious reasons, you need to make sure the length is right and that it’s made of high-quality materials.

Don’t forget to get more than one piece – you need to be able to mix them up. So, grow your collection, and keep the pieces versatile for different days/ occasions.

For more useful tips, please visit this page for more or read more here.

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