What Size Cartier Love Bracelet Does Kourtney Kardashian Wear?

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When it comes to wearing the Cartier bracelet, its symbolism is more pronounced when your partner commits to you by fastening the bracelet on your hands.

Cartier bracelets come in different sizes, the idea, therefore, is to get one that fits your wrist without being too tight and too loose to want to fall off. Since 1969 the love bracelet has remained iconic and a must-have among Millennia’s.

Kourtney Kardashian is among the Millennia’s that have proved their ardent love for the bracelets as she is always spotted with a set of two similar-sized Cartier bracelets.

Through her inspiration, this article seeks to find out the size of the love bracelet that the celebrity mom wears. And we will also compile actionable information on the process of finding the right size Cartier bracelet.


What is the most common Cartier love bracelet size?

what size cartier love bracelet does kourtney kardashian wear

The Cartier love bracelets are provided in two versions, the Regular Version and the Cartier Love Bracelet small model.

Both versions are available in 18 Karat but in different colors which are pink gold, white and yellow gold, and to enhance the overall aesthetics they have been blinged out with small diamond studs. Read the detailed post here:  Cartier Love Bracelet Small vs. Regular-Which One Is Better?

Given the different versions of the Cartier love bracelet, it is not uncommon to wonder whether the regular and small versions are of different sizes. Notable is that there are differences between these two types of bracelets but not in their sizes with regard to the overall fit.

The small model is, therefore, much thinner and if you invest in the diamond-studded then you will be furnished with up to 10 stylishly cut diamonds.

The regular version of the Cartier bracelet is thicker in size and if you invest in the diamond-studded version then you will end up with four cut diamonds. Important to note is that the differences in thickness does not impact on the size of the circumference of the bracelet.

Now that the thickness of the two different models does not impact on the overall size of the Cartier love bracelets, do they both come in the same size?

No, the Cartier love bracelets are available in 7 different sizes and this goes for both the small and the regular version individually.

The most common Cartier love bracelet sizes are the 15cm, 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm and 21cm.

what size cartier love bracelet does kourtney kardashian wear

The regular-sized Cartier love bracelet on the other hand, measures 6.2mm wide and up to 2mm thick. Can I get a custom-size Cartier love bracelet that is above 21cm or below 15cm?

Yes, you can get a custom-sized Cartier love bracelet that can fit your wrist without being too big or too small. For bigger or smaller-sized love bracelets that have not been captured in the size chart, individuals will have to put in a special request.


What Size Cartier Love Bracelet Does Kourtney Kardashian Wear?

While you might be able to find the height, weight, bust size, and hip size among other Kourtney’s body dimensions.

It is almost impossible to know the size of the Cartier love bracelet that she wears unless we contact her jeweler.

And given that she is a celebrity mom that precise information is less likely to be revealed even to the press.

So in the hope that she will share with us this information in the future, let us explore how one measures their wrist for the Cartier love bracelet?


How Do I Know My Cartier Bracelet Size

To know the size of your wrist and consequently your Cartier bracelet size there are two methods that you can use. The first one is by using a tape measure and if you don’t have one, simply download and print the Cartier wrist sizer.

what size cartier love bracelet does kourtney kardashian wear

A few things to note before downloading the wrist sizer is that you must ensure that the page scaling option has been set to none. Also, you must download and print the wrist sizer on a full-size A4 paper.

You can also use the tape measure to measure the size of your wrist when getting the Cartier bracelet. To do this you will fold the tape measure around the wrist that you wish to wear the bracelet, and then note the number at the point where the tape meets the O.

Now, for a comfortable fit, you will add at least 1.5cm to your wrist measurement, you can then add or minus at least half a centimeter to achieve a customized fit.

Finding the right Cartier bracelet size is not a walk in the park, simply because of its oval design. As you might have noticed most of the common bracelets in the market have a round shape and which makes finding the right size much easier.   

what size cartier love bracelet does kourtney kardashian wear

So, as we zero in on the relevant Cartier bracelet, you will first measure the wrist that you want to wear the bracelet.

You will then settle on a comfortable fit, if you want a tight fit you will add 1cm to the wrist measurement.

And if you wish to settle for a regular fit which is normally exact, you will add about 1.5cm to the wrist measurement.

There are individuals who prefer a loose fit, for this option you will have to add about 2cm to the overall wrist size.


 Tips for choosing a perfect Cartier love bracelet for yourself

what size cartier love bracelet does kourtney kardashian wear

Given the expensive price tag that the Cartier love bracelet comes with, it only makes sense to invest in one that offers a perfect fit.

So, while in the store, and you have doubts about the fit of the love bracelet.

You could request the jeweler to allow you to put it on for not less than 30minutes. A genuine jeweler should not have any objection as long as you don’t leave the store.

If you, however, accidentally get the wrong size then you must be keen to ensure that it remains in the same condition as you bought it, as this will facilitate faster and easy replacement.

Also, be sure to take it for exchange within the week that you bought the bracelet.



Cartier love bracelets either weigh 30 or 38 grams. They come in various sizes, the smallest one measuring 15cm. There are individuals who, however, have a smaller wrist than 15cm and who can then opt for the love cuffs.

The reason for the above is because the cuffs run a bit smaller, alternatively, most stores make customized love bracelets, and you only need to put in a request if you need a customized one.

Buyers must also note that the Cartier love bracelets retail at different prices, which are determined by the size, color, and diamonds incorporated in the bracelet.

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