What Size Ankle Bracelet Should I Get?-Quick SIZE Guide

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Ankle bracelets or anklets refer to the fun and flirty accessory that men and women often wear as a simple yet incredible way that spices up casual wear while adding the perfect finishing touch to your formal outfits.

It is trendy, even though it is an accessory that has been around for some time. And so, besides getting the right anklet that matches your style, you also need to make sure that the anklet fits around your ankle comfortably and that it sits in the right place on your ankle.


What is the average anklet size in inches for a woman?

What Size Ankle Bracelet Should I Get

Women’s average size for the anklet is 9”. This applies to all types of anklets, including those with extendable chains.

And whenever you take ankle measurements, jewelry designers recommend that you add between a quarter-inch to an inch to the measurement of your ankles because this is the only way to ensure that the ankle bracelet gives you the perfect hang while also ensuring maximum fit comfort.

Therefore, the average sizing for the anklet may be between 9.5inches and 10 inches.


Anklet (Ankle Bracelet) Sizing Information

Measurements (Inches) Select size:
8″ – 8 1/2″ 9″ (Small) 
8 3/4″ – 9″ 9.5″ (Medium) 
9 1/4″ – 9 1/2″10″ (Med/Large)  
9 3/4″ – 10″10.5″ (Large)  
10 1/4″ – 10 1/2″ 11″ (Extra Large)
Smaller than 8″Talk to Jeweler
Bigger than 11″Talk to Jeweler

What Size Ankle Bracelet Should I Get

Wondering how anklets are sized? To determine your proper anklet sizing, you first need to take your ankle measurement correctly.

You need to use a string or a tape measure, focusing on the circumference of your ankle just above the ankle bone. With the measurements obtained, you’d need to use a standard reference to obtain the exact sizing for the anklet.

As mentioned above, the average ankle size for most people is 9inches. However, 9.5inches is much more ideal, and it is categorized as a small or medium ankle length, with the 10” ankle bracelet considered a medium or a large.

In other words, when you are measuring the ankle or determining what the right anklet size would be for a friend, these average standard sizes will be helpful.

What Size Ankle Bracelet Should I Get

Besides the standard sizing offered by most jewelers, most of the anklets often come with a 1/2inch allowance for adjustment. This applies to gold, sterling silver, and beaded anklets.

Of course, the design of the metallic anklets matters as well because some of the gold or sterling silver anklets have no room for adjustment.


Check the table below for ankle bracelet sizing

1. How to measure ankle size without measuring tape

In the absence of measuring tape, you can use a non-stretchy string or piece of cloth to determine your ankle size. Emphasis is on the non-stretch feel of the measuring materials because you don’t want to buy the wrong anklet size because of a stretch error.

Besides finding a suitable fabric, you also need to take measurements of your ankle when you are relaxed rather than when the feet are swollen from standing for too long or from travel.

What Size Ankle Bracelet Should I Get

To measure the ankle, first mark one point on the string or piece of cloth/ fabric. Place the string around the ankle or below the ankle bone. Fit it snugly, but not too tightly—Mark with a pen at the other end of the string or fabric that marks the meeting point.

Now, transfer this measurement to a ruler or take the string to the jeweler. Add ¼ or ½ inches to the measurements taken, depending on your preferred anklet fit.

Alternatively, you could use your older anklet to determine the size of your ankle without fussing with strings, tape measures, and sizing charts.

If your previous anklet fits too snug and is uncomfortable, you may want to add at least an inch to the anklet size for maximum comfort. Again, the jeweler will advise you on this.


2. Consider the type of ankle bracelet you wish to buy

What Size Ankle Bracelet Should I Get

The recommendation above often works well for metallic bracelets. But if you are planning to buy a beaded anklet, you would have to allow for the extra length that comes from the size of the beads.

Generally, you add at least ½ inch to anklets with tiny beads, but for the anklets with bigger beads, you must add extra length to allow for the larger beads.

To avoid sizing mistakes, take measurements as you would for the chain anklet and then test the ankle bracelet before it is done. Doing this allows you to cater to the extra length of the anklet and ensures the perfect fit for your beaded anklet.


Tips for Getting the Perfect Anklet Size

1. Give an allowance

Even if you know what your ankle size is and the corresponding anklet size, we recommend that you always give an allowance of at least half an inch.

What Size Ankle Bracelet Should I Get

The best part about this allowance is that it is too small for the anklet to fall below the ankle bone, but enough to ensure a proper fit.

For larger beaded bracelets, you should give more allowance to the anklet’s length.


2. Allow for physiological changes

If your ankles and feet tend to swell after traveling or at the end of the day, for whatever reason, you must give an allowance of at least an inch.

What Size Ankle Bracelet Should I Get

Alternatively, opt for the anklets with an extendable length for extra freedom and comfort.


3. Ankle bracelet length extenders

What Size Ankle Bracelet Should I Get

You may have come across length extenders for necklaces, but extenders also work for anklets, albeit in the same way.

Therefore, the extenders also double as necklace extenders, and they will add to the anklet length, ensuring maximum comfort if ever the anklet fits too snugly.


4. Your bracelet is unreliable

What Size Ankle Bracelet Should I Get

While there are instances where you can wear your bracelet as an anklet, the sizing of these two accessories can be misleading and shouldn’t be trusted.

The few instances where the bracelet fits as an anklet are when your bracelet has an extendable chain or you allow someone younger than you (daughter or niece) to wear the bracelet as the anklet.

Keep in mind that the average length of a woman’s bracelet is 6.5-7” while the average anklet size is between 9-10inches.



Get an anklet that fits around your ankle, above the ankle bone comfortable – not too snug or too loose that it falls below the ankle bone.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!