What Rings Look Best On Short Fat Fingers?(Quick Answer)

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What rings look best 0n short fat fingers? or chubby fingers? Having fat fingers often makes you wonder what you did wrong in your past life to deserve such a selection of genes, and you might have struggled with finding the right accessories for your fingers in the past.

However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot find perfect rings for your fingers.

There are different ways of making sure that your fingers look great, making you feel less insecure about them, and finding the best rings specific for your chubby fingers is the first step in the right direction.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ring designs that work best for short, fat fingers.


What rings look best on short fat fingers?

What Rings Look Best On Short Fat Fingers


If you are insecure about your fingers, and you’d like to find the perfect ring for you, you are in luck.

The first thing you need to note is that the right ring for short fat fingers is the rings with pear, marquise, or oval-cut stones.

These cuts work well for short fingers because they create a lengthening effect on your short fingers. And as long as the stone size isn’t too big, these cuts/ stone setting will help create an illusion of slender and long fingers. Just make sure that the metal band is also narrow in width.

It’s also important to keep in mind that when you are looking for the perfect ring for your fingers, you must consider the width and the length of your ring finger, and the overall size of your hand, against the style and the width of the ring, as well as the size and the shape of the ring’s center stone.

What Rings Look Best On Short Fat Fingers

You also need to consider your fingernail’s typical shape and length, which is an important factor because having longer nails will naturally lengthen your fingers, making them look even thinner, while short nails make the fingers look shorter and fatter. Also, regarding your nails, whether they are manicured or not, and how they have shaped plays a big role in determining how the ring looks.

But these aren’t the only things that affect the type of rings you select or the ones that work for individuals with short, fat fingers. You must also bear in mind that the ring you choose will depend on the uniqueness of your finger, the shape of your hand, not to mention your personal style and your lifestyle.


That side, here is a guide for choosing the perfect ring for your chubby fingers.

Rings for short fingers

If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring for short fingers, you need to look out for the rings that will elongate your fingers, regardless of the finger’s width.

As mentioned above, your best options here would include the pear-shaped, oval, and even marquise stones.

You could also opt for the rectangular and emerald-shaped stones because they will create a lengthened effect on short fingers. But be careful not to buy a ring with a very big emerald-shaped stone because this could only end up creating an overwhelming effect on your fingers.



Rings for wide fingers

If you have wide fingers, the trick to finding the perfect ring for your finger is to find the ring styles that will not show off too much skin on either side of your ring. Otherwise, your finger may end up looking fatter than it already is.

But it’s not all gloom when you have wider fingers. Think of the finger as this wonderful canvas – the extra width gives you more room for fun, and you can try out different ring styles, from the classic to funky, statement ring designs. That said, here are some of the ring styles you could try:

Choose the wide ovals, rectangular, marquise, or the emerald shapes for your fingers, avoiding the narrow stones because those tend to make your already wide fingers look even wider, and we don’t want that.

What Rings Look Best On Short Fat Fingers

You could also opt for the cluster stone styles or the rings with round stones set in large settings. Such rings will flatter your wide fingers.

For the band size, we recommend the medium-sized to the thick band sizes.

Your next option looks like asymmetrical designs and angular shapes. These designs/ shapes minimize your finger’s width.


Rings for big knuckles

If you have short, wide/fat fingers that only look wider because of your big knuckles, you don’t have to not like them anymore because there are rings just for that, and these rings will make the knuckles (and fingers) looks smaller.

Opt for the heavier, thicker ring bands because these are designed to automatically draw attention to your ring, rather than the size of your knuckles.


How to make rings look good on fat fingers

When looking for rings to make your fat fingers look good, you need to think more of the rings with wider settings because these will automatically create an illusion of thinner fingers.

You should avoid rings with smaller settings because they expose more skin, and when there is too much skin visible on either side of the ring, the ring will only look smaller and your finger wider than it really is.

So, for your fingers to look good, you might want to choose the rings with slightly thick bands for them to easily stand out and for your finger to look thinner.

Try out more halo ring designs. The halo ring design is one of the most popular ring designs, and it is an ideal option for you if you have short, fat, or wider fingers because the halo creates a lengthened effect on your wide/ fat finger and the extended feel makes your finger look less thick.

The best part is that there are many designs of halo rings, including the single, double (top and floating double halo designs, and also there are custom, geometric, and vintage double halo ring setting), triple, and the hidden halo ring settings.


Pros and cons of Double-Halo Settings for Fat Finger


  • Brilliant halo setting with a nice center stone sparkle
  • The center stone creates the illusion of a more prominent and large ring/ slimmer fingers.
  • Perfect for wider or fat fingers


  • Not ideal for individuals with small and thin fingers
  • The halo setting can be a little expensive.

What Rings Look Best On Short Fat Fingers

Ring Shopping Tips for fat Chubby Fingers


  • Think of the rings with wider settings. These will show less skin on either side of the ring, hence the illusion of more slender fingers.
  • Choose rings with bands that are a little thicker rather than the thin bands. Avoid rings with extra thick bands because these will only emphasize your fingers’ chubbiness and their extra width.
  • Avoid the rings with square designs or the gemstone cuts because these will further emphasize your fingers’
  • Choose rings with cuts designs to elongate your fingers, for example, pear, oval, and marquise shapes.



Having chubby fingers doesn’t mean that you have to settle for unflattering ring designs.

There are many ways of making your chubby fingers look slender and longer than they are, and the tips we’ve shared above offer the best advice to make sure that you have the perfect rings for your short, fat fingers.

Just remember that small stones and extra thin bands will make create an illusion of extra wideness/ chubbiness, and you must avoid these ring styles at all costs.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!