What Rings Can Or Cannot Be Cut Off?(Common Rings Explained in 2024)

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Do you ever wonder about what happens to rings in the event of an accident? As you can imagine and as we’ve seen in the movies, being in the hospital or being taken in by emergency services means that all jewelry must come out, regardless of the material it’s made of or how valuable it is.

Which means that in the unfortunate event that you are taken to the hospital, your ring would have to come out. But what happens then? What if the ring is too tight and it cannot pass through your knuckles? Well, for the most part, the ring is actually cut off from your finger. But this doesn’t always happen because some metals used to make rings are too hard, and they cannot be cut off.

Therefore, if you are looking for a ring and would want to take into account the makeup of that ring and whether it can be cut off easily or not, this article is for you. In it, we’ll share important insights into different rings and whether the ring can be cut off or not.

This information is also important if your ring has been stuck in your finger and you don’t know what else to try to get the ring off.

So, let’s get started!


Can titanium rings be cut off?

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In case of a medical emergency or a situation where you may have a medical necessity calling for the immediate removal of your titanium ring, say in case of an injury to your finger or the hand, you will be happy to know that your titanium ring would be cut off.

But for the titanium ring to be cut off, they have to decide on whether the ring will be cut manually or with the use of powerful powered ring cutters. In most cases, the firemen will need a high-quality disc that is diamond-coated to cut off the titanium ring, or they might have to use a cutting tool with a tempered steel blade.

Keep in mind that titanium is one of the metals that is significantly hard to cut off. This is also the case with rings made of cobalt chrome. A diamond blade could also be used, and in most cases, this diamond blade works fast and quickly. The diamond blade is also more durable and lasts longer than the steel blade.

Here is a detailed post on this topic, can a titanium ring be cut off in an emergency?


Can tungsten rings be cut off?

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Tungsten makes elegant rings, and it is one of the popular go-to metals that an increasing number of men and women are choosing as their go-to option for wedding bands.

Unfortunately, tungsten is also one of the hardest metals on earth and in jewelry making. Tungsten rings are too hard to cut, really, and in case of emergencies, the tungsten ring can only be removed from your finger by shattering the ring using a device or a tool such as the vice grip.

So, if you have a tungsten ring on and the ring has to be removed in case of an emergency, you should know that the only way out is through the shattering of the ring using the grip locking pliers. This is the same technique that is used to remove natural stones such as jade or onyx from wedding and engagement rings/ bands. This has to be done by professionals, though.


Can cobalt rings be cut off?

Since cobalt is as almost as hard as titanium, it’s also quite difficult to remove, but its removal is not impossible, and the ring can be cut off using a diamond blade or a diamond disc, and in other cases, a tempered steel blade tool could be used.


Can stainless steel rings be cut off?

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Yes, stainless steel rings can be cut off easily in the event of emergencies. Stainless steel is not a very hard metal, and it can be cut off using some of the regular cutting equipment.

This is also the case because stainless steel is a very poor conductor of electricity, and it will not hurt you when it’s being cut off – there is also no risk of electric shocks.


Can platinum rings be cut off?

Platinum is one of the softer precious metals, with a hardness level that is close to that of most gold alloys and even sterling silver. So, it can be cut off using regular cutting tools.

Note that the main difference between gold, silver, and platinum is that the latter is a very dense precious metal, but you only need a high-quality and high-speed steel blade to cut off the platinum.

A diamond blade cutter wouldn’t be an ideal option for cutting a platinum ring.


Can zirconium rings be cut off?

While the black Zirconium rings are known to be shatterproof, the zirconia rings can be cut off if and when necessary.

Even so, cutting off a zirconium ring is a lot harder than cutting a ring made of most precious metals, which is why most of the time, two cuts are needed – the material is quite hard to bend.

The hardness of Zirconium is the reason why it is impossible to resize Zirconium rings – these rings can only be exchanged or replaced.


Can ceramic rings be cut off?

Ceramic rings, just like tungsten rings, cannot be cut. (read this post for more, two types of rings will break under pressure). Ceramic is too hard, and in case of emergencies, ceramic can only be shattered to be removed from your fingers.

A sheer amount of pressure is needed to shatter the ceramic rings, and the right equipment must be used to ensure that the ring is shattered correctly and without damaging your fingers or causing any more damage.

A ring cracker is often needed to crash and remove ceramic and tungsten rings, given the high density and the impressive strength of the ceramic ring.



Can gold rings be cut off?

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Gold is a soft metal, and even in its alloyed form, gold is significantly soft, and it is easily cut off in case of emergencies. All that is needed to cut off a gold ring is a high-quality ring cutter, preferably one with a high-quality steel blade.

A professional ring cutter could be used too, but a diamond blade ring cutter might not be the best option for cutting gold rings and other rings made of soft metals.


Can silver rings be cut off?

Like gold, silver is a soft metal that is easy to cut off in case of emergencies. A professional ring cutter can be used, but to prevent the precious metal or the ring from spreading out after the ring is cut, it is recommended that a hardened tool steel blade is used to cut off the ring. And to be able to make just one cut, use both hands.



Some rings can be cut off in case of emergencies; others cannot. Before buying a ring, take into account its hardness and whether it can be cut off easily or not. Emergencies happen, and you want to be sure that you will be safe when the ring is removed and that the ring can be removed safely.

Generally, tungsten (tungsten carbide) and titanium are very hard metals, but only the latter can be cut off; the latter has to be shattered, as is the case with cobalt and ceramic rings. However, rings made of gold, silver, or platinum can be cut off easily.

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