What Makes Gucci So Special? (We Found 4 Main Aspects)

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Gucci is a special luxury brand, and you have to spend a good chunk of money for an authentic Gucci piece. But why?

What makes Gucci both special and expensive, and more importantly, are the brand products worth your hard-earned money? We’ll explore all these in this article.

Keep reading. What makes Gucci so special?


Brief Introduction of Gucci

What Makes Gucci So Special

Founded in Florence, Italy, in 1921, Gucci stands tall as one of the most iconic fashion brands among the young and wealthy.

With the House of Gucci as the foundation for all the unique jewelry sold by the company, this almost 100-year-old company founded by Guccio Gucci was introduced to the rest of the world when the founder saw it fit to bring out the best of English nobility to the rest of the world through his Leather Goods & Luggage Company.

What Makes Gucci So Special

Today, Gucci is one of the world’s leading innovative and most beloved brands.

It’s known for its timeless pieces, and following its recent revival and boost in the image and quality and catalog of products, thanks to the new perspective created by Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, Gucci has once again taken center stage across the fashion world.

Right now, Gucci offers some of the boldest, maximalist aesthetics, which are regarded as must-haves by fashion lovers.

And though there have been many changes since 2015 with Michele at the helm, this luxury brand has its rich (deep) history mapped in its DNA.

What Makes Gucci So Special

Besides the creation of timeless, iconic, and great quality designs in the fashion scene, the brand’s popularity could also be attributed to the younger generations’ huge concern for association with luxury brands (names), while paying less attention to the quality and the style of whatever they are wearing.

And with the development and production of unique and highly distinguishable designs and signatures, Gucci has been able to get through to the Millennials with ease. The brand’s appeal further comes from the embellishments made with reptile, insect, as well as animal motifs.

Then there is the huge product variety from the Gucci loafers and Gucci handbags to the Gucci sneakers and Gucci Belts.

Below, we take a look at all the reasons why Gucci is a special brand and what makes it equally famous and expensive.


1.High-Quality Raw Materials, Manufacturing + Manufacturing conditions

This is one of the biggest reasons why Gucci is one of the biggest fashion brands on the market, and why someone would easily spend thousands on Gucci when there are other high-ranked brands selling the same loafer, for example, for less. It’s all about quality.

What Makes Gucci So Special

And though some of what they sell may appear as ‘just cotton,’ it isn’t, at least not for Gucci. Also, there are different grades of cotton, and Gucci uses only the very best.

You may have noticed the substantial difference between regular cotton and Pima cotton, and if you have any experience with luxury goods on your skin or just for regular use, you would be able to easily appreciate the value and the power of the best quality fabrics, bags, shoes, belts, etc.

Also, it’s one of those things that once you are accustomed to, you really wouldn’t be able to go back.

Besides the use of premium quality materials, Gucci further prides itself on its attention to detail during manufacturing. This means that their products have the perfect fit.

If you take Gucci shirts, for example, one thing that is noticeable about them is the fact that they have a perfect fit. The reason for this is that Gucci has a comprehensive shirt production process, with a lot of work put into establishing the right measurements for different fits.

What Makes Gucci So Special

They conduct significant research into finding the perfect width for the stomach, ribcage area, shoulders, etc., and these expenses go into the manufacture of a true luxury shirt worth what may seem like an incredulous price to people who don’t understand luxury.

They also pay special attention to the little extra stitches added here and there so that everything is kept together. With tighter stitches difficult to do even with the most innovative sewing machine, there could be some hand sewing too, but all that work is what makes the difference between good shirts and great/ immaculate shirts.

On top of research and quality and all the extra work put in, Gucci has also put in place some of the toughest manufacturing conditions, meaning there may be differences in quality even in the luxury class.

What Makes Gucci So Special

Essentially, Gucci shirts manufactured in Europe are cheaper than the Gucci shirts made in Turkey or Bulgaria, with the ones made in Northern Italy being the most expensive Gucci shirts.

The reason for the differences is that the workers in the Italian plant, for example, are more skilled in making truly luxury brands than workers in Bangladesh or China, for example.

So, for people buying Gucci products from specific places like the European countries than Bangladesh, the idea of buying the right place is important to them, and they know why they are spending all that money there.


2.Business Expenses

One of the many reasons for the high cost of Gucci products is the business expenses used. Of course, you may argue that this translates to their clothes being just clothing, but this is not true.

What Makes Gucci So Special

The main reason why people will spend a lot of money on Gucci, Polo, Dolce & Gabbana, or Boss is that they are paying for the high-level experience by the company they are buying from.

These brands have capitalized on the idea of ‘experiences,’ which is why they will have double-page spreads in the biggest magazines, run product placements and product sponsorships (for example, in tennis, golf tournaments, and sailing competitions) as well as exclusive ads on TV.

Then there is the very high cost of sourcing for the best quality raw materials. This fashion brand spends a huge amount of money in overheads on raw materials sourcing, and this goes into the high final cost of the products.

This is a cost that cannot be overlooked, especially because the search for the perfect raw materials is a long, strenuous, and stressful job, and there is no way that the end product would be cheap.

What Makes Gucci So Special

To pay for these so-called experiences, the customer has to pay a good chunk for that pair of loafers or the perfect fitting shirt. The high price tag is because the products have to cover all the legwork plus the expenses that go into making you buy that luxury brand.

So, in as much as you pay for the product’s quality, you must also pay for that level of prestige you desire. You want people to know you are wearing Gucci; you must pay for it.



What Makes Gucci So Special

Gucci is expensive and special because you are paying for something no one else gets – exclusivity.

Think of it this way – if something becomes ubiquitous/ too available, it stops being a big deal. Tale the iPhone, for example. In 2008 when an iPhone was new and super-expensive, owning one of these phones was such a big deal, and people would be amazed to see you own an iPhone.

But this isn’t the case anymore, and the iPhone is relatively common today, even expected. This is because of the 700 million+ iPhones made and sold, and it’s no longer much of a deal to own an iPhone.

When it comes to Gucci and other luxury brands, this iPhone phenomenon is what they are fighting against, with all they have.

What Makes Gucci So Special

They will not make millions of the same shirts, bags or loafers, or encourage everyone to sell and buy them.

Instead, they always produce their products in limited numbers because owning an authentic piece from the luxury brand is a status symbol. If everyone would or was wearing a Gucci shirt or shoe, it wouldn’t have been a big deal.

Now, to prevent a situation where Gucci is available to everyone, the company has made it very difficult for just anyone to buy Gucci products, meaning that the people who end up buying their products are few, and they do so for prestige.


4.Gucci is regarded as a wealth signifier

What Makes Gucci So Special

Gucci’s history is nothing but captivating, but for most people who buy authentic, luxury Gucci products, one of the reasons why they make this decision is that they do this to show off and to show that they belong to the Gucci mystique.

The logos of genuine Gucci products are believed to be a sign that the wearer has, in not many words, ‘made it,’ and this puts them in the same leagues as the celebrities that often patronize the brand.



Gucci is a top, premium-level Italian brand (designer). It boasts a huge reputation, and though buying from the brand is often something for the few privileged individuals in society, the brand remains one of the most revered luxury brands.

On top of this, Gucci is selective in terms of the materials they use, the rare design element employed, and the most elaborate manufacturing process that reflects the quality of the products they make.

Also, the level of desirability for their products is unmatched, and it’s why most people will keep coveting Gucci products for a long time, and for anyone who’s tried Gucci, there is no going back.

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