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The Queen is always wearing some kind of pearl jewelry whenever she makes a public appearance, and we can all assume that Her Majesty’s go-to accessory is a strand of pearls.

But do we know the exact kind of pearl that the Queen wears? And most importantly, why Her Majesty, The Queen, prefers the three-strand pearls over other kinds of pearl necklaces?

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What kind of pearls does the Queen wear?

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

The Queen wears the 3-strand pearl necklace, which is part of the Queen’s daily uniform.

This necklace is part of her favorite 3-strand pearl necklace that she likes and prefers to wear in public.

Anyone with a keen eye will also notice that Her Majesty, the Queen, owns more than one of the three-strand pearl necklaces. These necklaces all look the same, though, and it makes it impossible for anyone observing the Queen from the sidelines to tell the difference between the pearl necklaces.

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

What this means is that the Queen could be wearing different necklaces from her collection, but they all look the same.

In most cases, the only difference seen in the necklaces is based on what outfit she has on, the year the photos are taken, and the details seen in the photographs.

Essentially, the necklaces have similar features, including then diamond clasp, meaning no one would be able to tell the necklaces apart.

But why the three-strand pearl necklace?


Three strands of pearls introduction

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

The three-strand pearl necklace, which is the Queen’s favorite accessory and pretty much the only kind of pearl necklace she has been seen in public wearing, is one piece of jewelry of great historical significance.

The Queen loves it, and it’s undoubtedly the best part about her jewelry collection. And who can blame her? This piece of jewelry is a work of art, and anyone would love to wear the same kind of jewelry.

But what makes this three-strand pearl necklace the most important accessory to the Queen?

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

From keen observation, Her Majesty, The Queen owns several three-strand pearl necklaces, and these necklaces all look rather similar.

But what you may not know about the Queen’s three-strand necklace is that the first 3-strand pearl necklace that the Queen ever got was the three-strand pearl necklace gifted to her by her grandfather, then king, King George V. This is a necklace that the Queen obviously adores, and it is the most meaningful piece in her collection.

There is also the three-strand pearl necklace which the Queen made over the years from the graduated family pearls that she received as birthday gifts every year since she was a little girl until she was of age.

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

Her grandmother and great-grandmother made a tradition where they’d gift their daughters and granddaughters the family pearls each year on their birthday, and the pearls would be strung into a complete chain eventually.

The Queen’s Father picked on the same and gave the Queen 2 pearls and a platinum string, and every year on her birthday, she’d get two pearls, which she’d string with the older pearls from previous birthdays, and subsequently ended up with a stunning 3-strand pearl necklace.

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

Then in 1953, during the Queen’s coronation, she received another 3-strand pearl necklace similar to the two other necklaces already in her collection from Qatar’s Emir. This necklace has a diamond clasp.

Other than the sentimental value attached to the three-strand pearl necklace, the other reason for the popularity of the necklace is the fact that the necklace is recognized as her official or uniform accessory, and as an important part of the uniform, she always has it on whenever she makes an appearance in public.


Where did the Queen get her pearl necklace?

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

The Queen’s most iconic three-strand pearl necklace features a stunning collection of pearls that have been in her family for many years. But you may be wondering where she got all her three-strand pearl necklaces and the rest of the necklaces she wears or has in her collection.

Well, according to the descriptions given in The Queen’s Jewels and The Queen’s Jewellery, the initial order to make the three-strand pearls was given shortly after she got on the throne in 1952.

The pearls used to make the first official Queen’s jewelry were all graduated, and the pearls boasted a warm, cream color, and the strands were fasted using a small, elegant diamond clasp.

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

Essentially, the Queen had a great variety of pearl necklaces and jewelry in her collection, but this pearl necklace is now her official piece of jewelry that she wears to all the official daytime engagements.

But this is not the only symbolic 3-strand pearl necklace that she owns. There is also the 3-strand pearl necklace which is also very dear to the Queen. She received this pearl necklace from King George V in 1935 during the celebration of his Silver Jubilee and wore it in 1937 during her father’s, King George VI’s coronation.

King George V also gave Princess Margaret her own pearl necklace, but it was a 2-strand pearl necklace and not a 3-strand piece, as is the case with the Queen’s. The Queen’s 3-strand pearl necklace was made of even-sized pearls, and this necklace is primarily what she wore throughout her younger days. She still wears the necklace even today but on very rare occasions.

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

But these two are not the only significant pearl necklaces worn by the Queen; she has a similar 3-strand pearl necklace that she received from the Emir of Qatar in1953. This pearl necklace is an ornate 3-strand piece that is made of ornate pearls, as well as a diamond clasp.  

These three 3-strand pearl necklaces are ideally hard to differentiate, and it’s believed that the Queen wears them interchangeably. However, it is said that the third pearl necklace is a little different from the rest in that the strands of pearls appear to be longer and the pearls are spaced very closely, and they are all about the same size. The clasp is also made of a diamond, and there could be a pearl in the clasp too, but this is unclear as well.

It would also appear that one of the three-strand pearl necklaces, possibly the first one she ever got, has graduated pearls, and there are larger gaps between the strands. The third one is also longer, and there are smaller or fewer gaps between each strand.


How much is the queen’s pearl necklace worth?

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

The Queen’s jewels are very pricey, and the prices vary depending on the features of the necklace and what it’s made of. The Queen’s 4-strand pearl necklace, for example, is believed to cost at least £25K.


Why does the Queen wear three strands of pearls?

1. Etiquette

While the Queen is sometimes seen wearing the 4-strand pearl necklace, there is no doubt that the 3-strand pearl is her favorite set. The reason why she wears the three-strand pearl necklaces often is because it is an etiquette requirement.

And according to the royalty rulebook, the odd-numbered pearl necklace is considered more formal than the pearl necklaces with multiple or even an even number of strands.

What this means is that the one-strand pearl necklaces and most often the three-strand necklaces are more formal. Also, the three-strand pearl necklaces point to being wealthy, and the necklace is highly regarded than the single-strand pearl necklace.

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

2. Style

The 3-strand pearl necklace is also selected as the Queen’s go-to because of her petite frame, which means that this is the perfect number of pearl strands that look good on her.


3. Royal Family Tradition

Besides style, the Queen always wears the three-strand pearl necklace because it is an important family tradition. The 3-strand pearl necklace style didn’t start with Queen Elizabeth; it goes back hundreds of years, with the pearls regarded as an important accessory to complete the Queen’s look.

As a result, no Queen has ever not worn pearls. This is to say that pearls are an important gemstone valued by royalty – these gems are rare, lustrous, and beautiful, and their lustrosity increases with time, which is why the pearls are considered timeless gems.

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

4. Pearls are worn during the daytime.

The other rule that is observed by royalty and pertains to the pearl necklaces is that which affects the time that one can wear the pearls. Essentially, the appropriate time to wear the pearls is during the day, meaning diamonds are not worn during the day in place of the pearls, and diamonds are ideally worn only after 6 pm.

What Kind Of Pearls Does The Queen Wear

Does Queen Elizabeth always wear the same pearls?

While Her Majesty, The Queen, is known for her 3-strand pearl necklace, which she wears often, it is not the only pearl necklace she wears, and also not always the same 3-strand pearl necklace.

The 3-strand pearl necklaces also differ in terms of the sizes of the pearls, how they are graduated, and the spacing between the strands. She is seen wearing the 2-strand pearl necklace sometimes, especially when she’s relaxing at home.



It’s obvious that the Queen loves her pearls, and even away from the traditional aspect of the Royal Family wearing pearls, Queen Elizabeth’s choice of pearls is impeccable and is really a part of her uniform and style.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!