What Kind Of Jewelry Do Young Girls Like The Most?

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For a young girl, appearance is of the most importance. As young girls navigate through puberty, trying to find their identity, they become more conscious and sensitive to what other people say about them. That’s why you’ll notice almost all teenage girls are preoccupied with their hair or what they wear, although some are more subtle than others.

Aside from make-up and fashion, young girls also develop a huge interest in jewelry. They use it to express themselves and fit it by keeping up with current trends. So, if you’re thinking of getting a special young girl the perfect gift, jewelry is always the safest choice. The only question that remains is, what kind of jewelry do they like most?

In this post, we will help you figure out the best types of jewelry a young girl will enjoy the most.


What Kind Of Jewelry Do Young Girls Like The Most?

Over time jewelry has developed immensely. So, with each passing generation, there is a differing sense of taste when it comes to jewelry young girls would love. Today the pieces are bolder, although some timeless pieces have managed to remain at the top throughout the years. First, we will look at some general types of jewelry that young girls are crazy about, before getting into the specifics.


General Types of Jewelry They Would Love.

Gemstone/ Birthstone Jewelry.

What Kind Of Jewelry Do Young Girls Like The Most

Birthstones are generally colorful gemstones associated with a particular month of the year or birth signs like Cancer or Gemini.

Such jewelry is a favorite among young girls, not just for their interests in their horoscopes and birth signs, but also because gemstones are colorful and trendy today.

This type of jewelry comes in a wide variety. You can choose a birthstone pendant necklace, a ring, or a set of earrings. It all boils down to her preference.


Pearl Jewelry.

What Kind Of Jewelry Do Young Girls Like The Most

Among the classic types of jewelry that have managed to hold the hearts of young girls throughout the years is pearl jewelry.

The classy and sophisticated girls especially love them for the touch of elegance they add to their personalities.

Today, however, pearls jewelry isn’t just limited to the preppy girls with their pink cardigans and string of classic white pearls.

The pearl designs have been developed to incorporate other materials like metal. Now there is a pearl design for every young girl, from the drama queens to the casual laid back types.


Rose Gold Jewelry.

What Kind Of Jewelry Do Young Girls Like The Most

For the girly types, rose gold jewelry is a great hit. Such girls love them for their pink hue and the fact that they are a fresh and interesting change from the yellow gold jewelry.

Another beauty about rose gold is that it is not too harsh, but warm and easily compliments many skin tones, especially the fairer kind.

On top of that, rose gold is the perfect setting for rose quartz and other gemstones with pinkish hues although they also go well with clear sparkling diamonds.

You can get rose gold jewelry in different designs from necklaces to earrings, but most young girls seem to favor rose gold rings.


Engraved Jewelry.

What Kind Of Jewelry Do Young Girls Like The Most

For this generation, young girls weigh the value of jewelry not just by the price but by the meaning and thought behind it. Also, jewelry for them is a channel of expression.

That is why engraved jewelry is so popular among them. Anything can be engraved on the jewelry, whether it’s initials, dates, meaningful characters, or a thoughtful heartfelt message.

The most popular kind of engraved jewelry is the minimalist pendants with first-name initials. They make both a perfect personal gift or one shared among friends.


Colorful Beaded Jewelry.

What Kind Of Jewelry Do Young Girls Like The Most

Remember the colorful DIY friendship bracelets you’d make during Summer camp? Now imagine that but way chicer.

Colorful beaded jewelry is a favorite for many young girls. They are especially popular among the playful and cheerful type of personalities since it expresses the vibrant people, they are through the colors.

They also get to play around with the different colorful designs, which is fun and fun is what they are all about.

Such jewelry is the best way for them to express their inner child. The jewelry can either be a chocker, necklace, bracelet or even anklets depending on what she prefers.


Fruit, Food, or Animal-Based Jewelry.

These are other fun and playful type of jewelry that are becoming increasingly popular among young girls.

Not only are they colorful, but they are also out-of-the-box statement pieces. This ticks all the boxes given that today, young people prefer to stand out than to conform.

It’s more about individuality, and the wide variety of fruit/food/animal-based jewelry designs are a great way of expressing this.


Must-Have Jewelry Types for Young Girls.

Now that you’re familiar with the general type of jewelry to pick out for a young girl today, let’s get into the specifics. The following are types of jewelry you’ll not miss in their collection today:


What Kind Of Jewelry Do Young Girls Like The Most

These are a classic and have been a favorite for a long time, trending since the 90s. At some point, chockers were majorly black, leather, or lacey and mainly associated with the goths and emos.

Nowadays there is a wide variety of chocker designs for different types of girls.

You have the beaded colorful chokers for the bohos, the pearls and diamond chokers for the classy girls, and so on.


Charms bracelets.

This is another piece you won’t miss in a young girl’s jewelry box.

They love these types of bracelets mostly because each charm has a particular meaning or represents something special for them.

They are also flirty and cute. The charms can vary, from animals to letters, miniature buildings, fruits, birthstones, and so on.



What Kind Of Jewelry Do Young Girls Like The Most

These are other types of special jewelry you’re likely to find every young girl with.

Most lockets are pendants although you may find some are charm bracelets. Lockets are special because they keep special memories a girl cherishes.

It also allows them to keep their loved ones close to them as they go about their day. This reminds them that they are loved and have something to be grateful for.


Mismatched earrings.

This is a fairly recent trend that more and more young girls are picking up. It makes a statement and goes away from the norm. In the spirit of originality and non-conformity, you’ll notice most young girls hopping on the trend.



These are a piece of staple jewelry for every girl. They are versatile and go with any outfit. Depending on the design, hoops can serve as a way to spice up your look or dial it down. They also come in many shapes, sizes and materials. They are the perfect pieces for daily wear and therefore the best jewelry to get a young girl today.



Jewelry is the best gift idea for a young girl, no matter what the occasion is, whether it is her birthday or graduation. When picking out the jewelry remember it should be thoughtful comfortable and trendy. Think about what she loves to wear and her personality and find a piece that compliments her. Hopefully, this post has been a source of inspiration for you.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!