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It sounds impossible until it is done.

We are talking about turtleneck dresses; at first, it may seem like you can only accessorize that dress with just that one type of necklace, but if you are open to some fun, you may want to stick around for some fun ideas on how to accessorize your turtleneck dress.

We are also sharing the best jewelry ideas that work well with turtleneck dresses. Remember that a thin sterling silver chain under the sweater popping over the dress is not the only way to accessorize this dress – there is so much more you could do. So, let’s get right into it.


What jewelry to wear with a turtleneck dress

1. Wear a long pendant necklace

What Jewelry To Wear With Turtleneck Dress

According to stylists, one of the best ways of accessorizing your turtleneck dress involves wearing a long pendant necklace rather than a short one.

This is because a long pendant necklace doesn’t fight with your neck at all, and also, the longer pendant necklace fills up the space created, but also, it will elongate your torso.

This is important because the turtleneck design of the dress could easily make you feel like you are closed all the way up.

And though it may look a little Victorian, the long pendant necklace helps to pull everything together while complementing your outfit and your silhouette.


2. What about the chunkier and shorter necklaces?

What Jewelry To Wear With Turtleneck Dress

While the idea of the longer pendant necklaces works very well for most people, it doesn’t mean you cannot wear a short, chunky necklace with your turtleneck dress.

You can pull off this look as long as you don’t layer many necklaces because that would cause overcrowding of your neckline.

If you must wear the short and chunky necklaces over your turtleneck dress, you may want to wear just that one necklace.

It’s worth noting that the short, chunky pieces don’t have to be made in a chain-link style; it may have other style elements that create a chunky look on the short necklace.


3. Subtle Piece for a subtle, elegant look

What Jewelry To Wear With Turtleneck Dress

If you are not sure about the best way to accessorize the necklace or prefer the simplest looks, you should opt for a thin collar necklace that adds just the right hint of shine and sparkle to your turtleneck dress.


4. Sometimes, it’s safe to skip the necklace altogether

What Jewelry To Wear With Turtleneck Dress

Even if you really want to wear a necklace with that dress, you should skip the necklace if your dress is made of thick knot material.

In such cases, you’d look much better with just a pair of earrings and not necklace.


5. Go all out

What Jewelry To Wear With Turtleneck Dress

While subtle pieces work just fine with turtleneck dresses, it is not the only style option that works.

In fact, most people wearing monochrome turtleneck dresses will settle on the bolder statement necklaces because these statement pieces bring with them the perfect amount of drama and glamour.

A beaded collar or bib necklace, for example, works magic and infuses life into that plain turtleneck dress. Statement necklaces are great because they offer the perfect backdrop for your outfit while creating a nice focal point.


6. Layered necklace look

What Jewelry To Wear With Turtleneck Dress

The other styling option that always works for turtleneck dresses is one that includes a layered necklace.

A majestic, layered necklace whose first layer falls right below the collar with layers and elements dropping down to the stomach is a style that you should consider pulling off if you love wearing turtleneck dresses or tops.

For this look, you could wear multiple necklaces in different lengths or a single, multistrand necklace.



7. More color, More Power

What Jewelry To Wear With Turtleneck Dress

When it comes to accessorizing a bold turtleneck dress, you may be tempted to pair it with a simple, plain-colored necklace, but that isn’t your only choice because you have the bold option of pairing the dress with a bold necklace.

And remember that in the world of fashion, there is no such thing as too much sparkle, as long as you are confident to pull off that look, say for a holiday or another event that calls for dressing up.

Also, don’t forget that there is no harm in dressing it up – a lace turtleneck dress with crystals incorporated in it will look even better with a flashy pendant necklace that falls just below your boobs.



8. Plain long chain necklace

What Jewelry To Wear With Turtleneck Dress

Besides the long pendant necklace, you could wear a plain but long chain necklace to add sparkle to your turtleneck dress.

It is the perfect simple and light accessory that works for everyone.

It also means that you don’t have to buy more expensive chain necklaces for the dress since you probably have one such necklace already.


9. Find edgy pieces

What Jewelry To Wear With Turtleneck Dress

For something different and unexpected, you may want to add an edgy necklace to the dress. Edgy pieces vary, but you cannot go wrong with a chunky necklace in a lock-and-chain style. It’s not an everyday look for most people, but it works quite well for many individuals.

Lengthy pieces always complement turtleneck outfits by adding dimension and, in other instances, introducing an instant Boho vibe. The best part is that it doesn’t create an overshadowing effect on the other jewelry you are wearing.


10. Chunky Knits call for chunky chains

What Jewelry To Wear With Turtleneck Dress

If you are daring and bold and love your chunky knits, always going for the chunkiest knits, you may also want to throw some chunky chains to complete the look.

The best part is that you could layer the necklace, starting with the chunkiest chain to the less chunky options. Also, you don’t have to be a popstar to pull off this look.


11. Large pendants

What Jewelry To Wear With Turtleneck Dress

A large pendant creates the perfect statement feel for any necklace. It also creates a relaxed look while remaining vibey.

And the best part is that it works well with turtlenecks in different styles.



12. Pearls

What Jewelry To Wear With Turtleneck Dress

If you are not sure about the kind of necklace to pair with your turtleneck dress, you should always pick pearls.

A single-strand or a dual-strand pearl necklace elevates any dress.

Other styles of necklaces you could try include the Lariat or a Y-Necklace.



If you were looking for advice on wearing necklaces with your turtleneck dresses, we hope you now have all the answers.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!