What Jewelry to Wear With Turquoise Dress? – Check Our Tips

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Did you know that the color turquoise represents all the ideals associated with female empowerment? Turquoise means feminine, energizing, and strength.

This powerful color also carries with it a strong sense of creativity, emotional balance, and wisdom. It’s also a symbol of harmony and calmness.

In other words, it is a powerful, bold, and the most beautiful color that looks great on just about everyone. So, how do you accessorize your turquoise dress – and which are kinds of jewelry for you to wear with your turquoise dress?


Does turquoise look better with silver or gold?

Well, gold – always go for gold jewelry when wearing turquoise.

What Jewelry to Wear With Turquoise Dress

Gold blends with turquoise jewelry perfectly or, if we may, dramatically with turquoise. In many ways, pairing gold with turquoise is the simplest way for you to make a statement. Gold gives the turquoise an updated look.

At the same time, if you want to go for that modern look, you should always pair the gold and turquoise pieces. But you should never blend turquoise with silver pieces.

You will be happy to know that this blend is also ideal, if not perfect, for persons with cool skin tones, although it looks much better if you have a warm skin tone.

But the tone of your skin notwithstanding, you will be happy to know that turquoise is one of the most versatile and colors in the bold color chart.

In some cases, you may also pair turquoise with rose gold, not just yellow gold.


What jewelry to wear with the turquoise dress

So, which are the types of jewelry for you to wear with your turquoise jewelry?

I. Jewelry colors to pair with the turquoise dress

What Jewelry to Wear With Turquoise Dress

If you are looking for the perfect jewelry to pair with your dress, we recommend starting off or opting for jewelry options in turquoise tones and gold.

You could also choose to pair the turquoise dress with jewelry or outfits in the color orange – since orange is on the opposite side of the color chart from turquoise, you will look great pairing the dress with the bright orange earrings, necklace, or bracelet.

The other colors that work great with turquoise include white, blue, green, copper, orange, pink, purple, and mustard yellow.


II. Avoid jewelry with black accents

What Jewelry to Wear With Turquoise Dress

Though tempting, you should avoid accessorizing your turquoise dress with jewelry with a black accent.

Avoid silver jewelry and accents too. While nothing is technically wrong with this combination, it doesn’t create a cool vibe, at least not the kind of modern look that you are going for.


III. Choose jewelry made of modern materials

What Jewelry to Wear With Turquoise Dress

You could wear gold or perhaps mustard-colored jewelry pieces made of alternative materials like lucite and acrylic.

These materials create cheap but also some of the most stunning jewelry variations that will look great with your bold, turquoise dress.

The longer jewelry pieces will look particularly great if your dress has a low cut. You could also go for this look if you want to hold your hair back and pair the earrings with a turtle dress.


IV. Settle for minimalist jewelry designs

What Jewelry to Wear With Turquoise Dress

You could also pair your turquoise dress with turquoise jewelry, preferably dainty or minimalist pieces. Since your dress is also bold-colored, you should avoid pieces of jewelry in bulky or chunky designs.

The minimalist or dainty pieces work perfectly with turquoise dresses. While some of these minimalist pieces are designed with gemstones or alternative materials in turquoise and maybe even purple, you should opt for the pieces set in yellow gold or the yellow-gold plated varieties.


V. Dress for the occasion

What Jewelry to Wear With Turquoise Dress

When dressing up for a formal occasion, you’d want to opt for subtle and understated jewelry pieces. We recommend subtle jewelry options like gold and cream pieces, preferably those in small, more delicate designs, rather than the loud and bold pieces.

So, think of wearing a slim-line necklace with a tiny pendant. You may also want to pair the dress with a simple gold tennis bracelet. Small diamond stud earrings set in gold or small gold hoops would also be an excellent fit for you.

A slim, link, or line necklace designed with a small pendant works great on formal occasions and perfect for the low-plunge or v-neck dresses.


VI. Casual dressing

What Jewelry to Wear With Turquoise Dress

If you are dressing for a party or any other casual event, you will be happy to know that you can settle on all the bold pieces that you love – think about the chunky bangles and necklaces, long/ large earrings, etc.

And in terms of color, you should stick to subtle colors for the accessories. Just be careful not to wear jewelry pieces that are too large because bold accessories with a bold turquoise dress could be more of an overkill.

Gold works perfectly for informal and formal occasions, but you could also choose blue, cream, or gray jewelry pieces to pair with your turquoise dress.


VII. Is there really power in numbers?

What Jewelry to Wear With Turquoise Dress

Well, when it comes to jewelry, especially if you are going for a statement look with bold jewelry, you should avoid wearing multiple pieces at once.

The rule of thumb is to wear only one statement piece at a time when going for bold jewelry paired with a turquoise dress. Wearing one piece means you can only wear a bright pair of earrings or a bold/ chunky necklace, never both.


VIII. Gold-turquoise jewelry options

What Jewelry to Wear With Turquoise Dress

You could also accessorize your turquoise dress with a gold-turquoise pair of drop earrings or a pendant necklace.

This is an ideal option for you, especially for low-plunge and deep V-neck turquoise dresses.



If you love turquoise and have a turquoise dress that you have been dying to wear, but you aren’t sure about how to accessorize, we hope that this article gives you all the answers you seek.

This article shares insights into ideas for accessorizing turquoise dresses. Just remember that the perfect piece of jewelry for you to wear alongside your turquoise dress is one made of gold or gold-colored rather than pieces made of silver.

Avoid wearing silver jewelry with turquoise outfits.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!