What Jewelry to Wear with Prom Dress(2024 Updated)

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Prom is indeed a rite of passage that most people look forward to throughout their high school years. It, therefore, only makes sense that one would be stressed trying to figure out the dress to get. Eventually, ladies end up getting a dress they love, and they are ready to show up and show off at the prom with.

However, that’s not the end of it. Accessories are what complete an outfit, and that includes jewelry. If you’re wondering about what jewelry to wear with your prom dress, you’ve come to the right place. Here we are going to give you tips to ensure that you have the perfect ensemble when you walk into your prom.


What jewelry to wear with prom dress

There are some basic rules that you can follow when getting jewelry to go with your prom dress. The first is that whatever you go for needs to complete the dress and not compete with it. What does that mean?

If you have a dress with sparkles, glitter or other embellishments, then your jewelry ought to be simple. Therefore, consider getting jewelry that’s the same color as the sparkles on your dress. For example, if you’re wearing a dress where when it catches the light, the sparkles are gold, then your jewelry out to be gold. The same thing for if it’s silver or whatever other colors.

When it comes to the stones on the jewelry you choose, get jewelry whose stones are the same color as the tones on your dress. If you have a pink dress, you can select an item with pink stones with the option of choosing a different tone that will also complement the dress. Celebrities and fashionistas, in general, tend to opt for gold or silver as they tend to make the color of the stones pop.


Earrings for Prom dress

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The earrings you wear are both dependent on your dress and your hairstyle for the night as well. For dressed that have embroideries or such embellishments on the upper part of the dress, such as the neck area or shoulders, then you should opt for smaller earrings.

That way, there is no competition with what is going on with the dress. In short, there won’t be too much going on. If you get earrings that are just as loud, you end up looking tacky despite how beautiful the dress or the jewelry is.

On the other hand, simpler classic dresses allow you to wear earrings that sparkle and stand out. It works best if you have a strapless dress where there’s simply fabric. If you wear long dangling earrings that sparkle, there won’t be a problem with that because there is a balance between the dress’s simplicity and the fashion jewelry you’d be wearing.

Also, if your dress is colorful, pick a tone on the dress and use that as your pointer to what stones your earring will have. However, if the dress has a neutral color, then it’s worth considering getting colorful earrings.

Your hairstyle is also a determining factor when it comes to the earrings that you choose. If you want to accessories your hair, then consider getting minimalistic earrings that will not compete for attention with what is going on with your hair.

However, if your hair is worn down, or up, with little to no accessories, then you’re free to choose earrings that will stand out. Overall, if an integral piece of your outfit is the earrings, then opt for an updo so that it’s visible.


Hair accessories for Prom dress

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Tiaras have made their way to the red carpet, and we can all agree they make the women wearing them look dainty. You can opt for discrete yet classy and elegant tiaras that are best worn with short hairstyles or updos.

Ensure that you follow the same rules when it comes to the color and stones that you use. The bottom line is that they should also compliment the dress.

You also want to be mindful of the material the tiara is made from. Some mistakes, for example, is wearing a silver-colored tiara when your dress has brown/gold/bronze/copper undertones.

Silver-colored crowns with stones are the most commonly worn, only ensure that it matches the other colors on your dress. Remember, if you’re wearing a tiara, then your earrings need to be understated.

If tiaras are not your thing, then you can get a hairpiece that also has stones or a jeweled headband. Not everyone can pull off a tiara, but even so, there are ways that you can still accessorize your hair and stand out. If you’re going to use a sizeable jeweled hairpin to keep your hair up, again, ensure that you opt for more uncomplicated earrings.


Necklaces for Prom Dress

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Necklaces can be a fantastic addition to your prom outfit when done right. The issue that commonly comes up is where the earrings and the necklaces both stand out, which leaves others feeling like too much is going on.

If both your earrings and necklaces are statement pieces, then you’ve overdone it. Here, balance is critical. Let’s explore further.

There are tons of choices when it comes to necklaces that go well with prom dresses.

There are maxi collars that have glitter and rhinestones while there are delicate chokers as well. They also come in various lengths, materials, and stones used. Even with that, your dress is also what dictates the right one for you.

Strapless dresses work fantastic with maxi collars that have rhinestones or made from glittering material such as cubic zirconia. That’s especially when the neckline is straight.

Even so, you have to ensure that you wear discrete earrings that won’t draw attention away from the necklace. For dresses that have a deeper neckline, then you want to go for longer necklaces as they enhance the design.

Dresses with a higher neckline work best with shorter necklaces, as well as those that have straight necklines and straps. Even with that, whether or not you do need a necklace is dependent on the dress itself.

Those that have jewelry on the neckline don’t require you to wear a necklace because it will take away from the details on the dress, which are meant to be the focus.


Bracelets for Prom Dress

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When it comes to bracelets that you can wear with your prom dress, the options can honestly feel quite overwhelming.

However, that can get sorted by keeping one thing in mind; during your prom, you want to look sophisticated. When choosing a bracelet, keeping that in mind helps you make the right call as to what you want your entire outfit to achieve, which is glamor, class, and sophistication.

Even if the bracelet is further from your face, there still needs to be balanced with the other pieces you have on.

Remember, at some point; you’ll use your hands when talking dancing and so there needs to be harmony with all the other articles you have on.

For example, if you have on a chunky bracelet with stones and an intricate design, then ensure that your necklace and earrings as simple. If the opposite is exact, then choose a more uncomplicated bracelet.

As with the other jewelry, be mindful of how it complements the dress. If there is detailing on the dress, then the bracelet ought to be simple. You also want to ensure that the stones on the bracelet match those on your earrings or necklaces.

The sleeves on your dress also dictate whether or not you should wear a bracelet in the first place. If they are long, then you shouldn’t wear a bracelet at all.


Rings for Prom Dress

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Rings tend to bring a touch of femininity and romantic vibes to your dress and, therefore, something you can consider wearing.

Again, the same rules of color, design, and details matter. Given the event, consider getting delicate rings for your dress.

However, you can change things up if you do want to attract attention to your hand. You can have a maxi collar with rhinestones and get a large ring that has rhinestones as well. In that case, you have to be mindful of the bracelet you wear. It ought to be simple and understated.


Clutches for Prom Dress

 These functional yet classic bags are great when it comes to finishing off your outfit.

Their sole purpose is to add femininity and class to an outfit and also hold what you need during the prom, makeup, and your phone included. Again, there is quite a variety, but the rules that determine the type of clutch that you get are a bit different.

Of course, whatever you choose should align with the dress and the jewelry. What is different is that there are no limitations when it comes to colors or designs.

An excellent way to know what works best is holding it while wearing your bracelets or rings and see how the entire thing looks. While the rules are more flexible, do make sure that it’s in harmony with your dress too.



Always keep balance and harmony in mind. If you’re unsure, as a trusted fashion guru around you. Prom is a big night, and the last thing you want is regrets with your outfit.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!