What Jewelry to Wear with an Evening Gown?(2024 Updated)

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Picking out an evening gown that you love could be both a tasking and rewarding job, but the reality is that it doesn’t end there.

The next step becomes trying to get the right jewelry that will go with your evening gown.

There are metals, stones, colors, and designs to think about, and we are here to help you with that.

We’ll let you know the best jewelry for each dress and share three examples of products you can get off Amazon.

What Jewelry to Wear with an Evening Gown

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The earrings you choose ought to get based on the type of neckline the dress has and also the hairstyle you want. If there are embellishments of any nature on the upper part of the gown or are wearing flashy hair accessories, then opt for more uncomplicated earrings.

You don’t want a competition between the dress and the earrings. However, if you have a simple classic evening gown, then get earrings that stand out. The stones you pick should complement the dress’s color.

MARIELL earrings

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These earrings are made from shimmering AAAAA cubic zirconia with the design being marquise cluster, and they have elegant french pierce backings.

The metal is platinum-based with silver rhodium that gives in that luxurious shine.

The way the earring is made is it’s large and covers the lobe and right below the lobe. It is great if you have updos.


MARIELLE Victoria chandelier pierced/clip-on earrings

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Here we have some high rated earrings from Amazon made the same brand as the previous earrings.

They come in three colors: rose gold, gold or silver. With each, you have the option of getting a clip-on or piercing earrings.

The stones on the earrings are AAAAA cubic zirconia with an oval cut that gives it a vintage look. The metal is made from 14k gold too.


CHRAN silver long tassels dangle earrings

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Teardrops and tassels are a go-to design for when you have evening wear.

They are quite elegant, which makes them a favorite for many. With this CHRAN brand, you can get seven different designs of earrings that suit your taste and evening gown.

The earrings are made from Austrian rhinestones with silver-tone metal that’s highly polished for a dazzling finish.


Hair accessories

If you want your hairdo to stand out during an event, then tiaras and hairpieces such as pins are the ideal thing to wear.

It makes you look both dainty and classic, as long as they have delicate designs. If you’re doing an updo, then hair accessories of this nature are the best.

The most common color for tiaras and other hair accessories is silver.  That said, let there be a balance; tiaras are best when your evening gown isn’t as embellished.


Pearl hair clips

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Here we have some handmade elegant hair clips that come in a pack of 12 trendy styles. With these many clips to choose from, you can wear your hair however you like it and use more than one pearl hair clip to put it into place for various occasions.

They are made from carefully selected pearls that are carefully connected by hand and also metal alloys.


VIJIV Vintage headpiece

The colors available for the headpiece is gold and silver. They are ideal for any evening wear, and it is an ivory crown that makes for a rustic head wreath.

If you want to finish your gown off with an elegant yet feminine look, then you can get this headpiece to go with your evening gown.

It has stones, so you should opt for matching and simpler jewelry too.


Fxmimior hair vine headpiece

With this hairpiece, you have the options of gold, rose gold, or silver. The headpiece gives your entire outfit a royal look because of the elegant and delicate design.

You can wear the hair as you wish and then tuck it with a pin to complete the look.

The materials that make this headpiece are crystal, copper wire, beads, and rhinestones.



Unless you have giant gemmed earrings, necklaces are a must when wearing evening gowns.

Even with that, you want to ensure a visual balance between the earrings and necklaces as well. What you settle for is based on the dress’s neckline.

If you have a strapless dress, then you want something that pops out, such as maxi colors with glitter and rhinestone.

You can also get long or short necklaces with statement pendants or even a choker or collar.

Holylove Costume statement necklace

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Costume necklaces are some of the jewelry that makes it to the red carpet. If you want to feel glammed up, then you can opt for a costume choker.

This one from Holylove is made from rhinestone beads and alloy chains. At the back, there is velvet that is comfortable on the skin.

There are eight color options, and it comes with small earrings with one rhinestone.


Miraculous Garden choker necklace

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Choker necklaces are common to wear along with evening gowns.

You could consider purchasing this one as it is silver and could work well with a lot of colors. The material that makes up the necklace is alloy metals along with AAA rhinestone and crystal.

From the company, you also get three other design options to suit your taste.


LIAO Jewelry collar necklace

Here we have another choker necklace but with a twist. It is an adjustable crystal choker necklace that has a wide collar design.

It is embedded with AA sparkling rhinestones with clear crystals bezel set in a long tassel pendant.

This necklace is ideal if you’re wearing a dress with a V-neckline. You can get it in silver, gold, rose gold and rainbow.



The bracelets should equally work well with the other jewelry that you have on. The size and design you opt for also have much to do with how the other pieces look. If you have chunky jewelry to go with your gown, you can choose something that’s slimmer to balance out the other jewelry. Do ensure that the color matches or complements the other jewelry on.

EVER FAITH crystal bracelet

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We start off with a vintage-inspired clear crystal bracelet that stretches to accommodate various wrist sizes.

When you get it, it also comes with spare crystals that you can use to replace missing ones, and that’s probably after you accidentally snug the bracelet on your dress or something.

You can get this bracelet in a silver or gold-tone.


Albert Weiss bracelet

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With this brand, you get a collection of bracelets that vary in size.

You can opt for something simple, that is, a bracelet with two rows of the silver-plated rhinestone bracelet, or you can go for one that has ten rows.

With the eight size options, you’re bound to get something that works for your outfit. In short, and you can go as big or as small as you want.


OPK crystal bangle bracelets

Available on Amazon, pLease Click the Link or Picture to Check the Price

There are three colors you can get from this brand. The bracelets are made from cubic zirconia, and the large sapphire stones on the item are either blue, green, or white.

You will find that the stones are well mounted and thus won’t fall off.

The bracelet metal is gold plated, and overall, the bracelet does look like a diamond piece.



Rings add a touch of femininity and romance as well to an evening gown. Again, the color, stones, and overall design should complement all the other pieces.

It should also work well with the bracelet you have on; make sure you don’t have too much going on when it comes to your hand.


PAVOI 14k gold plated 925 sterling silver ring

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You can get this ring in three colors; rose gold plated silver, yellow gold plated silver, and rhodium plated silver.

The good thing with such a ring is that you can either wear it alone or stack it up. It is made from AAAAA cubic zirconia set in a Milgrain style.

The shine and luster on this ring make quite the statement when it’s on your finger.


RB Gems 925 Sterling silver ring

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Here we have a marquise-shaped 0.70-carat gemstone with the ring itself being rhodium plated.

You can get this ring in four colors. It is ideal if you’re going for a vintage or Victorian look for your overall outfit.

The metal that makes this ring, as mentioned, is 925 sterling silver; the rhodium finish gives it a mirror finish.


Mytys Retro vintage statement ring

If you’re wearing costume jewelry, then this ring makes the perfect finish.

Here we have a vintage style black crystal that has a large black and oval onyx stone. The ring is highly polished, so it stands out on when its on the finger.

With this ring on, you look both elegant and graceful.


Necklace and earring sets

If you don’t want to have to overthink what necklace goes with what earrings, you can purchase a jewelry set. You’ll note that the necklace in each of these sets is a statement piece, while the earrings are simpler for harmony. Let’s explore.

BriLove Necklace and dangle earrings set

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Here we have a necklace that stands out long with earrings.

What we like about this set is the 20 color combinations available. Whatever the color of your gown is, you are assured that you’ll get a matching color or something complementary.

The stones on these pieces are Austrian Crystals with the metal made from a zinc alloy that is lead and nickel-free.


LILLIES&WHITE crystal necklace and earrings set

Available on Amazon, pLease Click the Link or Picture to Check the Price

This necklace and earring combo feature a unique design that makes you look both beautiful and elegant.

There are seven colors of the same to choose from: vintage rose, amethyst, siam, crystal, emerald, Montana, light sapphire, and white opal.

The materials used to make them are zinc alloy that is lead and nickel-free. It is great for a variety of events.


Holyove Vintage statement necklace and earrings set

 The colors available for this set are pink, black, new red, tawny, green, and white. Here you can also choose a color that goes well with your gown.

It is best if you pair it with a simple evening gown given the size and the detail on the necklace. It is also perfect if you’re looking to have an antique look.

The materials in use are shiny glass beads.



The examples we have here serve as starting points for the kind of jewelry to opt for when wearing an evening gown. From there, you are free to take the direction that best suits you.

If you’re unsure, take a photo of the entire ensemble and analyze it critically. Also, you can rope in the fashionistas in your life to let you know if your jewelry together makes a yay or nay.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!