What Is The Story Behind The Miraculous Medal? – History & Meaning

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You’ve probably heard about the Miraculous Medal a number of times now, especially if you are Catholic, where you would have learned all about the Sacramentals, but what is the story of the Miraculous Medal?

What makes this story one of the most important ones ever told by different individuals of the Christian faith, and how did the medal come to be? Also, what makes the Miraculous Medal one of the most powerful medals in the Catholic church?


Why is it called the Miraculous Medal?

What Is The Story Behind The Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal, formerly called the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, is a very unique medal among all other medals, and its first name was dropped soon after people started wearing the medal because of the fact that there were several accounts of miracles around the medal for all the people that wore it.

This came about because of the fact that the medal was created in 1830, and by 1832 it had stuck as the medal that everyone always wanted to wear since they noticed that wearing the medal brought them great graces and miracles.

At the time of the medal’s creation, Paris was recovering from the war’s effects, and countless people were suffering since their lives had been rundown completely.

What Is The Story Behind The Miraculous Medal

There were many sick people and several others under challenging conditions, but when they started wearing the Medal of Immaculate Conception, things turned around, and they experienced untold miracles; soon after, the medal was renamed the Miraculous Medal.

The accounts of miracles meant that people started calling it the Miraculous Medal, and this name stuck. It not only represented the miracles made possible by the medal but was also the perfect reminder of humankind’s salvation through the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ. He was born of the Virgin Mary.


What does the miraculous medal symbolize?

What Is The Story Behind The Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal symbolizes the salvation of humankind through the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for all humanity. It is also a beautiful reminder that at the end of the day, all that wear the medal receive great graces from the Blessed Mary, Mother of God.

But as a medal that is said to have been created under the direction of St. Catherine after Our Lady Mary Mother of God appeared to her in different visions, the medal was designed intricately with specific details that made for one of the most powerful Christian medals today.

The front side features the image of the Blessed Mary with her hands outstretched and rays of light streaming from the hands, symbolizing that anyone who wore the medal confidently would receive endlessly and the most extraordinary graces, particularly for all that ask her to intercede.

What Is The Story Behind The Miraculous Medal

The medal also represents the power of the Blessed Mother, who is a powerful force against the forces of evil. And through the prayer, you can intercede for Mary to lead you back to Jesus.

The medal also symbolizes the wearer’s faith in Christ and Blessed Mother and their dedication to saving humankind.

Since the Virgin Mary herself was engaged in a deep spiritual battle against evil and as shown on the medal, she literally stumped all evil, the medal is a reminder of her power against spiritual battle and also the fact she trumped evil in an evil world, which is technically the battlefield she stands on ‘the world globe’ as depicted on the medal.


What is the story behind the miraculous medal?

What Is The Story Behind The Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal is an important symbol in the Catholic church, a symbol of devotion and love. It is recognized as an important Sacramental by the Catholic church.

It’s also an important form of support to all individuals looking for grace, especially the individuals facing hardships in their lives or the people who need a physical reminder of the fact that at the end of the day, you are not really alone, since you always have a loving and endlessly good and supportive Mother that will also sustain them.

This belief comes from the fact that according to the Catholic church, there is the possibility that men and women from the older days would receive visions and visits, often from the Virgin Mary, and in other cases, from specific saints.

What Is The Story Behind The Miraculous Medal

In the case of the Miraculous Medal, Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Catherine Labouré on the 27th of October in 1830 when the young nun was one of the daughters of Charity of the St. Vincent de Paul, a convent in Paris.

She received this vision from Virgin Mary while fast asleep one night when a luminous child woke her up by whispering, Sister, Sister, Sister. Upon waking, she followed the kid down the chapel’s hall, and there she spotted the brilliant figure of the Blessed Mother.

These miraculous events led her near the chapel, where she sat down next to the Blessed Mother, resting her hands on Mary’s lap while kneeling at Mary’s feet, looking into her eyes, and having a heart-to-heart.

What Is The Story Behind The Miraculous Medal

St. Catherine later referred to this moment as ‘the sweetest moment of her life, and 4 months later, in 1830 November, Mary reappeared to St. Catherine at the Chapel Rue de Bac. She stood on the world globe this time, and dazzling light rays streamed from her outstretched hands.

Around her was the framing of an apparition inscribed with the words “O (Mother) Mary, who was conceived without any sins, pray for us sinners.”

This time when the Virgin Mary appeared to St. Catherine, she instructed her to have a medal struck on that model and that whoever wore the medal would receive great graces, especially if they wore the medal around the neck.

What Is The Story Behind The Miraculous Medal

She also instructed that the wearer of the medal needed to repeat the prayer she gave, and they would be under the Blessed Mother’s protection. And, they would receive abundant graces if they were confident in the power of the medal.

In 1832, the church’s approval created and distributed the first medals throughout Paris. While only 10 original medals were initially made, many others were made afterward, and only one original medal is still housed in the Miraculous Medal Shrine.

At the time of its creation, the Medal was the Medal of Immaculate Conception, but after people started wearing it and receiving great miracles, they were renamed the Miraculous Medal.

In 1876, St. Catherine passed away, but billions of medals had been made by then, and there are many others today, all believed to draw down on the blessings of God for the wearer’s body and Soul.



The Miraculous Medal is one of the most powerful medals in the Catholic Church, and all its wearers receive great graces as was directed by the Blessed Mother when she appeared to St. Catherine.

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