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Return to Tiffany is a brand that makes jewelry with the famous insignia Return to Tiffany & Co New York. Initially, the brand made key tags that were also branded with the famous symbol “Please Return to Tiffany and Co. New York.” Over the years Return to Tiffany owners ventured into other niche markets, they manufactured tags, started making jewelry and key rings, and as the brand became popular across the globe, so did the price of each new iteration rise.  

The Return to Tiffany tags duly achieved iconic status and the company now retails an assortment of jewelry which have been engraved with the famous motif Return to Tiffany.

In this article, as we celebrate Tiffany’s craftsmanship and its contribution to the vast jewelry industry we also seek to understand more of Tiffany’s other iconic works and the meaning of the insignia return to Tiffany.


Why do Tiffany necklaces say please return to?

the meaning of Return to Tiffany

Back in the day, the Return to Tiffany keys were assigned a unique registration number which guaranteed that if the owner and the key ever had to be separated they would still re-unite at Tiffany’s fifth avenue flagship store. The above is the reason why the necklaces say please return to Tiffany and Co. New York.


Should you buy Return to Tiffany necklace?

Yes, you should buy Return to Tiffany necklace because the dedication, energy, time, and craftsmanship that goes towards crafting the pieces will leave you with a neckpiece that will last a lifetime. Let us also not be quick to forget that Tiffany manufactures the best diamond jewelry.

the meaning of Return to Tiffany

And this does not only apply to the necklace but also to the earrings, watches, and bracelets.

The company has been observed to only utilize the most expensive diamond among other expensive semi-precious stones.

And that is why they are always creating the most unique jewelry pieces that are worth every penny spent on them.

Tiffany’s necklaces sport a high level of craftsmanship, thus you can expect a neckpiece with an incredible design.


Advantages of investing in Return to Tiffany jewelry

  • The jewelry feature very exclusive designs
  • The company pieces are timeless and retain their value over time
  • The pieces of jewelry are made from the finest raw materials
  • The craftsmanship for Return to Tiffany jewelry is difficult to replicate
  • The Jewelry lasts a long time
  • The company is known to produce the best engagement and wedding rings

the meaning of Return to Tiffany

Disadvantages of investing in Tiffany jewelry

  • The major disadvantage of investing in Tiffany jewelry is in its price tag, as almost all their jewelry pieces retail at a high price.


How do I care for my Return to Tiffany Jewelry?

Whether you got your Return to Tiffany jewelry through gifting or you acquired it with your hard-earned money, you must be wondering what you can do to retain both its structural integrity and its pleasing aesthetics.

Well, Tiffany’s jewelry can turn into a family heirloom, and as such the necessary care procedures must be instituted.

the meaning of Return to Tiffany

  • Your Tiffany Jewelry must be professionally cleaned at least once every year. For the above, it would be best if you took it back to Tiffany and Co. for professional servicing. The reason why we recommend you take your piece of jewelry back to the manufacturer is because they can easily repair your earrings and clasp. Tiffany’s staff are also good at stringing pearls, in general, is that they are well versed in all aspects of jewelry maintenance.
  • Individuals who own sterling silver jewelry which as it turns out is one of the most beautiful and lustrous jewelry, you might want to take it to Tiffany’s for proper care to ensure that it maintains its beauty for the many years to come. The metal also requires constant cleaning to retain its shine and luster
  • If you however wish to care for your Tiffany’s jewelry from home, you are advised to always put on the silverware because a regularly used silver jewelry requires less care. But if you are in the habit of storing away your silver and only using it for special occasions, then you might have to invest in Tiffany’s silver jewelry cleaner and with a soft cloth, you will rub it gently to get rid of tarnish and build up.
  • Caring for your Tiffany jewelry is summed up by providing proper storage and in this case, you might want to retreat to the Tifanny blue flannel bags; designed to protect your silverware from abrasion while offering tarnish prevention.


How to care for your Return to Tiffany gold and platinum jewelry?

the meaning of Return to Tiffany

Taking care of your gold and platinum jewelry is more of a walk in the park because you wouldn’t need an abrasive cleaner.

However, the owners of the expensive pieces of jewelry must be sure to keep their gold and platinum away from household bleach that would discolor the gold or even cause it to disintegrate.

How you store your gold and platinum also constitutes good care procedures and you should, therefore, put it back in its original case, most importantly into the tarnish-resistant pouch.


How to care for your Return to Tiffany Gemstone jewelry?

When it comes to gemstones more effort will be needed because gemstones are delicate and must be protected from hard surfaces and contact with abrasive surfaces must be limited.

the meaning of Return to Tiffany

Stones such as pearl, tanzanite, emerald, and tourmaline are especially delicate.

What’s more, is that gemstones can scratch each other when stored together, and should, therefore, not be stacked together.

Gemstones should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, household chemicals, and perfumes as these agents can damage the jewelry.

Individuals who have invested in Tiffany’s diamonds are advised to clean them with six parts water and one part ammonia and then clean it with a soft bristle brush.



Investing in expensive jewelry is a type of future-proof investment because you can always sell the piece when the rainy days hit.  

And the best jewelry to invest in are those that have a high resale value and backed by big brands name like Tiffany’s.

So, to ensure that the jewelry attracts its full price during resale the necessary care processes must be instituted.

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