What Is The Cost of Dipping A Ring In White Gold?

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Have you ever bought a ring that you loved at first, but later realize that maybe you made the wrong choice? It happens to the best of us, especially when buying online.

For example, you may see a beautiful yellow gold ring and fall in love with it. But after purchase, you realize that the yellow isn’t as flattering on you and you’d like to change it. This happens more often than you may think.

What Is The Cost of Dipping A Ring In White Gold

There’s always a reason to change up your jewelry and in some cases, it is not easy to just exchange it. That is where dipping your ring in metal comes in handy.

You may be wondering, is this possible and how much does it cost? This article is going to cover the possibility and cost of dipping your ring while focusing on white gold, the common metal choice. We will also offer you some tips you can use if you decide to dip your ring.


Can You Dip A Yellow Gold Ring In White Gold?

There are many occasions where you may buy pr receive a gift of a yellow gold ring and immediately wish that it was white gold. This mostly happens with rings that have stone settings, especially diamonds.

cost of dipping a ring in white gold

Stones like diamond reflect better on metals like white gold as opposed to yellow gold. That’s because there is no color being refracted by diamonds on a white gold band, therefore its sparkle is more brilliant.

There are many approaches you can take to swap the yellow gold for white gold. One of them is dipping the ring in white gold. So, yes, it is possible to do so. Dipping is simply plating the ring with a layer of metal.

White gold is dipped in rhodium as a standard, to help increase its white brilliance. Some even suspect that some jewelers simply dip yellow gold into rhodium and sell them as white gold.

While it is possible to dip your yellow gold ring into white gold, most jewelers wouldn’t recommend it. For starters, white gold is not completely white by nature.

There’s that yellowish tint to it, which is why it’s plated with rhodium. So, if you want the silvery-white shine, you might as well dip the gold in rhodium.

Another reason is that it is not a permanent solution. Eventually, the layer will fade away and you will have to re-dip the ring again and again. Dipping also means that the layer of metal may not reach some crevices on the ring, so there may be an uneven look.


Can You Dip A White Gold Ring In Yellow Gold?

The biggest issue with white gold rings is the yellowish tint that always begins to show each time the rhodium plating fades. It can be annoying to keep replating the rhodium, so one may think, why not just revert it to yellow gold?

cost of dipping a ring in white gold

This is nearly impossible and at the very least extremely difficult, For you to revert white gold to yellow would need to melt down the jewelry, carefully extract the white metal alloys and then remodel the ring. Not only with that takes time but it will also cost you a pretty penny.

Luckily, that isn’t the only solution. In the same way, you can dip yellow gold in white, the vice versa is possible. Keep in mind, however, that while the ring will appear yellow it will not be the real thing.

The plated layer also will not last for a long time. Eventually, the white gold underneath will begin to show. But at least it will look like more of a faded yellow ring, which some people still find appealing.


What Is The Cost Of Dipping A Ring In White Gold?

To determine the answer to this question, you first need to understand what dipping involves. Dipping in other terms can be referred to as plating, where you add a layer, normally thin, of metal on another metal. The process requires electric currents that help bond the two metals together.

What Is The Cost of Dipping A Ring In White Gold

The price charged to dip the ring is based on several factors. To begin with, there is the white gold that you need to dip the ring in, then the electric energy required, and of course the labor.

The price also varies from one jeweler to another and is based on how complicated the design of the ring is.

The price may range anywhere between $60-$120. Still, some jewelry stores offer it as a complimentary service for customers, meaning it is free.

So, look out for this advantage when purchasing your ring. Some jewelers, however, never offer the service. This is because they know that the layer of the white gold will fade away eventually, and want to avoid complaints from the clients concerning it.


How Much Does It Cost To Re-Dip A Ring?

cost of dipping a ring in white gold

As you know by now, dipping rings in preferred metal are only a temporary solution. Eventually, the layer will fade away.

That is when you will need to re-dip your ring, meaning adding a new layer of metal to restore its original state. Re-dipping is essential especially because worn layers of the top metal will end up making your ring look uneven and unappealing.

As for the cost of re-dipping, that also varies from one jeweler to another and will also depend on factors like ring design, material, and labor used. The average cost is estimated between $50-$75, with higher prices charged for custom or complicated pieces.

As for how often you will need to re-dip, that will depend on how fast the top layer fades. It is usually between 1-3 years based on how often you wear the ring and also how thin the layer of metal was.


Tips For Caring for Dipped Ring

cost of dipping a ring in white gold

The following are some useful tips that will come in handy when it comes to maintaining your dipped ring:


Avoid excessive rubbing

If you know you have dipped rings, avoid rubbing them against surfaces as much as possible.

Remember that the dipped layer of metal is thin and easily fades the more you rub against it.

So, ensure you take off your ring when doing strenuous exercises or chores.

What Is The Cost of Dipping A Ring In White Gold

Do not sleep with the ring

While sleeping you may move around a lot. That increases the chances of the ring rubbing against your sheets clothes and even hair.

As a result, the top layer fades faster. As such, ensure you take off your ring before sleeping.


Avoid showering with the ring

cost of dipping a ring in white gold

Water alone may not affect the ring much especially if it has been made of quality material, but over time it does increase the speed at which the dipped ring fades.

What’s more, you are likely to scrub the ring and hence the top layer while scrubbing your body.


Keep away from toxic chemicals

Chemicals like chlorine can be harmful to metals and not just those that have been dipped.

So, you may want to avoid using the chemicals with the ring on. You should cover your ring or take it off in such cases. Even when entering the pool.

What Is The Cost of Dipping A Ring In White Gold

Don’t excessively clean the ring

While cleaning and polishing your jewelry is great for maintenance, it will lead to the top layer of your dipped ring fading faster.

Once every two weeks should be sufficient enough for cleaning the ring.

Even while cleaning, ensure you are careful not to rub against the ring too much and use a soft cloth when drying it.



Dipping is a useful solution if you want to see how the metal would look before changing it. It is also the best alternative if you don’t want to let go of the ring because of its sentimental value.

Keep in mind though that it is a temporary solution and that you would keep re-dipping the ring to keep its appeal.

If this is too much for you, as it is for many you could just opt to get new jewelry in the preferred metal you want.

It will cost more but at least you won’t have to worry about re-dipping after every 3 years.

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