What Is the Best Prong Setting for Round Diamond Earrings?

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Different diamond cuttings go with different settings. The prong setting is suitable for most available cuttings.

Most diamond earring lovers who would rather have the prong design do not know what prong design to settle for when using various diamond cuts.

Your setting of choice must include the beauty standard you desire to achieve and the durability.Various prong designs are defined by the number of prongs used to secure the gemstone.

In this post, we are going to explore some of the prong settings that will work with your round cuts.


Prong Set Earrings: 3 Prong Vs. 4, 6 And 8

What Is the Best Prong Setting for Round Diamond Earrings

A prong setting is comprised of tiny spikes called prongs that are used to hold the diamond in place. It is a traditional diamond setting that has continued to be adored by diamond lovers.

These prongs are designed to hold the rock in its place without hiding it or interfering with its beauty. The prong design is sub-divided into four based on the number of prongs used. We have three, four, six, and eight.


-3 Prong

What Is the Best Prong Setting for Round Diamond Earrings

This setting might be unsuitable for diamond rings, but it works well with earrings. This is a perfect choice for the minimalist whose only desire is to show off the diamond in all its glory.

The three-prong setting accentuates the diamond while keeping the prongs minimal. This gives the illusion of a large rock. In a three-prong setting, you will only notice the tiny spikes that won’t distract you from the main piece.

What you get in return is a sparkle of a dozen stars as the diamond is fully exposed to light. What are the advantages of the three-prong?

This setting gives a perfectly unique silhouette to the earrings. If you are not afraid to stand out, this could be your ideal setting. Your diamond will be in the full glare of all those around you.

The minimal prongs do not make any effort to hide your gem, and if your piece is smaller than you would like, this setting will give you the illusion of a bigger piece.

On the downside, the three-prong setting is not your most secure setting. The lesser the prongs are, the lesser the security. This diamond setting might not be your choice after all if you desire a diamond that is over 1.50 carats. This setting is best for smaller pieces.


-4 Prong

What Is the Best Prong Setting for Round Diamond Earrings

This setting is great for that balance between beauty and security. The four-prong uses four tiny prongs to hold the diamond in place.

Although it might not be as minimalist as the three-prong, you are still guaranteed a brilliant sparkle and a great surface area of the exposed rock. This setting will also buy you some time if one prong wears over time.

This prong setting will accommodate 2.00 carats and below and still give you the spectacular view that you desire. As stated above, the four-prong will barely block your diamond.

The view and exposure to light for the sparkle are retained. The security is guaranteed with this prong setting as the extra prong holds it better in place than a three-prong setting. The symmetry of the four-prong gives a balanced finish to your earring.

On the flip side, the four-prong will not give an illusion of a larger diamond. This setting will likely give the appearance of a smaller rock due to the surface area covered by the four prongs. It is limited to diamonds of over 1.50 carats and below 2.0 carats.


-6 Prong

What Is the Best Prong Setting for Round Diamond Earrings

The six-prong is the crowning beauty of a diamond. This design covers the diamond in a setting that resembles a crown. With this prong setting, the issue of security is set aside as you are guaranteed a secure and balanced earring.  

It is obvious that this setting occupies more space, but it doesn’t hide the exposure to light and the sparkle under the light. If you intend to use diamonds over 2.00 carats, this prong setting will do the trick.

This is not to mean that it can’t be used on smaller carats, but they might get lost in the design and fail to fully bring out the desired outcome.

The best part about this prong setting is its security to larger diamonds. You will have nothing to worry about if you desire a 2.00-carat diamond and above. The overall security is undisputed and it doesn’t interfere with the beauty of the rock.

On the other hand, this prong setting will not do much with diamonds less than 2.00 carats. The increased number of prongs will cover the diamond and reduce its surface area.


-8 Prong

What Is the Best Prong Setting for Round Diamond Earrings

Most earrings use fewer carats, and hence do not require prongs this much. However, if you are into large rocks over 3.00 carats, this is what you just might need.

The security is guaranteed and a great accentuation to the center diamond. You might also want to think about the weight of a 3. oo-carat on your earlobe, but if you insist, ensure that you have them in an eight-prong setting.

Like the six-prong, the security of this setting is great. The huge rock will be held in place. However, the many prongs can become problematic as they are caught in your hair.


What is the best prong setting for round Diamonds? Why?

What Is the Best Prong Setting for Round Diamond Earrings

The round cutting goes well with the prong setting, specifically the three-prong and the four-prong settings. However, the three-prong setting carries the day when it comes to round diamonds.

This is because the round shape sits more securely and elegantly in the triangular shape formed by three prongs. You will likely look more sophisticated in a three-prong and a round shape than in any other prong design.

The symmetry of the diamond on a three-prong gives it a stunning elegance and visibility.


How to Choose the Setting for Your Diamond Earrings

What Is the Best Prong Setting for Round Diamond Earrings

The choice of a diamond setting solely depends on your preferences and concerns. If you are concerned about visibility and the sparkle, you should stick to the prong. This will guarantee you great visibility especially prong three and four.

If you are more concerned about the security, you might want to go with a six or an eight-prong setting if you only want the prong setting. Other settings like the bezel and halo offer great security as well.

A secure diamond is more covered with either metal or more prongs. In this case, you have to let go of the visibility and sparkle and choose to have secure earrings.


How do you make Diamond Studs look bigger?

What Is the Best Prong Setting for Round Diamond Earrings

The first trick is to minimize the metal. This works well with the prong setting where less metal is used. A smaller diamond will appear bigger as it is more accentuated.

The three-prong setting does a perfect job with this. You can also use the illusion setting to make your rocks appear bigger. The technique behind it placing diamonds side by side and setting them low.

This makes them appear bigger. The use of reflecting precious metals such as white gold and platinum make an illusion of a bigger diamond.



Whatever prong setting you settle on, ensure that you consider all the above-mentioned pros and cons.

You should also look at your daily lifestyle and see whether it’s security or visibility that comes first.  

A minimalist or detailed prong setting will showcase your diamond and retain the splendor of the diamond sparkle under the light.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!