What Is The Best Necklace Clasp?(Detailed Answer)

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Whether you are planning to get into the jewelry making business or are shopping for necklaces and are looking for the ones that will not waste your time when you need to wear or take off the necklace, or perhaps you just want to get a necklace whose clasp will not break apart easily, you need to understand what your best necklace clasps should be.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best kinds of necklace clasps that you should be aware of.


What is the best necklace clasp? Why?

Well, the best necklace clasp for you is the one whose style and type match the necklace but is also easy to use and one that can support the weight of the necklace.

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 Generally, there are two main types of necklace clasps that are considered the very best for your necklace. We are talking about the lobster claw clasp and the spring-ring clasp.

But between the two types of clasps, the lobster clasp is considered the very best type of clasp that’s used for necklaces. The reason for this is that the lobster clasp just gets the work done beautifully because it is not just secure and durable, but also thick and heavy-duty, hence the capacity to work with most kinds of necklaces.

And even though this necklace clasp is already easy to use, the ones that are soldered to the chain necklace so that you don’t have to worry about pulling them open are the very best. That said, these clasps tend to rotate around the neck too much, and they are also pricey.

Note that the spring clasps are also quite common because it boasts a secure design and it will keep your necklace in place. And with no soldering needed, they are only suitable for lightweight and short necklaces.


What is the safest clasp for a necklace? Why?

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 The lobster clasp is the safest clasp for your necklace. The spring and the hook ring clasps come in close because they are equally great for use with necklaces.

Note that the design of the lobster clasp is what makes this necklace clasp the safest and the most popular option. Essentially, the lobster clasp is spring-loaded with a self-closing design.

This mechanism is made possible by the fact that the clasp works by the use of a little lever that is easily opened and closed.

And with the self-closing option, the lobster clasp is the ideal option for necklaces.


Tips for choosing your necklace clasp

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 There are numerous types of necklace clasps, and if you are shopping for necklaces and/or clasps, understanding what your options are and what to look for in the search for the best necklace clasp is of great importance.

Here, we’re sharing important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the necklace clasps.

  • Ease of use

The best necklace clasp is the one that is rather easy for anyone to use, but especially for individuals whose dexterity is challenged. In other words, if you have weak fingernails or your fingers are weak, meaning you’re unable to work simple things, the necklace should be made with very easy-to-use clasps. With this in mind, most people with dexterity challenges would opt for the hook, push-lock, or magnetic clasps. The magnetic clasps are particularly great for people with very little dexterity at their fingertips. This is also the case with hook-style clasps, especially for thicker and heavier chain necklaces.

The push-lock would also be a great option, but there is the risk of allowing the necklace chain to fall back through the closure. This type of clasp is more ideal for persons with arthritic fingers because there isn’t much fingernail action required – you only need to press down on the clasp to open it, and the spring-loaded piece will open and close.

If, on the other hand, dexterity is not a problem and you need a necklace clasp that works great for the longer and heavier necklaces, then the lobster clasp is ideal because it offers the best function given its durable, high-strength design.

The other clasp that is relatively easy to use is the box clasp that features a tongue that will slide into the box and lock in place with that nice, audible click. The box clasp also features a safety clasp.


  • Nails

Some clasps will not work well if you have acrylic nails. This is common with necklaces that feature the lobster or the spring-ring clasps.

Before buying a necklace, test the clasps first to make sure that they are easy to work with and call for the least possible amount of manipulation.

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  • Some clasps are just impossible to work around – Barrel Clasps.

One of the clasp styles that is the hardest to use has to be the barrel-clasp.

The design of the barrel clasp is just one of the worst, and trying to pry it open or even close it is a complete nightmare.

So, despite the lightweight design and simple round shape, using this clasp is quite a challenge – getting the two pieces to work and the fin to slide into the extra small barrel is hard for most people.

So, you should avoid necklaces with the barrel clasp.


  • All-round necklace clasp

If you don’t have dexterity issues and need a clasp that will support the heavy and long necklaces easily, you should consider the lobster clasp.

The almost square shape of the clasp makes it more stable and easier to use.

Other types of clasps for necklaces include the bolo clasp, ball/bead clasp, fishhook clasp, toggle, buckle, and swivel clasps.

That said, other necklaces are made with hidden jewelry clasps meant to ensure an uninterrupted flow in the design of the necklace or bracelet. They often feature a safety latch that makes the necklace more secure.

Then you have the decorative clasp that somehow adds to or completes the design of the clasp and the jewelry. These clasps can be heart-shaped.



The best necklace clasp is secure, easy to use, able to handle the extra weight, and also easy to take off. Read more topics here or visit our homepage!

Hey! I finally find the Answer!