What Is Special About Cuban Link? – Jewelers Detailed Answers

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Everyone loves to look good, especially when leaving the house, even for errands.

And though we may have different ideas about what you must never leave your house without, we can all agree that there are two things that shouldn’t be underestimated = smelling good and wearing the right accessories.

One of the accessories you may want to invest in is a good quality chain necklace, preferably a Cuban link chain necklace.

Why the Cuban Link chain? Well, in addition to being one of the most popular types of chains, Cuban link chains are elegant and work for pretty much everyone.

But there’s more to it, so what makes the Cuban link chains stand out?


Features of Cuban Link

What Is Special About Cuban Link

Cuban Link chains are, as mentioned above, the most common and iconic gold jewelry chain style. This chain style has been a very popular and stylish accessory that’s been around for decades, and the main reason for this is the fact that the chain link style is an elegant variation of the standard cable link chain.

Essentially, the chain links are ovals shaped, intersecting with each other in a roped pattern, creating an overall sleek and thick pattern that allows you to wear the chain as a necklace or bracelet.

The interlocking chains are held together firmly, so the chain is quite durable and will last a long time. The interlocking design of the chain is also the reason for the popularity of the Cuban link chain.

What Is Special About Cuban Link

The other notable feature of the chain link style is the fact that the links boast a diamond-cut style, all linked in either circular or oval shapes, hence a perfectly firm locking mechanism.

The interlocking design is the reason for the robustness of the Cuban link chain and the sophisticated design of the resultant Cuban link chain necklaces.

The other impressive feature of the Cuban link chain is the fact that the chain can be crafted into different sizes, and you can buy thin and thick Cuban chain link pieces, depending on the design features that suit you.

Additionally, the chain link style comes in different color finishes, depending on the metal used to make the chain. The common metals used include platinum, silver, gold, and titanium for individuals with very sensitive skin.


When did Cuban links become popular?

What Is Special About Cuban Link

Cuban link chains have been around for quite a long time, but the very first types of Cuban link chains date back thousands of years to the ancient cities and people of Egypt.

Despite being a very old chain necklace style, it wasn’t until the late 70s and 80s that the Cuban link chains became really popular and really regained momentum as the chain style became the trendiest jewelry style.

As the chain style grew mainstream, it was taken up by hip-hop legends who wore the Cuban chain link necklaces of all lengths and thicknesses.

For them, the chains were their most stylish accessory, but soon, the Cuban link chain necklaces became symbols of status and must-haves for influential and affluent individuals. The Cuban link chain necklaces also became the symbols associated with hip hop.

What Is Special About Cuban Link

Some of the big names that wore the Cuban link chains made of either silver or gold include Daddy Kane mad Slick Rick, and also some of the renowned artists from the 21st century, such as Dj Khaled, Drake, and Jay Z, who consider the Cuban Link chains a signature style of fashion that was handed down to them.

Besides hip-hop artists, the Cuban link chain necklaces are popular among star athletes, rock icons, and celebrities. And today, pretty much everyone wears this chain necklace style, and you would look equally good in them too.


Why are Cuban link chains so popular?

I. Everyday wear for anyone

What Is Special About Cuban Link

For starters, the Cuban link chains are quite popular because of the fact that anyone can wear the chain necklace style. Hip hop artists and rappers might have popularized the Cuban link chains and rappers, but they are now popular, and everyone/ everyday people wear them.

The Cuban link chains are suitable for the modern man and woman, thanks to their simple and elegant design that allows anyone to wear the chains in casual and business settings. You could also wear the Cuban link chain necklace when working out.


II. The Cuban link chain necklace goes well with pendants

What Is Special About Cuban Link

The other reason for the Cuban link chain’s popularity is that it looks and works perfectly with different kinds of pendants, and it looks great, especially for men.

So, even though the chain can be worn on its own seamlessly, it actually looks even better with a pendant added to it.

This versatility makes it a lot more appealing, and you can add a pendant, whether you prefer the silver or the gold chain and necklace combo.

Thanks to its versatility, the Cuban link chain necklace works quite well with cross and crucifix pendants, and such pendant necklaces can be worn by hip hop artists, among others. The crucifix or the cross adds oomph to the plain chains.


III. Versatility

What Is Special About Cuban Link

The Cuban link chain is the most versatile type of chain that is not only used for chain necklaces but also for rings, anklets, watches, and necklaces, and the best part is that the chain looks great, regardless of the style of jewelry one seeks.


IV.It looks great and expensive

What Is Special About Cuban Link

Cuban chains symbolize luxury and wealth, and they elevate the wearer’s experience, which is the main reason for the popularity of the chain necklace.

It is classy, and the Miami Cuban link chain, for instance, is an important symbol of wealth for different people, from hip hop artists and rappers to fashion influencers and ordinary people.

You will be happy to know that some of these chains don’t just look expensive, but they are costly, and you will enjoy the best value for your money if you invest in the custom-made gold Cuban link chains.

The heavier chain necklaces made of solid gold are worth more, and the heavier the Cuban link chains, the costlier they are.


V. Comfort and durability

What Is Special About Cuban Link

The Cuban chain link necklaces are also popular because the chain is quite durable, and they also sit very comfortably. The original Cuban chain links feature interlocking links that are circular or oval, and these links are all crafted meticulously for durability.

The chains boast a high level of craftsmanship. The interlocking pattern also means the chain lies flat against the body, ensuring maximum mobility and comfort.


VI. Several options to choose from

What Is Special About Cuban Link

The other impressive feature of the Cuban link chain necklace is that you can choose the metal color to match your style and color preferences.

You could opt for the yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver Cuban chain link necklaces, which all look great.

Other than color, you can choose different types of Cuban link chain necklaces, such as the Miami links and the prong Cuban links.


Pros and cons of Cuban Link

What Is Special About Cuban Link

  • They are quite durable
  • They sit comfortably against the skin
  • The solid gold Cuban link chain necklaces are a great investment option
  • They work well with pendants
  • Look expensive


  • These chain link necklaces are expensive


The unique design of the Cuban link chains, the durability, and the comfort fit, not to mention the versatile options available, make these chains very special and timeless.

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