What is Nickel-free Jewelry? Should You Wear It?

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Do you have sensitive skin that develops irritation every time you wear nickel jewelry? If yes, you don’t have to give up on jewelry.

You only need to focus on nickel-free jewelry. This is a common problem that many people face. You are probably wondering what nickel-free jewelry is.

We created this post to help you learn more about this kind of jewelry. By the end of the post, you will also discover why jewelry manufacturers use nickel and the merits and demerits of wearing nickel-free jewelry. Enjoy!


What is nickel and its application

What is Nickel-free Jewelry

Nickel refers to a transition metal that is silvery white. This metal is used in different industries since it is quite versatile. Most industries combine nickel with other metals to make different items.

For instance, alloys of copper and nickel are used to make propeller shafts of boats. This metal is commonly used since it not only adds luster to different metals but also enhances durability.

Due to its ability to resist corrosion at high temperatures, nickel is utilized in rocket engines and gas turbines. This metal is also crucial in the making of wires and coins.

The nuclear power markets also utilize nickel. Did you know that most of the cookware in the kitchen is made from nickel? We get exposed to this metal even at home while cooking.

Other household items like buttons, scissors, cell phones, and watchbands can also be made from nickel. Apart from that, manufacturers also use nickel to make different jewelry, including rings, bracelets, earrings, and chains.


Why jewelry manufacturers use nickel in making jewelry

What is Nickel-free Jewelry

Though some people are allergic to nickel, jewelry manufacturers continue using this metal to make jewelry. One of the main reasons why they do this is to reduce the cost.

Compared to other metals, producing jewelry using nickel saves manufacturers the cost of production. This metal is cheaper than other metals such as silver.

They also use nickel to make jewelry since it is more durable and polishes nicely. The texture of this metal appeals to many, so the jewelry manufacturers continue using it to make more pieces.

Jewelry manufacturers also use nickel as an alloy with different metals since it is easy to work with and strong. Since this metal is combined with others during jewelry making, you might find it in titanium or white gold jewelry.


What is nickel-free jewelry?

What is Nickel-free Jewelry

Though most jewelry contains nickel, you can still come across some that don’t. This is what is referred to as nickel-free jewelry. Nickel-free jewelry can either be made of metals or non-metals.

As you shop for jewelry, you should understand the difference between nickel-free and hypoallergenic jewelry. Hypoallergenic jewelry is not nickel-free since it contains trace amounts of this metal.

Since there is no standard for nickel jewelry in the US, you may find it challenging to find nickel-free jewelry in some regions.

If you are allergic to this metal, you can be on the safe side by picking jewelry that does not contain any nickel by definition, such as copper jewelry.  Look out for the label that often reads “nickel-free” as you shop for jewelry.


Why you should choose nickel-free jewelry

What is Nickel-free Jewelry

To minimize the risk of getting cancer

Though jewelry can help you achieve a sophisticated look, you have to know the effects of different metals. Exposure to nickel compounds in nickel jewelry increases the chances of getting cancer.

Research shows that one can get nasal or lung cancer from constantly wearing nickel jewelry. Choosing nickel-free jewelry is therefore important since it can reduce the risk of getting such health conditions.


To prevent allergic reactions

Whether young or old, anyone can start experiencing allergic reactions to nickel. You can tell that your skin is reacting to nickel jewelry if you notice rashes on the surface.

What is Nickel-free Jewelry

Some people start to notice an allergic reaction to this metal after years of wearing nickel jewelry. Choosing nickel-free jewelry can prevent you from skin irritations.

It is comfortable

Unlike nickel jewelry, which can cause discomfort in some people, you can comfortably wear most nickel-free jewelry for an entire day without dealing with any negative symptoms.

Nickel-free jewelry can save you from having to sneak away from a party to remove your jewelry due to discomfort.

What is Nickel-free Jewelry

This metal is everywhere

We mentioned that nickel is in many items, even in our homes. Traces of this metal are also present in water and food since the kitchen items we use are made from nickel. Even the kitchen faucet that we use to get water has nickel compounds.

Choosing nickel-free jewelry is advisable since it can help minimize exposure to this metal. This can therefore save you from the negative effects of nickel. Less exposure to the metal is better for your body.


Pros and cons of wearing nickel-free jewelry

Nickel-free jewelry has advantages and disadvantages that you should weigh before switching from nickel jewelry. Some of them include the following:

What is Nickel-free Jewelry


Nickel-free jewelry is great for people with sensitive skin. You can wear this for a long time without experiencing skin irritations or developing rashes.

Besides this, nickel-free jewelry comes in different base metals and plating. You can, therefore, find a great type that not only looks good but is also safe.

Nickel-free jewelry also comes in high-quality materials. Manufacturers use high-grade metals such as titanium, gold, silver, or platinum to make them. Such materials, therefore, make the jewelry stand out.

Since not all nickel-free jewelry is made from metal, some are lightweight and comfortable. If you need an alternative to metal jewelry, you can consider those made from medical-grade plastic. These are great since they are easy to maintain.

What is Nickel-free Jewelry


Though nickel-free jewelry is recommended, it can cost you more than nickel jewelry. You have to invest more to get a couple of nickel-free pieces of jewelry.

If you are on a budget, take your time to compare a certain type of jewelry from different sellers to find the most affordable one that does not contain any traces of nickel.

Besides the cost, most nickel-free jewelry is not as corrosion-resistant as nickel jewelry. Imagine paying more for nickel-free jewelry that will not serve you for a very long time.

Though this is unfortunate, it can be worth the purchase if you develop allergic reactions to nickel jewelry.



Related Q&A

What is Nickel-free Jewelry

Can nickel-free jewelry get wet?

Yes. Nickel-free jewelry made from metals like platinum or gold can get wet.

Those such metals are safe in the shower; you should avoid exposing them to salt water or chlorine water since this can lead to corrosion.


Does nickel-free jewelry rust?

Yes. Some nickel-free jewelry can rust, such as those made from silver or copper.


Is nickel-free jewelry expensive?

Yes. Nickel-free jewelry often comes at a higher cost than nickel jewelry.



Nickel earrings, necklaces, and rings often cause inflammation and skin irritation to many wearers. Though such jewelry can help you save some money, you should avoid this metal if you are allergic.

The market offers nickel-free jewelry that can give you a better experience. Now that you understand the facts regarding nickel-free jewelry, you can start looking at the different options available at various stores.

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