What Is A Spinner Ring Used For? Does It Work?

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Spinner rings have been a popular type of ring for years, but its popularity has gone up significantly these past years with more and more people choosing the spinner rings for its fashion sense and trendiness, not to mention the fact that the spinner rings are considered an important part for anxiety management. 

So, what do the spinner rings do, and what are they all about? Also, who needs the spinner rings? 


About spinner ring

what is a spinner ring used for

The spinner ring also called the mediation ring or a two-banded ring designed so that just one ring stays in place at all times while the other one sitting inside spins.

The design of the spinner rings is believed to date back to the time when the ancient Tibetans created the ring and used it as a prayer wheel.

And even then, people believed that the spinner rings carried an array of magical powers and that the rings even had the power to cure tension – which we believe is the reason why the spinner rings are often used as anti-anxiety rings. 

The main reason why people like the spinner rings is because of the soothing effects from the twirling motion of the ring, which makes it a great stress-relieving tool.

It has been proven that the spinner rings are quite effective in anxiety management, and they have helped individuals with anxiety to a great extent.

what is a spinner ring used for

And so, an individual struggling with anxiety can use the spinner ring to calm down or rather, to subdue their levels of anxiety. Also, the spinner rings have been shown to be effective in helping people stay centered during meditation. 

So, do they work?

Well, the spinner rings have been shown to help individuals to finally acknowledge the fact that they have anxiety, which helps in the management of anxiety.

While fidgeting works well in distrcting you from things that cause you tension, the spinner rings also help with nail-biting, among other forms of nervous ticks that you could be dealing with.


Spinner ring history

Spinner rings have an incredible history and are believed to have originated in Ancient Tibet when the ancient Tibetans would use the spinner rings during mediations.

They also referred to the rings as worry rings given their realizations that actually spinning the ring brought calming effects to the body and mind. 

what is a spinner ring used for

Also, in ancient Buddhism, the Tibetan Buddhists made use of the metal spinning cylinders that had special texts engraved on their outer surfaces, to perform and recite religious practices.

Generally, the ring’s spinning motion calms the mind naturally, and this turned out to be the most important tool that was used by Tibetan Buddhists.

The spinning rings would also increase your good karma, while also getting rid of bad energy as the Buddhists made recitations for their religious literature. And thanks to the design of the ring, they got the name, Wheel Prayer, and the ring was then used to perform the religious practices.

And so, 100+ years later, the spinning method is not only a highly sought-after calming method but also one of the most influential methods whose practices apply to the modern spinner ings too.

The modern spinner rings apply similar strategies too, where constantly fidgeting the spinning metal of the ring against your fingers helps to calm the mind, especially from negativity and distractions.

And after some time, the stress and anxiety of the individual will start to fade away as their mind starts to focus on the constant spinning of the ring.

And so, the spinner ring is not just about style and fashion, but also a deeply meaningful ring that will help you if you struggle with anxiety and need help protecting your mental wellbeing. 


What is a spinner ring used for?

what is a spinner ring used for

Essentially, the spinner ring is used to manage anxiety and stress because the fidgeting action or rather, spinning the spinning ring bring calm and will make you feel relaxed whenever you’re feeling anxious.

So, while some people will pick or bite their nails when anxious, others put their hands in the safe confines of their pockets or fiddle with their rings or necklaces, but an increasing number of individuals today use the spinner ring as a healthy and effective fidget tool whenever they feel anxious.

The spinner rings are also quite popular because unlike biting nails, etc, the spinner rings tend to be healthier and they are also a less obvious way of moving your hands around, especially when you just need to calm your nerves.


Spinner Rings Can Calm Anxiety

what is a spinner ring used for

The feeling of the spinner ring on your fingers is one of the most calming feelings you will ever feel, especially if you need a distraction or simply a way of getting through the nerves.

And so, while schools may be against the fidget spinners, the spinner rings might be the next best tool for anxiety management, and also a way of bringing calm in your life if your emotions are all over and you just feel like you’re all over the place.

The effectiveness of the spinner rings in calming anxiety is further supported by specialists; who claim that even though the spinner rings are not an alternative to the right anxiety treatment and that there is no real substitute for real and comprehensive anxiety treatment, the spinner ring may help you gain some control over anxiety.

In times that you’re experiencing an intense bout of anxiety, tools like spinner rings come in handy.


Do Spinner Rings Work?

what is a spinner ring used for

Yes, the spinner rings help in calming someone down when they are having anxiety attacks or just need to calm down nerves.

Note that the reason why the Tibetans have used the spinner rings during meditation for centuries is because of the fact that these rings, also called worry rings, create a spinning action that carries immense calming effects on the body and mind.

Bear in mind, however, that the spinner ring is not a cure for anxiety, but a tool that helps to lower anxiety and make you feel more relaxed when you’re struggling.


Tips for wearing Spinner Rings for the best value

At the end of the day, we can all agree that two people wearing a spinner ring or any other kind of tool for the management of anxiety will not experience similar effects.

And despite human beings being highly intelligent creatures, we are still prone to and much affected by behavioral training, as well as associations.

In other words, after some time, we are conditioned subconsciously to associate some objects or items to certain feelings, rewards, or experiences, and so, we act accordingly.

If you want to read more in detail: read this post: how to wear a meditation ring! 


Final Words

Spinner rings have been a popular type of ring for years, you can buy one for yourself!

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