What Is A Pendant? What Does A Pendant Symbolize?

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Pendant necklaces are some of the most beautiful and popular styles of necklaces, with the pendants adding character and personality to the chain that makes up the rest of the necklace.

However, have you ever wondered what a pendant is and what it symbolizes? This article gives you the inside scoop on all you should know about charms.

So, let’s get right into it!


What is a Pendant?

What Is A Pendant

Before we define a pendant, it’s worth noting that pendants are not new in the jewelry space, and they have been around for thousands of years when worn and used as ornaments that carry special meaning.

The pendants, therefore, come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs as they are suspended from bracelets, earrings, and, most commonly, necklaces.  

Therefore, you could define pendants as jewelry objects or ornaments hanging from necklace or bracelet chains. While some of the pendants can be attached and taken off the chains easily, many others are already pre-attached.

The detachable pendant styles are growing popular today thanks to the fact that you get to wear different pendants depending on the style you are going for.

Pendants are not new, as mentioned above, and they date back to the Stone Age when the pendants were worn as talismans or amulets. Pendant is pendere in Latin, translating to ‘to hang,’ which describes the fact that this charm or amulet hangs from a chain or bracelet.


What Are Pendants Used For?

What Is A Pendant

Pendants are mainly worn as ornamental jewelry pieces incorporated into the necklace. So, in many ways, the pendant is the statement piece or accessory that instantly draws attention in your direction.

But that is not all; in some cultures, the pendants are regarded as symbols that have spiritual value. The system of the evil eye, for example, is the perfect example of a pendant that bears spiritual meaning.

Essentially, the evil eye symbol is one of the most important spiritual symbols meant to keep out evil, bad luck, or negativity.

And so the evil eye pendant incorporated in a bracelet or necklace looks great and helps protect you from harm.

What Is A Pendant

The evil eye pendant also bears a special personal value to its wearer. It is also aesthetically pleasing.

The other common useful pendant with meaning is a religious symbol like a cross, a hamsa, religious medals, and the Star of David, among other pendants.

The stylish pendant is also important to the wearer because it is stylish and artistic, all made of high-quality materials.

And other than the religious or spiritual meanings attached to the pendants, many other pendants are designed to show the wearer’s loyalty to a team, a religious symbol, or even your favorite movie characters.


Difference Between A Necklace And A Pendant

What Is A Pendant

So, how do pendants differ from necklaces? Well, for starters, the pendant is an object or ornament attached to the necklace or bracelet. In contrast, a necklace refers to the jewelry accessory worn around your neck, often linked to a chain together.

Most of the time, necklaces aren’t worn with pendants, and necklaces are designed to be worn with pendants – the chains used for the pendant necklaces are made of thin, delicate chains.

The pendant is ideally a statement piece displayed on the chain necklace – you can also wear the pendant on a chain, not just a chain. But most importantly, a chain pendant necklace cannot exist without a pendant.

What Is A Pendant

Put differently, a pendant represents a small jewelry piece designed to be attached to a necklace, anklet, or bracelet, and it may or may not be made using the same material as the thin chain that makes up the necklace.

Sometimes, the pendants are also much more valuable than the chain when they are set with diamonds or other expensive gemstones or precious metals -there are many instances where the pendant is made of precious metal while the chain is made of a non or semi-precious metal.

There also are more types of pendants than necklaces and bracelets.


Meanings of Pendants

What Is A Pendant

 There are numerous types of pendants, and they carry varied meanings, but most of them represent love or dedication to something or someone that means a lot to you.

In most cases, pendants are often a symbol of love, or rather, an important symbol of love that you can carry and keep with you at all times. Most pendants represent the love around them and all the things and people that they love.


What does a key pendant symbolize?

What Is A Pendant

Key necklaces symbolize a bright future ahead and freedom. And in this day and age, when we are considered quite mature to be a family home key holder, the key would also point to your maturity and capacity to handle responsibility.

In several far East societies, a key is synonymous with having good luck, which is why wearing a key pendant is considered a tradition or cultural element that will bring you good luck and positivity.

Additionally, there is a universal key called the skeleton key designed to unlock whatever you may be hoping for in life.

You could think of such keys as amulets that will open doors in your life to more new opportunities. In the spiritual sense, the key pendant is a symbol that teaches power and authority.


What does a feather pendant symbolize?

What Is A Pendant

A necklace with a feather pendant symbolizes growth, strength, hope, and freedom. It could also symbolize ascension of the spirit, heaven, or in other cases, flight.


What does a cross pendant symbolize?

What Is A Pendant

Cross pendants symbolize the wearer’s belief in redemption and everlasting hope.


What does a dolphin pendant symbolize?

What Is A Pendant

A dolphin pendant is not just a good omen but also a great symbol of protection to the wearer. Besides protection, the pendant may also help to keep you focused on your goal and stay on track.


What does a compass pendant symbolize?

What Is A Pendant

Compass pendants represent protection and safety and are also a guide to lead you home safely.


What does a turtle pendant symbolize?

What Is A Pendant

This turtle is not just cool but also one that bears a deep meaning – that of long life thanks to the Japanese belief that turtles symbolize longevity.


What does a family tree pendant symbolize?

What Is A Pendant

The family tree or the tree of life pendant signifies the links between generation, family, interconnectedness, and fertility in some religions.


What does a whale tail pendant symbolize?

 What Is A Pendant

This pendant is a symbol of good luck and protection, and also prosperity.


What does a saint medals pendant symbolize?

What Is A Pendant

Saint medals are important elements in Christian lives, and their wearers, often Catholic believers, wear the medal to show their belief in holy figures and the protection offered by saints to the wearers.



Pendants are meaningful objects that carry special meanings, depending on what images are depicted on them.

For the most part, the pendants have specific meanings, and knowing the meaning of a pendant before purchase is critical so take time to read this article first.

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