What Is A Necklace Enhancer?-How does it Work?

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While some necklaces and many other kinds of jewelry look great as they are, some would look even better when spiced up by an accessory.

And the necklace enhancer is one such spice for your jewelry. The enhancer is in the same accessories category as the bail, but it’s a much better option that actually adds value to your necklace.

Interestingly, the necklace enhancer is not too different from the bail (a necklace bail is that small loop thingie that you see at the top of the charms or pendants, which is also the part of the pendant necklace that the chain slides through.

The necklace enhancer is more or less like the bail in that it goes on the top section of the pendant, but it is different and most preferable to the bails.


What is a necklace enhancer?

Well, the necklace enhancer is a type of bail with a hinge at the back, and the hinge allows you to easily open it up, and you can clip in the pendant through the middle of the necklace, spicing it up. The best part about the necklace enhancer is that it works great for gold and silver necklaces, as well as the bead and pearl necklaces.

Think of the necklace enhancer as the spice you need to make your old necklace look as good as new. It also adds a nice flair to the necklace’s existing chain or the strand of pearls or beads.

To make sure that you get the best out of the enhancer, this accessory comes in various shapes, designs, and styles, which also means that there is an enhancer for every taste or style preference. And the best is that the pendant enhancers for your necklaces can be used for different chain necklaces, allowing you to create different looks from your favorite necklace, or perhaps you could use that one cute enhancer with different necklaces.


How does a necklace enhancer work?

As mentioned above, a necklace enhancer features a hinge design which allows for ease of use whenever you need to spice up your look. It is, therefore, safe to say that the necklace enhancer has an open design, unlike the bail that has more of a closed design, and you can only use it with a chain necklace whose clasp end fits through the bail.

So, if you have a 4mm rope chain necklace and a pendant with a bail opening of 5mm, the chain might not pass through the bail because the clasp end is often larger and thicker than the overall thickness of the chain.

The necklace enhancer’s open hinged design means that the necklace pendant still fits through the chain, regardless of the size of the clasp – you only need to open the hinge, getting it to go past the large part then clicking it shut.

Note that the best of ring enhancers feature a wide, hinged-bail-like feature that fits through the chain or the beads or pearls of your necklace. It is not closed off like the bail or needs manipulation using pliers, as is the case with the split bails.


Types of necklace enhancers

There are two main types of necklace enhancers:

The pendant with an extra-wide bail or the U-Shaped, hinged metal piece.

While the latter attaches to the regular pendant on the beaded and/or wide necklaces thanks to the hinged design, which means that the pendant attaches as a separate pendant or drop to the hooked end chain or necklace for the pendant to hang and look more natural, the former wide bail with a large opening allows you to slide bigger or thicker necklaces with bigger clasps through them with ease.


How do you use a necklace enhancer?

You can either pass the necklace with the clasp end going through the enhancer if the enhancer has an extra-wide opening, or and open the hinge of the enhancer then close the necklace in the enhancer by closing the hinge.


Popular necklace enhancer on Amazon

  1. Dreambell 925 Sterling Silver Oval Necklace Enhancer
Necklace Enhancer on Amazon on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

This necklace enhancer is hinged with a connector clasp that sports a safety lock incorporated to ensure ease of use. It is the ideal enhancer for a bead or pearl necklace that needs a little extra oomph added from a pendant. It is well-built and durable.


  1. Adabele Authentic Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace Enhancer
Necklace Enhancer on Amazon on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

This enhancer also doubles up as a pearl shortener and works great for your pendant necklaces, especially with pearl, bead, or gemstone necklaces. The connector clasp makes it easy to use.


  1. Dreambell 925 Sterling Silver Oval Pearl Necklace Enhancer
Necklace Enhancer on Amazon on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

This 20mm enhancer features a lobster spring clasp that allows for its ease of use and the secure placement of the pendant, especially for bigger necklaces.


  1. Dreambell 925 Sterling Silver Round Pearl Necklace Enhancer
Necklace Enhancer on Amazon on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

There’s also this 15mm connector or enhancer that is rounded and ideal for pearl or bead necklaces. The round shape makes it quite versatile, while the spring clasp allows for ease of use.



If you are looking for information about the best necklace enhancers, this article gives you all the right answers. You also get some recommendations for the best necklace enhancers that you may want to get.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!