What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings? – Pros & Cons Explained

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As you shop for a diamond engagement ring, you will come across a large variety of breathtaking ring styles to choose from.

These diamond rings will have different cuts and setting styles, meaning they will look different and be priced differently depending on the features of the stone.

But even with all these styles and designs to choose from, you may have to choose the ring that you can afford, which means that your ring’s halo setting will not break the bank.

For most people, the halo-setting engagement ring is the go-to diamond ring style because it looks amazing but will not break the bank.

Before you make up your mind, however, you should know a lot more about the halo-setting engagement rings. So, keep reading to learn more.


What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings?

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings

The engagement ring’s halo setting can be defined as a ring’s halo setting that is uniquely designed to feature small stone accents. Typically, the accents are in the form of diamond pavé stones encircling the larger center stone.

In most cases, halo settings are in the same cut and shape as the center stone, although this is not mandatory, and there are numerous instances where the stones look different.

So, an engagement ring may have a cushion-cut diamond halo that encircles or forms a halo around the round-cut diamond. Think of Kate Middleton’s 2010 sparkling new halo engagement ring featuring a stunning sapphire stone at the center with a diamond halo setting around it.

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings

Generally, halos add that extra glimmer and glitz to the engagement ring, and this ring style makes it befitting for any princess. But this engagement ring style is not only stunning and glamorous, but it’s also quite versatile and easily customizable.

Additionally, the halo setting increases the apparent size of the ring, and in most cases, the diamonds will look up to half a carat bigger than the stone really is.

Note that this ring setting style comes from the word halo, which is defined as the natural phenomenon through which light from the atmosphere looks colored or with an array of white rings similar to the ones around the moon or the sun.

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings

This white circular effect is often reflected in the halo ring’s setting, where the center of the diamond is, in turn, surrounded by much smaller and round diamonds. So, thanks to the brilliance of these stones, an illusion of one big diamond is created.

The halo engagement ring setting was first created in the 1920s, and there are now numerous vintage styles for this ring setting.

This ring style is also one of the most popular diamond engagement ring styles today. But this ring style is not just popular; it is also a versatile style.

In addition to using diamonds for the center stone, the halo rings may also feature other colored and colorless diamonds and other stones such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings

These center stones are often round cut, or they may also have square princess cuts. But there are more options that you can choose from, such as the teardrop and the marquise cuts – the only catch is that these other options don’t create the brightest or dream halo effect.

Besides the use of two types of stones or different cuts for the center stones, the other notable feature of the halo setting engagement ring would be the fact that this ring style may also come in a double halo setting style.

As the name suggests, the double halo setting style features two concentric circles made of gemstones encircling the center stone.

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings

Then there is the hidden halo ring style comprising a complete loop made of diamonds or other kinds of gemstones, but instead of sitting next to the center stone, the small diamond sits below your center diamond center stone.

As a result, the hidden halos create this ring that boasts extra brilliance, giving a ring an extra-ness in character.

And also, based on the ring’s design, the hidden halos tend to make the rings look much larger than they are, which is why this style of halo setting is growing increasingly popular today.


Adding a halo to the engagement ring before and after?

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings

So, what happens before and after you add the halo to an engagement ring?

Before we look at what happens when the halo is added, it is important to note that if you have a simple engagement ring but you find that the stone is a tad too mall or just doesn’t look as big as you’d hoped, adding the halo is often the perfect way for you to make the ring look bigger and much more alluring.

The halo will instantly enhance the appearance of the engagement ring, and it will give off that wow effect rather instantly.

The halo effect creates the most dramatic effects on the ring by ensuring the best level of sparkle for the ring.

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings

The halo effect from the small stones surrounding the center stone will not just increase the appearance of the center stone, making it larger, but also, the clusters will physically make the ring look much bigger. With this in mind, you could use a halo enhancer to make your ring bigger and brighter.

For most people, the best way to upgrade the ring is by adding the halo setting. It is a cheap way of increasing the value of the engagement ring.


What does a halo engagement ring mean?

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are designed uniquely with the center stone surrounded by a halo or a band of smaller stones sitting side by side. The halos are often made of smaller diamonds or other kinds of gemstones.

So, while being the perfect picture of beauty and elegance, the halo engagement ring means that you end up with a stunning ring that looks great but costs much less.


Does a halo setting make a diamond look bigger?

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings

Yes, one of the main reasons people opt for the halo ring setting is because the ring setting instantly makes the ring look much bigger than it really is.

This is the case because the halo ring’s design accentuates the beauty of your center stone, affordably adding brilliance and size. This ring style also adds dimension to the new rings.

And for the halo rings, whose center and accent stones come in two colors, the halo setting means more focus on the center stone and an enhanced visual appeal for the ring thanks to the contrast in brilliance and colors.


Are halo engagement rings tacky?

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings

Halo engagements aren’t tacky. If anything, this ring style is lavish and eye-catching, representing one of the most spectacular engagement ring styles, especially for individuals who want an engagement ring with a huge stone.

It’s also worth noting that the halo ring style is a classic one, as it has been around for over a decade. That said, the only time a halo engagement ring would look tacky is when the ring is made using cheap, gold-plated materials that tarnish or wear out.


Halo vs. No Halo Engagement Rings: Pros and Cons

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a way to enhance the appearance of the plain diamond engagement ring, you may want to choose the halo engagement ring, especially if you want something that will make your ring look much bigger than it really is.

The halo ring style makes it look much more beautiful by adding its brilliance and making the skin setting look bigger.

But there is one catch, the color and brilliance you get from the halo design comes from an added cost, and the ring may not be as cheap as you thought. Often, more gems and metals are added to it, hence a more expensive ring.

On the other hand, the no-halo rings lack the halo settings, and the center stone features different types of cuts like the channel, tension, prong, bevel, etc., with most stones set in 4 or 6 prong settings.


Pros of Halo Rings

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings

  • The ring looks bigger
  • No sticker shock, despite the added carat weight of the diamonds
  • The stones boast a stunningly modern-beautiful look
  • Halo rings are glamorous


  • It can be very expensive
  • Not a style option for everyone, and some people deem them to be too girly

Pros of the No-Halo Engagement Rings

What Is A Halo Setting For Engagement Rings


  • The rings in this style are timeless and always look great
  • The designs and style options are limitless
  • They are more unique designs


  • These are often the most expensive diamond rings
  • Some people find them to be boring


If you are looking for an elegant way of making your ring look much bigger than it is, then the halo engagement ring style would be ideal for you, especially if this style suits you well. There are many options to choose from, and there is always something for everyone.

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