What is a Glitter Rope Chain?-Pros and Cons Explained

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If you are shopping for a chain, you will come across a rather large variety of chains that you could choose from, and they all look different depending on the types of links.

There are many jewelry options that you could choose from, and the rope chain is one of the common types of chains. But not just any type of rope chain; the glitter rope chain is one of the types of chains that you will come across. But what exactly is a glitter rope chain?


What is a glitter rope chain?


The glitter rope chain, also called a diamond-cut rope chain, can be defined as a rope chain that boasts a more sparkling and brighter appearance than the regular or plain rope chains.

Their bright and sparkly finish on the rope chain results from extra small cuts in the links, hence the very sparkly appearance of the chains.

This rope chain style is very sparky, and it sparkles more than any other type of chain on the market. And the sparkling is a lot more pronounced when the rope chains are heavier and thicker, as is the case with the diamond-cut Franco chains that were popular in the 80s.

Note that the diamond cut means that during the rope chains’ creation, the jewelers cut very small notches on the gold that makes up the chain into the metallic links. These small cuts form high polish of the rope chains, hence an increased level of reflectivity and sparkliness.

The diamond cuts on the chains are also essential for creating the small grooves that go into the metal links of the rope chain.


Pros and cons of glitter rope chains

What is a glitter rope chain


  • The flitter ropes boast an elegant, sparkly finish that is desirable for most people.
  • The chain is sparkly, and the links lie flat on your neck for a nice, unadorned look.
  • The chain can be worn on both sides
  • Solid build for the chain
  • The chains offer great value for money


  • Unfortunately, the small cuts on the chains weaken the chain, and it will not last as long as the wheat chain necklaces.
  • The chains are expensive.


Are glitter rope chains still popular?

Yes, while the chains were so popular in the 80s when hip-hop stars rocked them, they remain popular even today and can be worn by anyone, not just the hip-hop stars.

And so, if you don’t mind the extra sparkliness on this rope chain, then the chain would be the perfect option for you.

What is a glitter rope chain

Glitter rope chain vs. rope chain

  • The main difference between the glitter rope chain and the plain or the regular rope chain is that the glitter rope chain glitters so much more than the plain chain, and it is much more scintillating than the regular chain. The rope chain still has a bright sparkle when the light hits it at the right angle, but it is not as sparkly as the glitter rope chain.
  • And because of the small diamond cuts on the gold chain, the glitter rope chain necklaces are not as durable as the plain rope chain necklaces.
  • But the design and the finish of the rope chains notwithstanding, both types of rope chains are quite expensive, especially the gold rope chain necklaces.

Because of the plain rope chain’s relatively neutral design and finish, most people choose the plain over the glitter rope chains.

What is a glitter rope chain

The difference between glitter rope chain and rope chain

The main difference between these two types of rope chains lies in their overall appearance – the glitter rope chain has many smaller diamond-cut grooves and is very sparkly, while the plain rope chain has bigger cuts, and it doesn’t sparkle as much.

Should you buy a glitter rope chain?

If it matches your style and you can afford it, you should buy the glitter rope chain. Generally, the glitter rope chain is relatively expensive because it is often made of solid gold, and it sports small diamond-cut grooves which sparkle when light strikes these grooves. This rope chain is elegant, stylish, and trendy, and it would be a good option for you if it matches your style.



The name might make it a little challenging for you to determine what type of chain this is, but you should think of it as a rope chain with many sparkling sides, thanks to the small diamond-cut grooves.

While it might not be the best style option for everyone, it is still stylish and trendy.

So, if you are interested in buying a sparkly type of rope chain for yourself or someone you love, then the glitter rope chain might be the very best option for you.

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