What Is A Fashion Ring? – Examples, Types and More

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If there is a type of ring that every lady should have, it’s got to be a fashion ring.

This ring is a gamechanger and a fashion must-have, and on top of that, the ring is the best fun way for you to look and feel stylish and fresh.

Like statement rings, they are a staple. But would you identify a fashion ring when you saw it? And even so, how do you define a fashion ring?


Fashion ring definition

What Is A Fashion Ring

For starters, a fashion ring is a collective word used to describe different types of rings, such as statement rings, birthstone rings, mood rings, and stacking rings, among other ring types. You can wear a single fashion ring or even multiple rings simultaneously.

And so, the fashion ring can be defined as a ring that is designed to be worn decoratively or for symbolic purposes. Often fashion rings are associated with different life events and milestones like anniversaries, marriages, and engagements.

Over the years, however, the fashion rings were worn more decoratively than symbolically, so they are available in different styles and designs.

What Is A Fashion Ring

These rings are often made to match different and often specific settings and can be worn by men and women seamlessly.

The fashion rings can be personalized to suit the needs and the style of the wearer, and as mentioned above, they are the kinds of rings that are often worn or given to commemorate special life events and achievements.

In most cases, fashion rings feature a center stone, bold design patterns, and colors.


Fashion ring examples

 What Is A Fashion Ring

Common examples of fashion rings include moon rings, birthstone rings, statement rings, stacking rings, signet rings, bezel rings, spirit rings, class rings, eternity rings, motif, baguette, crown, and cocktail rings.


Fashion ring history

What Is A Fashion Ring

Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of human civilization and has been present throughout almost all human civilizations. Most of the earlier pieces were made of gold, but many others were made of brass.

Gemstones were also used to a large extent, and the jewelry options from these times were all mostly precious. Jewelry was considered an important object of intrinsic value and beauty, and they have been around through the times of the ancient Roman, Egyptian, and Greek civilizations, among others.

However, in the prehistoric periods, which was long before human beings started working with metals, the jewelry was mostly made of non-precious materials, as evidenced by burials from 30,000BCE across Europe.

What Is A Fashion Ring

Some of the materials used then include pebbles and shells. And in the hunting communities, jewelry was made of animal claws and teeth—many of the newly uncovered evidence from the past show engraved jewelry featuring highly intricate geometric patterns.

Later on, the jewelry forms were in the form of zoomorphic images. And in many ways, the earlier jewelry forms are a form of decorative art.

A number of studies have also pointed out that primitive cultures utilized organic materials to create jewelry, but these pieces have since disintegrated.

It was only later in the more advanced stages of human civilizations that jewelry was crafted out of precious stones and other valuable gemstones.

What Is A Fashion Ring

Several pictorial images and illustrations show how rings were worn for centuries on the hand, but even then, they were considered rare antiquity and were found in tomb sculptures and Ancient Egypt.

The sculptures of the Roman and the Etruscan periods also show more revealing information about men, women, and children wearing rings – this was depicted in Western Art dating back to the 15th century.

But as mentioned above, the finger rings have existed for as long as the earliest human civilizations, with the earliest use of rings believed to date back to Sumerian Civilizations in the 3rd millennium BCE in Mesopotamia.

What Is A Fashion Ring

The gold rings from these periods were inlaid by lapis-lazuli or the carnelian, these were quite rare, but they were quite commonly used as stamps and cylinder seals used by the Ancient Near East civilizations.

These rings were made of stone and featured swivel hoops and gold caps, as was the case with signet rings. The different civilizations all note that the signet ring was the oldest form of the fashion/ finger rings and the origin of most fashion rings today.

Notably, the signet rings were more than decorative pieces; they were also functional and used as stamps that guaranteed authenticity and ownership in different cases, but more importantly, in trade and legal transactions. These rings featured wax seals, an important part of the signet rings.

What Is A Fashion Ring

In the 2nd Millennium BCE, evidence from the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt shows a cylinder seal ring that had been developed to dominate the Egyptian finger rings for centuries.

These gold rings from 1700 BCE featured a scarab in the shape of a dung-beetle carved out of gemstones like obsidian, Lapis-lazuli, faience, jasper, and even grass imitations.

These rings also featured a drill hole with a gold wire or a cord designed to run through the beetle designed to encircle the finger that the ring was meant to go on.

This also gave rise to the elaborately designed hoop earrings and other settings. The scarab was not just decorative but also functional, and it would be turned around to reveal the sealing on the underside and, in this case, used to seal documents.

What Is A Fashion Ring

Priests and the pharaohs wore the scarab rings because they were believed to be magical good luck charms. This ring design was also copied by the Greeks, Etruscans, and Phoenicians but was much more refined when Ancient Greece adopted them.

The rings were more elaborate, intricate, and decorative in the Hellenistic period. The ring designs evolved through the ancient Greek and Roman periods. By the 3rd Century BCE, when the Roman Empire was growing and acquiring more wealth, more Romans were buying and wearing bold gold pieces, including the Hercules knots or love knots.

Rings from the early Christians were made of gilt bronze and silver, with Christian motifs, while the Byzantine period rings were made of gold and silver and often featured different forms and symbols important to the Christians.

What Is A Fashion Ring

Notably, the Byzantine cultures influenced many other tribes during the middle ages, especially across Europe.

The bold fashion rings evolved significantly over the years, remaining symbolic and functional. Most ancient classical rings were scarab rings made of gold and other metals, threaded in gold or silver wire, and bedazzled with stones like turquoise, lapis lazuli, rock crystal, and amethyst.


What metals are used in fashion rings?

What Is A Fashion Ring

Often, fashion rings are made of durable metals and gemstones. Some of the fashion rings are affordable, while others are relatively expensive.

These differences are brought about by the fact that the cheaper fashion rings are made of gold-plated materials like brass and even gold-plated sterling silver.

On the other hand, more valuable fashion rings are made of more durable and valuable materials like palladium, solid gold, platinum, and sterling silver.


Fashion ring types

Some of the common types of modern fashion rings on the market today include:

1. Rhinestone rings – these, as the name suggests, are encrusted with rhinestones, and they are sparkly

What Is A Fashion Ring

2. Chain rings/ handpieces – these trendy rings have a dual design, and they function as rings and trendy hand chains that accentuate the wearer’s appearance for that cool and authentic look.

3. Midi Rings – These rings give a vogue-like, modern look that transforms every outfit.

4. Full finger and finger claw rings – if you are dressing up for Halloween or a masquerade party, you may like the idea of the claw and finger rings.

5. Ornate rings are heavily decorated statement rings featuring elaborate designs and details such as ruffles, embroidery, vivid colors, and floral prints.

What Is A Fashion Ring

6. Faux Stone rings – These are gemstone rings that come in more settled colors, so the rings work well with different outfits in your closet.

7. Bold statement rings – these are all the big rings that we know and love because they elevate the wearer’s appearance every time and do that seamlessly. Most of these rings are chunky metallic in sleek, uncomplicated, and stylish designs, with a contemporary feel.

8. Stackable rings – these are the ideal rings for you to wear if you are going for a modern, trendy look. The stackable fashion rings often come in sets, although you could also build up your sets with delicate and midi rings for that nice, casual, girly, and romantic feel.

What Is A Fashion Ring

9. Gemstone rings – if you love gemstone-encrusted jewelry, you will be happy to know that there are several options on the market, and these are made of precious and semi-precious stones and, in several cases, crystals. These rings instantly jazz up your appearance and outfit by adding that instant pop of color.

10. Engraved rings – most of these are boho-inspired and add a great deal of artistry and an effortless look, which is perfect for anyone going for a stunning and detailed look that always stands out.

11. Classy pearl rings – pearls are always stylish, and you’d never go wrong with pearl rings. These rings are elegant statement pieces, and you can wear one or more pieces of pearl rings at a go for a modern look. The stylish pearl rings are quite sophisticated and will create a feminine and chic look.

What Is A Fashion Ring

There also are the elongated, wrap, geometric, and minimalist statement rings.


Should you wear your fashion ring?

What Is A Fashion Ring

Yes. And you will be happy to know that many other types of fashion rings will suit your style and budget. Most of the rings are also quite elegant.



Fashion rings are all over the place. They are available in different shapes, styles, sizes, and designs, and there is a fashion ring type for everyone.

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