What Is A Dangle Earring? Is It In Style Now?

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Did you know that earrings have been around for as long as the earliest accounts of human civilizations can be traced back? And most types of earrings date back to the 550–330 BCE era of the Achaemenid Empire, when earrings were symbols of wealth and religious belief systems.

Today, the earrings’ value and style would point to either of these, but for many, earrings are worn as a fashion statement. There also are numerous types of earrings in the fashion scene, all made of different materials, in different shapes and styles.

Still, today, we look at the dangle earring – what is it, and would you consider it a stylish accessory in 2024?


What is a dangle earring?

What Is A Dangle Earring

Dangle earrings also called drop earrings, are the type of earrings featuring long posts which go through your ear piercing and dangle from the back.

So, when you wear dangle earrings, the threader design of the dangle earrings will be seen from the front, while the post seems more prominent on the back. Most threader dangle earrings lack posts that push against your ear lobe.

Dangle earrings hang below your earlobe, and unlike the drop earrings, which remain stationary, dangle earrings live up to their name and will swing back and forth or from side to side. Dangle earrings come in different variable designs and styles, and there is something for everyone.


Dangle earring history

What Is A Dangle Earring

Today, men and women wear dangle earrings elegantly, and they all look great, but when and where did the dangle earrings style start?

Well, dangle earrings have been worn from the times of the ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations. They were primarily worn as a way of showing one’s status in society and also as a symbol of wealth.

Even back then, men would wear dangle earrings in the same way that women did, and the aristocrats wore them as status symbols and not to showcase one’s sexuality, as this is the misconstrued meaning of the earrings today.

What Is A Dangle Earring

The dangly single pearl earrings like the one worm by Harry Styles is not something new; it was worn in the 17th century at the French Court, and it was still considered campy.

The earrings were prominent during the French Revolutions Zoot Suit Riots (also called the sans-culottes of the revolution), a time that saw significant changes in styles and fashion as the political and power shifts were at an all-time high.

Warriors were adorned in the plumed Cavalier hats, the slashed doublets, and the gaudy dangling earrings. After the execution of the high-profile proponents by the Puritans, these style elements went out of fashion.

They were relegated until the 20th century, when the sailors started wearing them again. They were popular with sailors and pirates in the 1800s and early 1900s.

What Is A Dangle Earring

However, by the time the dangle earrings became fashionable and popular again in the early 1900s, and more so in the 1920s, more women than men wore these earrings.

There was a surge in the number of women wearing statement jewelry, including large dangly earrings that enhanced the long necks and were paired with short hair and updos.

In the 1980s and 1990s, men started to wear the dangle earrings again, but this time, even the men who did it for fashion reasons would be judged because earrings of all kinds were considered a signal of a man’s sexuality, and so, fewer men wore earrings of any kind.

What Is A Dangle Earring

Today, women and men wear dangly earrings comfortably, and with the world getting even more liberal, there is no harm in wearing dangly earrings, especially if you are a man.

For women, there has never been a better time to showcase one’s love for stunning statement jewelry than now since there are endless options of dangle earrings to choose from.


Difference between drop and dangle earrings

What Is A Dangle Earring

Although they are technically the same, there are differences between them. While the drop earrings have a drop design, and they move around when you walk or even swing your head, the dangle earrings do the exact opposite, and they dangle and move around as long as you move.

The dangle earrings are also longer than the drop earrings, and the flexible design of the dangle earrings makes them a preferable option for most people.

The drop earrings are slightly longer than stud earrings and hang a short distance from your earlobes; they are also often adorned with charms and gemstones.  


Are dangle earrings bad?

What Is A Dangle Earring

No. Dangle earrings aren’t bad. However, you need to be careful because the earrings could easily get entangled in hair or fabric, and getting them out will hurt.


Do dangle earrings need backs?

What Is A Dangle Earring

Some dangle earrings require backs, often the lever back or the latch backs, but not all.

Many other dangle earrings have a hoop style that goes through the ear piercing; these don’t need backs.


Are dangle earrings in style in 2024?

What Is A Dangle Earring

Very much so. The dangle earrings never go out of style, and in 2024, they are a hot jewelry trend, particularly with the vast range of dangle earrings designs and styles you can choose from.

These earrings are made of different materials to match your aesthetic.


Tips for wearing dangle earrings

What Is A Dangle Earring

Remember that your dangle earrings are designed to swing, side to side, or to-and-fro.

And they come in different lengths, so you get to choose a style that suits you depending on what you’re wearing, the event you’re dressing up for, and your hair situation.

  • Dangle earrings are perfect for all face shapes. But wear the large statement earrings if you have a more solid facial bone structure and the more subtle pieces if your facial structure is neither solid nor subtle.
  • They are long and elaborate and work well when dressing up for parties.
  • Pair the long dangle earrings with shoulder dresses and tops or everyday pants and jeans
  • For the earrings to stand out, wear them with your hair. Doing this will also make your neck look longer.



Dangle earrings have been around for centuries, and they remain the most elegant and trendy earrings to date.

So, get a pair or two today to enhance your looks.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!