What Is a Bond Touch Bracelet? – Does it Work?

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Have you used a Bond Touch bracelet before? If not, I am sure you are curious to understand how this bracelet works. Well, the thought of being away from your partner can be devastating if a proper arrangement is not in place.

The majority of people who have found themselves in this situation are always looking for ways to continue bonding with their partners using the Bond Touch bracelets.

This post will help you know what a Bond Touch bracelet is, the purpose of the bracelet, how it works, how far can they reach, and its pros and cons.


What is a Bond Touch Bracelet?

What Is a Bond Touch Bracelet

Bond touch bracelets is a wrist wearable device that sends touches in form of vibrations and allows one to see a glow of an LED on it. A set of Bond Touch comes with two bracelets.

When you give the bracelet a tap, your partner will feel that through vibrations, giving them an indication, that you are thinking of them.

If you are concerned with color and style don’t worry. Bond Touch bracelet comes with a standard black band. However, you have an option to choose other colors such as emerald green, pink sand, twilight blue, pacific green, ghost white, gray stone, and ruby red.

What Is a Bond Touch Bracelet

The bracelet is made of #7 plastic, Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and stainless-steel materials. Moreover, it boasts of its charm dimensions of 1.45″ in length, 0.78″ in Width, and 0.59″ in height with a band length of 9.5″. this bracelet is waterproof and it has up to four days of battery life.

The Bond Touch bracelet comes with an external plastic casing, a surgical steel loop, RGB LED, and a charging port on one side. One thing you should also know is that surgical steel loop may have Nickel.

What Is a Bond Touch Bracelet

To enhance your charging experience, the bracelet comes with a handy little charger that allows you to pack it easily. And keep it close to you so that you don’t keep away from your loved ones. The cable is 148mm/5.8” in length.

It is also important to note that you should not leave your Bond Touch bracelet in your car, since parked cars can have increased temperatures that are way above the designed temperature range of 32F to 104F (0 and 40 degrees Celsius).

Additionally, if you bring it along in your dive, you should not stay underwater for more than 30 minutes or go deeper to more than 3 feet.


What is the purpose of a Bond Touch bracelet?

What Is a Bond Touch Bracelet

The main purpose of the Bond Touch bracelet is to give couples the need to feel physically connected from anywhere in the world. Take for instance military couples who go for months without seeing their partners face to face.

Or couples who have demanding careers that stretch them across the Atlantic and many others who are struggling with a distant relationship. Meeting up always requires that one compromises.

Long distance relationship is often more difficult and demanding since there is a limited option of physical touch which can bring both of you together.

What Is a Bond Touch Bracelet

This is now where the Bond Touch Bracelet comes in. It helps to bridge this gap by making the couple feel connected through the touches sends by this bracelet.

If you or your partner is away at school deployed or traveling for business Bond Touch will be a perfect ingredient to your relationship. It does not matter whether you are away for hours, days, weeks, or months this bracelet will serve you right.


How do the Bond Touch Bracelets Work?

What Is a Bond Touch BraceletWhat Is a Bond Touch Bracelet

When you first receive your Bond Touch bracelet, you and your partner will be required to charge your bracelet for its maximum time.

Once your bracelets have been fully charged, you should then install the free Bond Touch app that is available for iOS and Google Play, and be in a position to set up your profiles.

To pair the Bond touch bracelets, you need to invite the other phone user’s phone number. Both you and your partner need to invite each other so that the bracelets can immediately be paired. You should also note that the pairing is only limited to two people at a time.

What Is a Bond Touch Bracelet

The touch is sent through Bluetooth your smartphone and the Bond Touch app. This will then send the touch to your partner whose phone is connected and then to the Bond Touch bracelet through the internet.

When the app is opened in the background, you will be in a position to stay synced with your partner. So, when you gently give the button at the top a tap your partner’s wrist will feel a sensation and a brief glow will be emitted from the bracelet.

This will prompt your partner to return the favor or they can give you a call or send you a text message.


How Far Can Bond Touch Bracelets Reach?

What Is a Bond Touch Bracelet

Bond Touch bracelet will connect you and your partner no matter where you are in the world. As long as your Bond Touch bracelets are well set up in the app with Wi-Fi or mobile connection, you will be able to receive and send touches to one another.

Moreover, your Bond Touch bracelet and your smartphone need to be connected via Bluetooth LE technology and can withstand a range of up to 3 meters (10 ft). This will be made possible when your phone is connected to the internet, through mobile data (3G, 4G, or 5G) or Wi-Fi.


Pros and Cons of Wearing Bond Touch Bracelet

Pros of wearing Bond Touch bracelet

What Is a Bond Touch Bracelet

When you wear the Bond Touch bracelet, you can swim with it since it’s waterproof and can withstand water splashes.

It provides you with up to eight different colors to choose from

Installing Bond Touch is very simple and pairing it only takes a shorter time.

Bond Touch bracelet will enhance your love relationship with your loved ones when it buzzes it make you think of your partner.


Cons of wearing Bond Touch Bracelet

What Is a Bond Touch Bracelet

Swimming with it for an extended period may damage the bracelet.

The bracelet will not send or receive from your partner if your phone is set at do not disturb mode.


Should You Wear Bond Touch Bracelet?

What Is a Bond Touch Bracelet

Yes, you should consider getting this amazing Bond Touch bracelet. You and your partner will enjoy the experience of feeling the touch of each other through this bracelet.

How will you feel knowing that someone is thinking of you? Amazing! Right? That is the feeling you will get when you use the Bond Touch bracelet.

The touches are very vibrant and every time you receive one from your partner your face will light up with a huge smile. It is this simple, yet it is an amazing way to spice up your distant relationship.



Bond Touch bracelet is a wearable device that can send and receive touches and is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone.

It plays a crucial role in keeping partners who are far away from each other very close through touches.

Setting up the Bond Touch bracelet and pairing it up is very simple.

Additionally, it can reach people who are far away and in any part of the world as long as they are connected to the internet.

Well, get the Bond Touch Bracelet for you and your partner and experience the power of touches.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!